An Evil Specter Opposes Hindu Temple Practices in Kerala

via Sheba Sushilan published on July 9, 2006

Throughout history, Christianity, Islam and Communism have resorted to violence, tyranny, massacre and terror to destroy traditional cultures, original ethical concepts, social structures and spiritual practices. Empathy and harmony among people have been twisted and native people have been forcefully converted into their rigid, closed dogmas. The result has been a total collapse of social, moral and ecological systems, and a profound crisis for traditional cultures including Hinduism.


Since independence, fundamentalists have been using subtle and insidious attempts to influence Hindus through psychological warfare.At a time Jihadi terrorism dominates the world, Kerala; the land of Sankaracharya is facing grave risks, small and big of genocidal proportions. One cannot ignore the cumulative effect of fundamentalist groups facilitating terrorism, cultural genocide, social reconstruction, media manipulation, temple vandalism and attack on our cultural as well as spiritual practices. Cultural genocide, media manipulation, and psychological warfare exalted in Kerala under the present Central Congress government headed by Italian born Catholic Sonia Antonio Maino. The bogus secular Central government introduced policies that favor Christians and Muslims and subordinated Hindus as second-class citizens. At the central and state level, Hindus are subjected to a range of discriminatory laws and regulations.


Historically, colonial rulers and invading Muslims were successful in intimidating Hindus into submission through fear. Christianity and Islam developed diabolically coercive techniques and converted several thousand Hindus.


Today, Islam, Christianity and Communism have created an unholy alliance in Kerala against Hindus to destroy Hindu temples, traditional cultural practices with nonsensical ideas, false consciousness, mental misdirection, and deconstruction techniques to create an artificial divide among Hindus. The nexus has resorted to more subtle and insidious techniques to influence Hindus through brainwashing. Effective psychological warfare is used to create social crisis, confusion and doubt to create social crisis to dominate Hindus and to exercise control over them. It is a sinister game plan in planting Hindu hatred into peoples mind through mass manipulation. Subtle coercive mind manipulation techniques are used to accept anti Hindu ideas and insert meaningless doubts about traditional cultural practices. Stories and false news are planted in the media to subtly induce Hindus to glorify their oppressors and denigrate Hindu practices.


Recent Sabarimala controversy over possible entry by Jaimala, Meera Jasmine’s visit to Raja Rajeswara Temple in Thaliparambu, confusion concerning Sabarimala Devaprasnam is deliberately created shocking events to disturb Hindu consciousness and misdirect attention from the real issues. Increasingly, Hindus feel that the situation has substantially changed, and for the worse.


The controversy and crisis is part of the psychological warfare to distort or mask reality. The Sabarimala incident and temple entry of Meera Jasmine have been reduced to “Women’s Freedom”, and “Liberty of Women’s worship’ at sacred Sabari Mala Ayappa temple. These nefarious, inimical people who deliberately misdirect the public have no interest in exposing Islamic denial of Women’s entry into Mosques, or prohibition of Christian women to become a Bishop or Pope. Phony liberals and pseudo intellectuals who jump into fundamentalist’s bandwagon fail to recognize that they are reacting to irrational ideas, unfounded sympathies or antipathies. They replace Hindu traditions, spiritual roots, and temple practices; and embrace cultural degradation, anesthetized logic and irrational emotionalism—all an attempt to embrace enemies of Hindus. Naïve, gullible, or insecure Hindus and phony liberals are easily lured into the bandwagon and join with hot-air merchants and denigrate Hindu traditions and practices.


These incidents show that Kerala society is more and more losing its authentic Hindu religious footing and commonsense and fundamentalist, rigid, dogmatic ideologies are proliferating at a fearful pace. All of these demonstrate that there is a new assault on Hindus in Kerala.  The anti Hindu coalition has penetrated the media, education, bureaucracy, and the police. The media has given free access to hate mongers to pollinate with twisted stories of our temples, and culture to spread their venom of hate on a scale never before possible.


It is a wake up call for Hindus to organize, unite and stand together for the preservation and protection of Hindutva.


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