An open letter to the author and the daily who published Hate Article titled “Guru of Hate”

via Haran.B.R published on December 5, 2006

Dear Mr. Ramachandra Guha

                                                 I had come across your article of ‘hatred’ titled “The Guru of hate” in the Sunday magazine section of ‘The Hindu’ dated November 26, 2006. In a venomous attempt to blame the RSS for the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi – tried & failed by the so-called secularists many times in the past – you have insulted one of the greatest men of this Great Hindu Bharath. Guruji Golwalkar was never against true democracy, as you have observed, but, he found only the ‘Communist Socialism’ & ‘Nehruvian Secularism’ as alien to the cultural ethos of this Great Hindu Nation.


      Big blunders made by small men like you & me may vanish in no time, but small mistakes made by great men like Gandhi & Kamaraj has had long standing effects as proved by the History of Independent India. M.K.Gandhi made the biggest blunder of choosing Nehru, instead of Sardar Patel, for the post of Prime Minister. Nehru never valued the Hindu culture & ethos and he himself had said that he was a Hindu only by the accident of birth and that he was the last English man of India. He always had a hatred for Hindutva, which made him to declare this Great Hindu Nation as a ‘secular state’, while Mohammed Ali Jinnah bravely declared Pakistan as a Muslim Nation. Likewise Kamaraj made the blunder of making Indhra Gandhi as the PM for which he repented during his entire later stages of life, especially during ‘Emergency’.


    The Islamic Invasion of India and its tyrannical rule for 700 years and the British rule for 300 years have established the fact that Muslims & Christians are the worst dacoits   & murderers, who looted this country’s treasures, persecuted the Hindus and destroyed its cultural, religious & educational heritage to a great extent. History also proves that the Parsis & Jews have respected & accepted the sentiments & aspirations of the Hindu majority and very decently live like our guests with friendship & cooperation.


    When we go deep into the History of Freedom movement, we can find out the cruel & barbarous happenings on the Indo-Pak borders during partition. Millions of Hindus were massacred, their women raped & their children killed by the Islamic hooligans of Pakistan. Nathuram Godse’s sisters were also among them, which prompted him to take the unfortunate decision. But, he was never associated with RSS and it is also a fact established by History that, RSS played a vital role in the protection of Hindu & Sikh community during the partition days.


   During guruji’s days, this Great Hindu Nation was facing the threats of only McCauley, Muslims & Missionaries, but now there is another fourth threat in the form of ‘Media’, which again is controlled by the Communist & Leftist intellectuals like you, trying to de-hinduise this nation in the name of secularism. When talking of secularism, I would like to bring to your kind notice the article on ‘Guru Golwalkar’ by none other than Kushwant Singh in “The Illustrated Weekly of India” dated November 26, 1972. He has elaborately dealt about his meeting with Guruji and finally concluded that Guruji would be the right person for bringing Hindu-Muslim unity. I have attached that article below for your reference.


  The great writer Sitaram Goel had also written in detail about the visit of Shri.Jayaprakash Narayan to an RSS camp, where in he had interacted with the Swayamsevaks, which totally changed his misconceptions about the organization. I have attached below the excerpts of Sitaram Goel’s article also for your reference.


Last but not the least; let me bring to your notice the information about a research conducted by a Christian on RSS. Dr. (Father) Vincent Kundukulam of St. Joseph Pontifical Seminary, Aluva, Kerala, had conducted a thesis for a doctoral research titled “RSS and Church in India” for Sorbonne University, Paris, France. He had admired RSS for the dedication & discipline of its cadres, the simple life style of its Pracharaks, the moral teachings it imparts to the younger generation in its daily ‘Shakas’ and the voluntary labor & service put in by its cadres at critical times as natural calamities. Father Kundukulam argues against branding the RSS ideology as fascism, Nazism, fundamentalism or communalism. He had also concluded that the growth of ‘minority fundamentalism’ only would strengthen RSS. This information is also given as attachment for your reference.


  I have cited the opinions of a secular journalist, a straightforward socialist & a Christian Religionist, so that, you can clear your ‘jaundiced’ eyes. Please remember that, from Gandhi to Ambedkar, every leader had appreciated RSS and Nehru even went to the extent of inviting RSS to join the government. So, it will not serve the purpose, even if secularists like you attempt to revive the ‘dead & old’ allegation of RSS’s involvement in Gandhi’s assassination, again & again.


  Let me also assure you that the building of Hindustan (Hindu Nation) is not a failed project (as observed by you), but a planned process, which is not only a present dream but also a future reality. The way the secularists & minorities are going ahead with their agenda at present, I don’t think that the building Hindustan would take much time.  

Jai Hind! Vandemataram! 

With Warm Regards, 


(A Proud Hindu) 

Attachment: 36k (application/msword) REFERRED ARTICLES ON GURU GOLWALKAR.doc

A note to the Editor of The Hindu:


 As a proud Hindu, I feel that you do not deserve the name “The Hindu” and hence, may I request you to change your name as “The Secular” or “The Islam” or “the Christ” or what ever you feel.



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