An English Translation of Smt. Sasikala Teacher’s Speech

published on January 4, 2009

Translation of Sasikala Teacher’s speech , in which Teacher rips apart the secular mask of communists and exposes the true colour of Communists and Jehadi’s in the state.

Translation has been done by the author for the benefit of many who couldn’t follow the Malayalam speech.

Beloved compatriots and fellow activists!

We heard two emotional and fiery speeches a short while ago. They have spoken all what I wanted to say. Now I find my quiver empty of all arrows.

I have now turned tack on the matter of conversions in Chalakudy town. I am taking an opinion contrary to my earlier thoughts and I am now supporting Mr Oomen Chandy, the Christian leader of Congress(I) and ex Chief Minister of Kerala. Let me state firmly that no conversions, what so ever, have taken place here. Reason being that there was only one Christian in this world and he was crucified. There has been no Christian since, and there will never be, so how can there be any religious conversions? In the last two millennia there was only one Christian and he was not left alone to live his life in peace; he was crucified. So what is this allegation of religious conversion to some other religion? All these communities that you see have no relation to Christ or any resemblance to Christianity. Fully backing the assertion of Mr Oomen Chandy that there have been no religious conversions to Christianity, I stand before you all here today on this podium.

There is no need for any consternation, let there be no doubts or confusion, you have indeed come to the meeting of Hindu Aikya Vedi and not gone to some other venue. Believing that this Vedi is a place to air honest opinions, I am talking truthfully.

A certain newspaper which is notorious for its very flexible integrity will report tomorrow that the Saffron Brigades killed a priest in Thirutti-parambu, attempt was made on the lives of nuns in Olavanna panchayat near Calicut city, and with insatiate blood-lust the saffron militia has gathered in the Chalakudi market. There is a Malayalam newspaper, the Christian owned and managed Malayala Manorama, which peddles disinformation in the guise of news. Tomorrow’s copy of that paper will be splashed with large banner headlines that the Hindu militants crazed with hate are staging a murderous dance of death in Chalakudi market.

This distinguished audience is well acquainted with the propaganda of the scheming missionaries. This is something not so familiar to me, reason being that there are not so much of that missionary cabal in the place where I am from, though they might have made plans to trickle in to that place. So the people over there are not familiar with the machinations of these “soul harvesters”. If you ask us whether they will come by with their inducements like rice and dall powder, we cannot say for sure. You all here know the wiles of the missionaries more that I do, but still I am changing sides and stating that no conversions have taken place here.

The minority communities are not the ones who are responsible for the problems faced by the Hindu society. The politicians are not the ones who are responsible for the plight of the Hindu society, but we ourselves are, we and we alone. We cannot blame any one else. If we Hindus could realise who we are, if we could stand together, there would have been no need for all this moaning, wailing and breast-beating. For a long long time the Hindu has been crying. To stem the tears of the Hindu populace, when the Hindu organisations started asserting themselves, then the others started taking notice and became wary.

We are not born to cry and pity ourselves and bemoan our fate. If we had known ourselves, known our strengths, we would not have to suffer the attacks that we are facing today. Let’s scrutinize a few examples here. Mr Hari, the earlier speaker had stated that in Olavanna panchayat, when some nuns had tripped and fallen and bruised their knees, or some people had rudely stared at the nuns and made faces at them, all the legislators and politicians and alleged “cultural leaders” had made a bee-line for Olavanna to commiserate with the nuns or may be even lift their cloaks to give them a massage, if need be.

From this very same Olavanna panchayat, at a shouting distance is the fishing village called Maaradu where some 25 odd men and women were grievously attacked. They were chased and hacked with axes and sickles. The attackers then burnt the victims’ fishing boats and nets. Eight of the victims succumbed to the injuries and the rest too mutilated and maimed to work for a living.

We have elected one hundred and forty one legislators to the Kerala Assembly, but did even one of the wretched ingrates bother to visit the shell-shocked fishing community of Maaradu and offer words of solace?

The fault lies not with the one hundred and forty one legislators.
The fault lay with us, the Hindus who walked long distances to poling booths and elected the scum-bags.
The fault lay with us, the Hindus who repeatedly shout slogans in their support and re-elect them.
With the seriousness with which we bathe and apply sandal paste on our foreheads, with that same seriousness and dedication we mark our votes on just about any electoral symbol.
It is we the gullible Hindu populace who is responsible for our plight.
Do the legislators who having obtained the mandate from us even bother to spare us a thought or to shed a lone tear at our misery?

When a priest who was killed in violence Chief Minister Achyutanandan came to the funeral and touched the feet of the corpse and bowed in deep reverence. Did Comrade Achyutanandan ever bother to open his esteemed Stalinist mouth except to speak disparagingly of the heart-broken Hindu mothers who lost their sons in Maaradu jihadi assault? If none of the politicians could utter a single word of sympathy for the Hindu fisher folks in Maaradu, the fault lies entirely with us, we who did not bother to learn and know our place in history.

The Hindu youth who admired the politicians, hung on their every word, walked in processions for long distances shouting slogans in favour of these politicians, worked to increase the followers of the politicians and even killed and died for them, these unthinking, credulous Hindu youth are responsible for the plight of the Hindus.

Today, in the name of increasing the party base, the Marxist party follow the posteriors of the missionaries and jihadis like a loyal pet dog.

Pinarayi Vijayan said to the non-Hindus, “Continue your conversions. This society stands in solidarity with you. You have our party’s backing.”
Did the Hindu comrades note his words? Those who ought to have paid heed are the Hindu Comrades.
If we should avoid further social strife and caste conflicts we need to ask the Hindu Comrades…..

We recognise the Marxist Party neither by the faces of the Chief Ministers nor the administration carried out by them, nor by the wanton shut down of all economic activity in the name of strikes, but by the sight of party cadres coming at us twice a week with coin boxes like beggars. Those beggarly Marxist coin boxes had rattled on several occasions.

Let me ask those Hindu Comrades whose hands held the beggarly Marxist coin boxes.
For the known Gujarat,
for the unfamiliar Cuba,
for the Vietnam of which we have heard and
for innumerable places of which we have not even heard of,
the beggarly Marxist coin boxes had rattled.
In the name of aiding the religious minorities in Gujarat, the Marxist party cadre had even shipped off even their own underwear. But when the jihadis cut off the hands of the poor Hindu fishermen of Maaradu village, when the jihadis created such an air of intimidation that no Hindu dared step out, why did not those Marxist coin boxes rattle for those mothers of the Maaradu victims of jihad, for those mothers drenched in their own tears, let me ask of those Hindu Comrades whose hands held the Marxist coin boxes.

Did the Marxist party cadre not have the humanitarian obligation to give at least a handful of rice to those grieving mothers, to ask those women if they have eaten any thing at all that horrifying day? I say this because Maaradu was not a ward which gave Hindu organisations a majority of votes; rather it is a place where the BJP lost even its deposit, like in many other places. It is a Marxist party member who was returned from that ward. So it is a place full of Marxist families. Why didn’t the coin box rattle in the aid of those Marxist families? The Hindu comrades’ holding those Marxist coin boxes in Chalakudy town take note, tomorrow, if your families are attacked by jihadis, these Marxist coin boxes will not rattle in support of your grief-stricken families. You must be conscious of the fact that these Marxist coin boxes will not rattle in support of your families when they are attacked by the murderous jihadis.

My people please don’t expend your precious lives in vain, holding aloft political flags and walking for miles in processions. The Marxist look down upon us Hindus contemptuously as mere expendable pawns and cannon fodder for creating blood martyrs. The Marxist party have always sought votes by displaying lists and pictures of martyrs. Just publish those lists of martyrs and you will observe that they were all poor misguided Hindu youth. Those rotting away in jails for Marxist party are all Hindus. So it is the Hindu comrades who ought to think if they should continue to be expendable pawns, killing and perishing in the interests of the Marxist party.

Not knowing any thing about their religion, in complete ignorance of their ancient civilization their ancient, the Hindu comrades who followed the Marxist leaders like foolish gullible tail-wagging puppies … it is these Hindu comrades who instilled so much self-confidence in the Marxist leaders.

Today, in Olavanna panchayat, Comrade Pinarayi Vijayan and his acolytes who pledged full support for religious conversion activities by missionaries need to think about yet another matter. In Olavanna’s colonies of schedule castes there is much poverty, we agree. There is poverty in Olavanna, but who created this poverty? Who created this poverty amidst the people so that the missionaries could come and caste their greedy nets and “harvest souls” of the prey animals, the poor Hindus? Not just in Olavanna, but all over Kerala who pushed the Schedule Castes into the dark, dank, depraved depths of destitution?

Can the Marxist party escape responsibility for this? It is the Marxist party which is ruling Olavanna panchayat. From this Olavanna Schedule Caste ward no member who is not a Marxist has won any election to this day. Poverty alleviation topics discussed here earlier, like the Marxist sponsored “Peoples Plan” and a host of other schemes were all familiar to this Olavanna panchayat. Why did not these “schemes” remove the poverty of the people here? Marxist party earned crores of Rupees in the guise of implementing “Peoples Plan” and other such schemes. Marxist newspaper ‘Deshaabhimaani’ started editions in several wards. TV channels were started for people who are known more for the blue films they produced than for any public service. Marxist party started super-speciality hospitals. Did not the Marxist party earn so much wealth by squeezing the blood and sweat of the poor people?

The Block within which Olavanna panchayat falls is also ruled by this same Marxist party and so is the Zilla panchayat. Last five years Kerala state too was ruled by Marxist party. Now, who else, could be responsible for the poverty of the people? The Marxist party which ought to be shame faced for the poverty in Kerala blithely says “let the Christian nuns be allowed to alleviate poverty”. Then why for do we have governance? All we should need are nuns to remove poverty. If according to the Marxist party the nuns have the right to run soup kitchens and remove poverty, they why do we need any government at all? Do we have a government so that some politicians can steal public tax-payer’s money?

Are we ruled by British government or by the British East India Company in whose time the nuns had the free run of the country? The Marxist as well as Congress politicians who say that nuns have the right to serve the poor and remove poverty, why do such politicians remain in power? Let them resign all official positions, elected offices and quit public life.

The poverty of the people was created wilfully, wantonly, deliberately.

Marxist party rules West Bengal unchallenged while the people live in abject poverty. From Midnapur district of West Bengal we read reports of poverty stricken people committing suicides in droves. With no hope in sight they are taking their lives en mass.

Imported from Albania with the title, “mother of poor people”, Mother Teresa when she died …. Did you not make the Chiefs of the Military carry her corpse? Did the Hindus react to that? The three highly respected military service chiefs who are the defenders of the sovereignty, honour and integrity of the nation were made to carry the corpse of that charity-monger Mother Teresa. If we had reacted at that time, now these nuns would not have gone to Olavanna for charity-mongering. The nuns would surely not have gone to Olavanna; we are the ones who are guilty of negligence.

Let us reflect deeply about this poverty. Exactly how do the Hindus become poverty stricken? Don’t they have wealth? Yes, there are crores of Rupees accumulated in great temples like Guruvayur, Sabarimala, Ettumanur and Vaikom. We ordinary folks, thinking that we have no succour but the Lord, depositing the coins drenched in our sweat and tears, created huge wealth in those temples.

After every mandala kaalam, the government treasury directly receives 3000 crore Rupees from Sabarimala temple.

Guruvayur temple receives cash offerings from the devotees to the tune of one and a half crore Rupees every month.

If the Hindus could ever demand accountability for this vast accumulation of wealth, there would be no need for such a meeting here. We are guilty of negligence and apathy in this matter, both you and I. Have we ever enquired where all this wealth goes? Is Lord Krishna receiving all these coins every month after opening the Hundis? Is that what the Hindu believes? Whither go the crores, the gold and the silver amassing in the Hundis of that temple?

When the Hindu temples were squeezed of their wealth and when the Hindu populace was pushed into the depths of poverty making those people vulnerable prey animals to the predatory designs of the proselytising nuns, we ought to have reacted. Now things are gone too far. We have to react now with much vehemence and assert ourselves. There were occasions earlier when we could have asserted ourselves, but we did not and we stand guilty.

Did not the Marxist party carry out land reforms with great pomp and splendour, with drums and bugles in the name of removing poverty?

Aren’t the Marxist party leaders proclaiming themselves the champions of the poor, having been the ones to have distributed land to the poor?

The poor landless agricultural workers had walked behind the Marxists in long processions mindlessly shouting slogans. In Kollam Zilla the Marxists used to go near cashew factory gates at closing times and herd the workers behind Marxist carrying placards and banners. The workers had no idea why they are walking in processions or what slogans they should utter. So they used to intone, “what ever the lords up front are saying, Zindabad!” Shouting “Zindabad” to what ever the Marxists were chanting, the poor had a great expectation.

The Marxists, who are adept at creating illusions, sold the landless poor a mesmeric slogan,
“the lands we tend, fledgling bird, will one day be ours”.

The poor of Olavanna panchayat have harvested grains, season after season, working bare back in the scorching sun, working the slushy rice fields; “the lands we tend, fledgling, will one day be ours”. Did the starving poor get those fields to work on? If they had been given those fields, then today they would not have had to shamefacedly queue up before the Nazerene nuns for the five kilogrammes of rice and half kilo of dall. Did they get the fields promised by the Marxists?

I had been to the Govindapuram Colony in Palakkad Zilla where there was an alleged act of untouchability. More than two hundred families of Schedule Castes and Schedule Tribes are living in proximity which is too close for comfort. Did they get the lands promised by the Marxists? Sure they got squatter plots of four cents. When labourers are living in such alcohol laden slum conditions can they ever prosper? Can so many labourers find jobs and get sustainable incomes when they are concentrated in one place? What is the wonder if those jobless youth are poverty stricken? Can two hundred odd unskilled young men find steady jobs in one single panchayat? No, the Marxists intended that the poor should always remain poor. They should live in poverty because the “party of the poor” the Marxist party needs and feeds on poverty.

It is the failure of the social and economic policies of the government which is creating poverty. If so many unskilled workers are bundled off and made to stay in one place how will they find sustainable livelihood? They ought to have stationed in different places and then offered employment opportunities. But no, they should live in poverty because the “party which roars for the poor” the Marxist party for its survival those poor people to live always in poverty. Marxist party has as its ideology class conflict and for that class conflict there must always be a lot of poor people. Class conflict is the ideology of the Marxist party. For this there must always be a lot of pathetically poor people. Today in Olavanna Panchayat you see the result of poverty manufacture by the Marxist party. The Marxist party would never allow the people to become climb out of poverty.

The relocated labourers were plied with cheap alcohol and kept under conditions of desperate poverty so they will surrender in their alcoholic stupor, to the predatory designs of the charity-mongering long-robed nuns.

What was the objective of the so called land reforms? Distribution of surplus land to the landless was not the aim of land reforms. The Marxist motive behind the alleged land reforms was not to give land to the poor so they can have means to livelihood; rather the motive was to grab land from the Hindu. Crores of Rupees worth land vested with the Hindu temples as well as privately owned by the Hindus were appropriated in the guise of land reforms. Thousands of acres of Hindu lands were grabbed by the Marxists in the name of land reforms. When the vast lands owned by the temples were grabbed by the Marxist government the Hindu people did not react. Some white haired people from that generation are still present with us. Those people did not react, not out of fear or out of cowardice, but out of magnanimity. “Service to janatha is service to Janardhan”. Let peoples hunger be appeased first, we can serve the Lord later.

Today, for which temple archaka’s blood the missionary brigade is baying for, that same temple archaka’s family had given 2 acre of land for constructing a church. Now from that very same church the missionary brigade is issuing threats against that temple archaka. Who’s fault is it? It is our fault and we should expect more of such assaults on us. There is a saying, “if there is a snake on the hedge, let it lie there, don’t take it and wrap it around your neck, you will get bitten”. This has precisely been our experience.

In the name of magnanimity, we have gifted away acres of ancestral land to churches and priests to plant crosses and now the snakes turn around and bite us. The newer generations have to see and learn from the experience of the naive and gullible older generation. Magnanimity is all right, so long as it is not a one way street. Magnanimity has to be met with magnanimity otherwise we must put a full stop to that magnanimity or we will be digging our own graves. It is no use bemoaning our fate. We are only reaping what we sowed earlier.

So this supposed reform of land was not meant to give land to the poor but to grab land from the Hindus. I am not joking here. There was a clause in the law stating that all excess lands need not be acquired; only the lands on which grain, coconut trees and cashew nut trees were grown need be acquired. Excess limits were fixed only for these lands. Do you know why? The pathetic Hindus had only these kinds of lands. Rice grain, coconut trees and cashew nut trees were grown on the lands owned by the pathetic Hindus. However there are thousands of acres where crops like ginger, rubber, cardamom and cloves are grown on lands owned by churches and Christians. There groups have an economic strangle hold over the state of Kerala, but their lands were not touched. Why don’t the Marxists grab the lands owned by the Churches and Christians? Mind you these lands were defrauded and grabbed from the adivasis by the Christians.

Pastor Bernard whose native land is Kenya who’s first President Gomo Kenyatta had a deep insight into Christianity. He said, “When the White Christians came to our land, we had the land and they had the Bible. They gave us the Bible and asked us to close our eyes and pray. When we opened our eyes after prayer we found that the White Christians had the land and we had that worthless Bible”. This is exactly what happened to the adivasis. The adivasis were given alcohol and tobacco and introduced to intoxicating stupor. In the alcoholic daze the adivasis were made to part with their lands. In many other cases the lands of the adivasis were grabbed by main force. Now in thousands of acres of adivasi lands the missionaries are raising cash crops and accumulating huge wealth, the wealth that is now used to offer blandishments to other Hindus to convert. If only we had stopped them then, we wouldn’t have had to suffer now.

Now in our cities and towns the prime locations are occupied by churches and mosques. Where are those fierce left-wing ideologues that had appropriated Hindu temple lands? Why don’t they grab these lands and give them to the landless poor? Or is it that the onerous responsibility of implementing socialism vested only with the Hindus, just like secularism is? Secularism is now the responsibility of the Hindus and not any others. Only Hindus need bear that odious burden.

Hindus are like the silk worm. They are both in the same state. The silk worm spins out of its own body fine delicate filaments that attract admiring, “Oohs and Aahs” from the spectators. Don’t they also tell the Hindus, “Oh, so tolerant Hindus”, “Oh, so magnanimous Hindus”, “Oh, so peaceful Hindus”? Such flowery descriptions they have for the Hindus. Such flowery descriptions are reserved for the silkworm too. And what happens after that? The silkworm is boiled and killed and the silk is taken away and worn by others. The silk worm is trapped in its cocoon and killed for the sole reason that the silk cocoon makes very attractive silk.

Now just observe the state of affairs of the spider and its web. The spider web is a dirty, ugly, sticky and nasty thing which no one wants, but the spider traps its prey in its web. The spider has no use for any one’s lavish praise. It does not care for flattery, but it traps its prey in its own web.

The Hindus state is like that of the silkworm. Trapped and choked to death in a fine web of tolerance, magnanimity, socialism and secularism. Those of missionary faiths spin entrapping webs of enticement, extremism or some times, out right oppression and they trap their prey.

We must think, do we want to be silkworms or predatory spiders? Of course, there will be people to find fault with others. But in the sorry state that the Hindus are in today, let us consider, whether we should be trapped in the high sounding words that others whisper in our ears and get boiled alive and killed like the silk worm? Time has long passed when we ought to have pondered whether we should be some one’s prey animals or whether we should be a predatory species. If we refuse to think whether we should continue to live as prey animals, then we will have to answer to the succeeding generations, why we lost the lands and wealth given to us by our ancestors. Let us not have to make excuses for our mistakes. Let us not commit those mistakes in the first place.

From the murderous hands of the scheming politicians we need to retrieve the Hindu society. In my childhood days I have seen temple lands being alienated and the Hindu populace humiliated and the temples lying shattered. When Tippu Sultan invaded the Malabar province, his chariot wheels tore up the land and crushed the emotions of the Hindu people. In the wake of that murderous aggression, eighty percent of the temples were destroyed in Malabar. Most of temples that survived Tippu’s jihad against Malabar Hindus were levelled in the Moplah riots. The Mopilla riots are now spuriously labelled Mopilla Agrarian freedom struggle by the Kerala branch of the Chinese Communist Party, Marxist Party for short. The few temples that were still left standing when the British troops arrived to quell the Mopilla jihadis lost their lands to the Marxist land grab.

You and I remember our childhood day temples as places which did not have means even to light one single oil lamp in the evenings. Do you recall the government of that time granting any Hindu temple any funds or materials to conduct daily rituals? Do you recollect the government coming to the aid of the Hindu temples that were rendered destitute? So many temples were closed down for the want to funds to maintain them. The Government had the moral obligation to go to the aid of the Hindu temples, but did it? The Government had misappropriated crores of acres of landed property belonging to the Hindu temples. The government does not want destitute temples. But when we labour hard, save some money, donate to the temple and strive to make it a place where Hindus can gather for prayer, the rapacious secularism-touting government comes to grab what it can. What right has a government that mouths secularism to administer a temple? Don’t the secular politicians have the duty to answer this question? Shouldn’t we as voters take them to task for it? Let the government call itself a Hindu government and then administer Hindu temples. However if the government is secular then it has no right to administer Hindu temples. If the secular government considers itself as having the right to administer Hindu temples, then it must also administer Christian churches and Muslim mosques too. Do they dare do so? They will break out in sweat and quake in their boots even to think about it. It is not like grabbing the property of the shameless Hindus. It is a dangerous matter, trying to administer church or mosque property. We have seen the fall out of a nun being rubbed the wrong way. So, now if the government breaks out is sweat or if it quakes in it boots thinking of administer Christian churches and Muslim mosques, tell me, aren’t we at fault when this government grabs our Hindu property?

Didn’t this government appoint a Christian as the Guruvayur Temple Board member? The government appointed a Christian as the Guruvayur Temple Board member and we tolerated that.

The miserable wretch who thinks that the fall of a temple leads to the shattering of lots of superstition; does he go to the temple to protect it or to oppress it? Did you ever consider?

Several hundreds of thousands of acres of forest lands vested with the temples. Those too were grabbed by the government. But could the government protect those lands? Those confiscated temple lands are now occupied by Christians who are clearing the forest lands for ecologically destructive commercial mono-culture cropping.

What is the use of talking about protecting nature so late in the day? Did not the Hindus protect those precious forest lands as part of temple property? But the Marxist government that grabbed temple lands did not protect the forests.

A vicar was allegedly murdered in Tirutti-parambu village, but the place lying closed is not a church. A temple is shut down. Why? The local church was not closed even for one day, but the temple has its doors locked down. Who do you think is guilty? We, Hindus are guilty. We are guilty of being cowardly. We looked on with indifference and despair. If there were some men among us, men with manliness, would this have happened? If the people had backbone, if the society had strength of character, would its traditional place of worship been closed by any body? Why was the temple closed? Did the Hindu God commit murder? They want to close temples at some pretext or the other. They resent the functioning of temples, these commies and other anti-Hindu secular politicians, because they resent Hindu prosperity. They know that Hindu prosperity is closely intertwined with the healthy functioning of Hindu temples which are economic engines in their own right. The Hindu temples and temple properties belong to the Hindu people. The Hindu temples should take up the burden of alleviating poverty among the devotees. If Guruvayur temple uses its cash collections of one month, it can adopt a village and remove the poverty of its Hindu people. The temple funds are Hindu’s wealth and the Hindus have exclusive rights to it. Secularists and atheists have no business utilising temple funds.

Now the Sabarimala Aiyappa Temple season is fast approaching. You will see most of the Hindus taking vows to go to the Aiyappa Temple. The poor among the devotees will even pawn the wife’s taali (mangal sutra) to raise funds for the pilgrimage to the Aiyappa Temple. If these pilgrims in their black outfits even touch a Kerala state Transport (KSRTC) bus, they will have to pay exorbitant charges. They charge us because we accept such unjust levy. Why do we pay such exorbitant charges? Let the KSRTC be shut down, we are not liable to bail out the KSRTC which was rundown by the misrule of the Christian-led Congress.

I haven’t been to Sabarimala Temple, but I am sure all of you in the audience gathered before me have gone on that pilgrimage. We did not ask that the vehicles of the pilgrims to Sabarimala Temple should be parked at the far sway Nilackal. The Government has made parking ground at Nilackal for its’ own convenience. The pilgrims are travelling by their own vehicles to Sabarimala just to avoid the KSRTC, however they are forced to park at Nilackal and made to take the KSRTC again. Each pilgrim has to pay Rs. 30 for the long ride to the Temple. Did we ask the Government to make the parking ground so far away from the Temple? Can there be a better scheme to squeeze the Hindu pilgrims of their money?

Now contrast this with Hajj pilgrimage of the Muslims from Kerala. The Hajjajis from Malabar province have to gather at Kondotti College for their trip to the Karipur International Airport. The same KSRTC sends superfast deluxe busses to fetch the hajjajis to the airport, a distance of 10 Km, the hajjajis don’t have to pay even a single coin to the KSRTC. All they have to do is to alight from the KSRTC bus saying, “As-salaam-aleikum” and walk away. The hajjajis don’t have to pay even 10 paise, the trip is free. A mere “As-salaam-aleikum” will take them from Kondotti College to Karipur International Airport. The Government does not get any revenue from this hajj trip. And but the Government owned KSRTC takes the hajjajis free of charge.

Why don’t the Hindu pilgrims have such rights? Are we second class citizens? Aren’t we entitled to a free trip? Isn’t the Hindu, whose Sabarimala Ai

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