An Open Letter to an “Ugly Indian”!

via HARAN.B.R published on December 17, 2007

A Befitting Reply to Seema Mustafa for whom Journalistic Ethos means Demonizing Hindutva

Dear Ugly Indian!

I refer to your stinking & sickening ‘secular’ rants titled “Secularism Derailed” in the Deccan Chronicle dated 15 th of December 2007. For the 100th time you have called Mr.Modi as “Ugly Indian”, showcasing the “ugliness” of your perverted mind. In fact, the epithet “Ugly Indian” suits you very well. Again for the 100 th time you have told the blatant lie that more than 2000 people have lost their lives in the 2002 riots. In many of your previous columns, you have written that 3000 people have been killed and all of a sudden the figure is reduced to 2000! You have also lied that, Mr.Modi has been ‘allowed’ to establish himself in the last five years by his opponents. You sound as if the UPA-Left combine & the ‘secular’ brigade including the anti-Hindu media, have been keeping quiet for the entire period of five years.

In between the 2002 riots and the present 2007 elections, the State has gone through one Assembly Election, One Parliament Election and one Local Body Election. In all those elections, Mr.Modi has single handedly handled the combined onslaught of Media-Marxists-Minorities-Secularists” nexus, apart from his pseudo-secular political opponents, which no other CM has faced & handled in the history of independent India. Even in the present elections, the same combination is working against Mr.Modi with added vigor, as his opponents are in power at the center.

Right from Tehelka’s “True Story” to Sonia’s “Merchant of Death” including the ‘secular’ vitriol & hate campaigns by anti-Hindu TV Channels 24X7 and the anti-Hindu & anti-Gujarat campaigns by newspapers like yours have gone wild with the only agenda of defeating Mr.Modi. Despite all these things, the opinion polls and the exit polls conducted by your own ‘secular’ brigade have given a verdict favoring Mr.Modi, even after considerable amount of “managing & manipulating”. As the result, a landslide victory for Mr.Modi, is clearly written on the wall, you people could not digest the fact that Mr.Modi’s win will bring in some remarkable changes in the national level politics leading to the unity of Hindu majority.

In your column, you have branded not only Mr.Modi, but also the people of Gujarat as “Communal”, in the guise of arguing for “secularism”. The fact of the matter is “Hindu Communalism” and “Indian Nationalism” is one and the same and people like you who talk pseudo-secularism cannot understand this fact. Even if you understand, you will refuse to accept it. You must realize that “Majority communalism” is inclusive and “Minority communalism” is abominable. Purely because of majority communalism, the Muslims & Christians in India are enjoying a cushy life, far better than those living in Muslim & Christian countries respectively.

You have also said that, ‘Secularism’ is a political ideology and those who take oath under the Constitution of India must make it a way of life. But, the problem in India is, the Constitution itself is “pseudo-secular”! The Constituent Assembly, which consisted of great thinkers & wise men, has not anticipated that, the country would be plagued by the likes of present day pseudo-secular politicians playing vote-bank politics & minority appeasement policies. The worse is that, they would not have even imagined that Nehru’s family would be at the foremost in plaguing this country and that; the country would be reeling under a foreigner at the helm of affairs without any accountability or responsibility. Had the Constitution been “truly secular”, the minorities would not have been sanctioned undue privileges, and they would have conducted themselves in a proper way adjusting with the majority community and respecting their feelings & aspirations.

This nation had seen and is still seeing ‘true secularists’ from the minority communities. Ustad Bismillah Khan, Dr.Abdul Kalam and K.J.Yesudas are apt role models for that. But, their community unfortunately does not look upon them as role models. When Bismillah Khan, who revered the sacred Ganges & Lord Kashi Viswanath through out his life, passed away, which cleric or Muslim leader issued a statement of tribute? When Dr.Kalam returned to Chennai after completing his presidential term, which cleric or Muslim leader from Tamil Nadu received him at the air port? When Jesudas gets an award for his expertise in Carnatic Music, which Christian Leader or Priest congratulates him? Have you seen any Christian congratulating him for his Krishna & Aiyappa songs? But for Danish cartoons & Saddam hanging, the entire community hits the roads & streets attacking the police and Hindu establishments. “Ugly” columnists like you also, do not write about Bismillah Khan or Abdul Kalam or K.J.Yesudas, but instead, you will sing encomiums any number of pages about Afzal Guru, Madhani, M.F.Hussain and Shorabuddin.

You have repeatedly lamented about the so-called plight of Muslims in Gujarat. It clearly shows that you have not traveled to Gujarat to understand the reality. The reality is, the Muslims in Gujarat are enjoying a better life style than those living in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, UP, Kerala or West Bengal. Their access to education, health care and all other necessities is extremely good in Gujarat. Electricity & water are provided 24 hours. They are ensured safety & security, as evidenced by the fact that not a single terror incident has occurred in the last five years.

You have mentioned that Development, Justice, Equal Rights, Dignity & Respect as the main ingredients of Secularism. Gujarat has developed in all respects in the last five years. The Gujaratis are provided with all amenities equally without any discrimination. The people including the Muslims are living with dignity & respect in Gujarat. The social indices of development for Muslims in Gujarat are far higher than the national average, including the national average for Hindus. Mr.Modi has ensured prevalence of Justice through clean governance, corrupt free administration and smooth law & order. So, based on your formula, Gujarat is the most secular state in our country!

My Dear Ugly Indian! I had written to you much earlier, that is on the 15th of April 2007, on the same subject, with reference to your columns of rants titled “Silence of the State” which appeared on the Deccan Chronicle dated 14 th April 2007, in which I had put some questions to you. Now, I am repeating those questions again:

What do you call the UPA’s attempt to have a Muslim head-count in Armed Forces? Communal or Secular?

What is the UPA’s announcement for Muslim quota in education & employment? Communal or Secular?

What was the call given by Manmohan that Muslims must have the first claim on our resources? Communal or Secular?

Is not the UPA communal when it delays the hanging of Afzal?

Was not the ‘managed’ report of Sachar committee communal?

What do you say of Lalu using the ‘managed’ Banerjee commission report during the Bihar elections? Communal or Secular?

Is Mulayam’s support to SIMI, communal or secular? What about Sonia’s speech in Parliament supporting SIMI, Communal or Secular?

What do you say of Paswan conducting a rally with the image of Osama Bin Laden? Communal or Secular?

What do you feel about Sonia’s immature comments on RSS? Communal or Secular?

What about Manmohan’s loss of sleep on the plight of a terror suspect’s family, Communal or Secular?

What about the massacre of Muslims and rapes of Muslim women by the Commies in Nandhigram, Communal or Secular?

How Many times you have written about all these things? How many times you have written about the pathetic status of Kashmiri Pandits? How many times you have written about the persecution of minorities going on in Pakistan & Bangladesh ? How many times you have written about the massacre and ethnic cleansing of Hindus in J & K? How many times you have written about the perennial bomb blasts perpetrated by Pak based terrorists with the help of a section of Indian Muslims? Have you ever condemned any of the bomb blasts?

Why you have not written anything about Nandigram?

Why are you not writing anything about the persecution of ethnic Indians in Malaysia?

The ‘secularism’ adopted by ‘ugly’ leftist intellectuals like you have always been stinking communal. Nothing ‘right’ would come out of a ‘leftist’ mind and nothing ‘sane’ would come out of an ‘insane’ mind.

Last but not the least, there is no problem with Indian Muslims as such . Islam as a Religion, in itself is a big problem. Ugly Clerics like Imam Bukhari and Ugly columnists like you are the actual problems. Both of you (Clerics & Intellectuals) are doing enough damages to the community by supporting the useless pseudo secular parties and terror elements. The Indian Muslims can come out of these problems easily. They should isolate the terror elements, refuse the clerics, ignore the intellectuals and throw out the pseudo secular parties. They should accept the ‘common civil code’ and join the mainstream respecting the feelings & aspirations of the majority community and work together for the prevalence of peace & harmony. They must realize that they were taken care of well by the 6 year NDA rule than the 50 year Congress rule. They must understand that Gujarat like atmosphere will give them protection and better life style. They should also remove the feeling that they had ruled this country for over 700 years once. Once that is done, the oppressive mindset & the turbulent mentality will vanish and life will be easier for them.

It is a journalistic crime committed by your Chairman and Editor-in-Chief in allotting so much of space for your worthless rants every Saturday. In this context, I feel that you have to be reminded of the “seven sins” routinely committed by ugly media persons like you, as told by Mr.M.J.Ahbar: –

Shri. M.J. Akbar, Editor-in Chief, DECCAN CHRONICLE, in his keynote address at the national round table on “Lakshman Rekha for the News Media” held on June 1, 2005 at Hyderabad listed the following seven “sins of media, routinely committed, corroding its ­credibility.”

SIN 1: Media owners and journalists becoming willing ­players in the game of business and politics.

SIN 2: Bias in various guises.

SIN 3: Pomposity (which leads ­journalists to think that they are more important than the reader).

SIN 4: Generating boredom among readers in the name of seriousness.

SIN 5: Trivia, on the other hand, triumphs.

SIN 6: The sacredness of news space is compromised by the idea of “News on sale”.

SIN 7: Ignorance, that is strongly prevalent among the new ­generation of journalists – these are the seven deadly sins of media routinely committed, corroding its ­credibility.”

I suggest, you make a laminated board with the list of the above said ‘seven sins’ and keep it in front of you, on your table.

So, My Dear Ugly Indian! If you continue to address Mr.Modi as an ugly Indian, Modi is not going to lose anything because of your calling him names, but Deccan Chronicle may lose a good amount of readership, particularly because of your rants.

Let the “sins” be limited to seven and let them not increase to eight, nine or ten because of you. Be a responsible writer and improve your credibility! Let your writings help to unite the people and not divide them!

Thanks & Regards,


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