Amritha TV – Spreading Christian fiction

via GSK Menon published on January 22, 2008

Today 22/1/08 , Amritha TV aired a program in its Subashitam program about the Stephanos Church at Arthungal. The regular lady commentator was there recounting about one person called Velutha, supposed to be a Christian youth and a close friend of Lord Ayyappa ! It was also propagated that all Ayyappa devotees on their return from Sabarimala should visit Arthungal Church.

Why have the Christians joined the Sabarimala bandwagon ? Simple, money, money, money ! If Muslims can mint lakhs and lakhs in the name of Vavar, then can Christians be far behind ? So they have created a fictional character called Velutha. Spun a story that he was a bosom friend of Lord Ayyappa , so Hindus should splurge money in the name of Velutha !

What is the status of Vavar/Velutha (note both names start with V) ? Vavar was just a pirate-trader ? He was never a Mullah or a Sufi saint. What does it matter if that Muslim was a close friend of a Kafir as long as he did not change his religion ? Even today not a single Mullah enters the Sabarimala temple. The Mullahs sit separately, collect a fortune and vanish. The temptation was too much for the Padres ! Lo and behold, a Velutha is created and spread through Asianet and Amritha TV.

Nobody knows who this Velutha is, who cares ? Slowly the rumour will be spread, then it will get publicity, then his name will appear in news papers “For Favours Received” ! Velutha will become famous and more famous, and then a Church will be built called VELUTHA – SABARI CHURCH !

This is a golden oppurtunity for enterprising moneyless Hindus, before the Christians start a Church, start a VELUTHA MEMORIAL and mint money. Don’t call it a temple, Devasom Board and Sudhakaran will come running. Dont call it a Church, Padres will start a communal riot. Simply call it a secular friendship memorial. Install an idol of Velutha, paintings of Ayyappa embracing Velutha, and then you can embrace millions of rupees. Become Trustee of Velutha Memorial. Start before the Christians act. Good luck.

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  1. Illangovan Kannaiyyan Reply

    January 22, 2008 at 11:11 pm

    Amritha TV – Spreading Christian fiction
    Ayyooo, here in Tamilnadu, church has hijacked our Pongal Festival. Now padris are blessing pongal celebrations after church service. One father jegath gasper has bought out all Hindu folk artistes with help from karuna and his daughter and turned them into performing monkeys in all municipal parks in a program called Tamil Maiyyam. See their crookedness in compelling Hindu business groups to pay crores as budget for this circus. Also surplus money generated is given away to christian NGOs! It is time these devils are attacked and thrashed mercilessly. 5

  2. Jose Thomas Reply

    January 22, 2008 at 11:24 pm

    Hello, I actually read about this a long time ago when I was researching christian history in kerala. One of the earliest churches established was actually on sabiramala. They demolished it and later the temple was built. But christians, unlike other religious fanatics didn’t care about the actual spot but just build the church nearby. I think this is prime example of how religions were tolerant in kerala before being influenced by the uncivilized north indian fanatics. 5

  3. Indian Reply

    January 22, 2008 at 11:58 pm

    Wow what foresightedness
    You are a genius G S K Menon. I have never come across anybody with such brilliant foresight. A man for the Hindu masses… 5

  4. Kollengode Reply

    January 23, 2008 at 12:28 am

    Be Vigilant
    This is the result of the criminal enterprise called as evangelism.
    Back in early 60s, a similar stunt was performed by these toddy
    tappers. They buried a cross on the way to Sabarimala & “discoved”
    it in front of cameras & Malayala Manorama reporter & called it a
    great “miracle” by Him who sacrificed His blood for the poor toddy
    tappers. They wanted to build a big church on the spot but the hoax
    was exposed & they quietly withdrew from the scene because of Hindu
    Then again, when people wanted to build the Vivekananda Memorial on
    the rock off of KanyaKumari coast, these hoodlums opposed it saying
    that Kanya Kumari is in rality is Virgin Mary & the rock & temple
    belonged to toddy tappers. Luckily no bones were broken since they
    withdrew and agreed to play it safe. They have never stopped their
    despicable criminal enterprise & they will again try something else
    with the sole aim of destroying the Hindu culture & the way of life.
    Eternal vigilance is indeed the price of Liberty !! 5

  5. Suresh Kumar Reply

    January 23, 2008 at 2:58 am

    Amrita distorting our culture
    Belive it or not – 80% of program in Amrita TV is against the interest of Hindu society or our culture. They are simply distorting our culture in their own style because people may belive it since the channel belongs to AMMA.

    2-3 months before the launch of Amrita TV, we had discussion with Rajetan (O. Rajagopalji) about the need of a real culture and nationalist channel in Kerala. Rajettan replied, “why you people are worried, after few months AMMA is going to launch a real culture and nationalist channel”. One year after the launch of Amrita we have asked the same question to him. Are you happy with Amrita TV, He kept mum. We have asked him inspite your own son is the Director of program in Amrita, the channel is projecting negatively towards Hindutva (Our culture). He again kept mum. We felt very bad to see his depressed face, which tells us I am helpless. Poor Rajettan.

  6. Leela Reply

    January 23, 2008 at 4:28 am

    Amrita distorting
    Mr Jose Thomas’s christianity is so tolerant they are going around converting every Hindu they can lay their hands on and building churches all over the country. What hypocrisy! christians are much more evil and fanatical than the muslims. at least with the muslims you know where you stand, they are not insidious and deceiving. 5

  7. thulasidharan Reply

    January 23, 2008 at 5:35 am

    Missionary lies
    Missionary jihadees are trying their level best to make India another african colony. For these they will go to any extend. These shameless terrorists have killed more than 1000 innocents at their divine center and now their terrorist head wants their kids to learn only at their schools. But this moron forgets that if hndus start going to hindu schools, then the death-cult called x-ianity will slowly die by itself. Jose Thomas should think of re-embracing his original ancestry instead of being a fake follower of white christianity – a desert religion worshipng an non-existent dead-man 5

  8. A Proud Hindu Reply

    January 23, 2008 at 6:41 am

    Muslims will directly attack and kill you…. but Christians .. they will smile and kill you !!! 5

  9. Manoj Reply

    January 23, 2008 at 8:23 am

    Respect or Fear
    I am watching this critizism against Amrita TV since its inception. But the result is absolutely ZERO. The claver Amrita management simply ignored all these allegation and marching forward with their own mission. So there is two option, either they should respect you or they should have fear on you. The first option of no more valid as no Amrita TV officials have respect to any Hindu organization leaders in Kerala. So we must select the second option. 5

  10. Shankar, NY Reply

    January 23, 2008 at 8:35 am

    Spreading Christian fiction
    Jose Thomas should know one thing; there is no history to research in Kerala about Christianity. Like St. Thomas myth all the created stories became the so-called histories in Kerala. Probably he was reading the same books the Europeans created to spread Christianity in India. Acts of Thomas was a classical example of the forgery of history by the European missionaries. Researchers have later found it was a hoax.

    Catholic Church and Evangelical groups have spent over 100 billion dollars since 1900 to establish the authenticity of Bible and Jesus Christ. But all researches were proved otherwise and the experiments are still continuing. Vatican has officially declared that St. Thomas never visited or preached Christianity in South India but our neighbors in Kerala are still love to read the obsolete bibliography.

    Unlike India, in USA most of the research materials and documentaries are available to read and research for the public. There are lots of books about the history of Christ and Christianity available for a serious researcher but most of them are not available in India because of the objection from the church.

    I strongly advise Jose Thomas to read more European history rather than Kerala history to get a better understanding about Christianity. Americans and Europeans now understand the worthlessness of Christianity and majorities have stopped practicing it. Most European counties are now importing priests and nuns from India to serve in their parishes. The interesting thing is Hinduism and Buddhism are now flourishing in Europe and America without any allurements. Yoga and meditation are now a part of more than 60% of American population. Broaden your mind and prepare to accept the facts instead of spending time on fantasies. 5

  11. Menon Reply

    January 23, 2008 at 10:21 am

    political power is the only way for Hindu
    In India, Hindu need to get to the top of polity. That is the only way to control things.

    If we do not do that, we will end up having veluthas and vavars looting us. 5

  12. Thulasi Reply

    January 23, 2008 at 6:19 pm

    Mail them
    Please email Amrita TV and protest

    [email protected]
    [email protected] 5


    January 23, 2008 at 7:42 pm

    Come with the Proof, Jose Thomas
    Don’t try to be smart Jose Thomas. Come with the proof. But on the contrary Christians have converted thousands of temples into churches and there are proofs. They even broght notorious inquisition into Goa. Even landing of St. Thomas in Kerala is a myth. There is no history proof for the same. 5

  14. swamy nathan Reply

    January 24, 2008 at 4:37 am

    silent killer -noval evangalism
    karunanidhi changed the date of tamil new year from 14th april to
    pongal date at the behest of his daughters new found friend father
    gaspar raj,an LTTE sympathiser and
    an silent slow poison evangalist
    bent upon to destroy hindu culture
    first by introducing chennai sangamam,an inter religious cultural mixing with silent dosage
    of christian faith imposed unsuspectedly by foolish hindu artiests involved in bharatha-
    natiyam,karnatic music supported by karnatika,a daily news suppliment available in every sabha,published by franquline dezusa who control all weekly free distributed/circulated news
    paper in chennai from every zone
    initialy from adyar as adyar times
    and mylapore area as mylapore time
    ect.if anyone who could watch this free circulation thrown on every apartments on saturday,a remarkable change from hinduism culture to slowly mixing of christianity.funny many hindu establishements supported this news papers for free visit of santa claus on x-mas day this year
    to present children free gifts.
    chrisitans are slow poisoners like
    our children who were taken by innocent public/hindu schools on one day tour to nearby museum,or
    zoological exhibition or aquarium
    combined with building of church
    as exit gate while entry gate is
    without any sign of cross or jesus
    in order to put the faith of young students on desert god.
    if anyone living in cities,watch carefully about your area times free circulation news papers,you will find this news paper editor will be a christian with an agenda
    well doctored by missionaries. 5

  15. NeverMind Reply

    January 24, 2008 at 5:13 am

    Jose Thomas and the christian tradition of lies
    Somewhere below, Jose Thomas wrote some predictably made-up trivia.

    All history and facts are against Jose’s assertion, so it’s impossible to believe his christian make-believe. Because:
    (1) Temple destruction is a long-practised ‘tradition’ of the two famous terrorist religions, one of them being christianity. This Greek Religion page documents what happened to their ancient Greek ancestors, temples and libraries at the hands of the early christians. contains further examples of how all the early churches in Palestine and the Roman empire were built over pre-existing Greek and Roman temples. (Koenraad Elst refers to historian Joan Taylor and Cambridge historian Michael Arnheim.)
    – It’s well documented how in our own times, christians in Korea have been about their usual business of destroying the temples (of the Buddhists).
    Photos of their handiwork at and,

    (2) The history of christianism (=terrorism) in India is well documented. It wasn’t just the christian Portuguese or today’s christian converts who broke our temples and built churches over them, because the allegedly peaceful Syrian christians also had done the same.
    – The 1995 journal article by Paul Axelrod and Michelle Fuerch “Flight of the Deities: Hindu Resistance in Portuguese Goa” (Modern Asian Studies) explicitly mentions a few cases of Portuguese destruction of Hindu temples in Goa (which they then tattoed with churches) contains the book “The Myth of Saint Thomas” on the temple destruction caused by Syrian christians and Portuguese (and French and British). Amongst others, the book shows how christians in India destroyed the original Mylapore temple in Tamil Nadu and built their ugly church there. For instance, see Chapter 15 at
    The same book shows how in fact the Syrian christians arrived way later than the church in India falsely claims. The rest of the world also knows that no ‘Syrian’ christians could have got to India until at least 4th century or after. (For example, it’s simply impossible for the Nestorian church to have existed before their bishop Nestorius; besides Nestorius and his followers were fiercely against the worship of Mary or recognising her as “mother of god”.)

    (3) Lies are to be expected from the followers of christianism. Jose Thomas’ fictional story is not the greatest christian lie by far. More famous ones include:
    – “jesus of nazareth”. The alleged “Jesus” cannot have been from Nazareth, simply because there was no place for the living called Nazareth even in the 1stz century CE (nor 1st century BCE). See
    – “saint thomas and the other apostles”. There was no Saint Thomas – in fact, none of the apostles were historical. This is clearly explained in
    For the hesitant: think, how can the apostles be real when so many of them have had multiple conflicting deaths often in different countries as per church tradition? See
    – In fact, there never was a historical jesus as described in christianity or the 4 official gospels. See
    – The gospels are not eyewitness testimony. This is explained in

    Jose Thomas is but another liar for christianism. He is following in the footsteps of the early St Justin Martyr who forged writings in the names of two Roman emperors (see historian McCabe). An even more famous early christian liar was Bishop Eusebius (church-proclaimed ‘historian’) whom every real historian has called a liar. Besides, Eusebius openly admitted he’d lie for the glory of his christian religion.

    As it happens, the entire christian ‘religion’ is founded on a lie, so one shouldn’t hold it against Jose but against the real cause: christianity. 5

  16. Vijayalakshmi Reply

    January 24, 2008 at 9:50 am

    Amrita TV-spreading christian fiction.
    Yes,even I saw this programme on Amrita TV’s ‘Udayamritham’ and was shocked to hear the cock-and -bull story by Mochitha and the missionary.I wondered how Mochitha
    could sell her conscience to spread a false story like ‘Father Velutha’s!I wonder who are the others who got fat payments from christists for that programme!Remember the arrest and demonization of Swami Jeyendra Saraswathi,which was also the game plan/scheming of the christists,with the connivance of other anti-Hindus!We must alert our gullible/naive Hindu brethren regarding these schemes by the christist scoundrels and mercenaries. 5

  17. Sk Reply

    January 24, 2008 at 11:49 pm

    Amritha TV and Manorama
    I feel Amritha TV and Manorama group should be viewed with the same eye. Both are doing the same thing, though by different method. Its a shame that such lies are being propagated through a supposedly Hindu channel belonging to a world renowned spiritual leader. It should also be a great concern for all Hindus that not an iota of protest has happened in Kerala on this issue. Everyone in Kerala is busy watching lousy reality shows and other crap coming on Tvs. On one hand the actress jayamala is been conferred with a doctorate by christians who are controlling Karnataka now in the name of President’s rule. And the commies and channels like Amritha doing this… Kerala definitely is going to have a tough time ahead if these issues aren’t addressed immediately. 5

  18. Rajan Reply

    January 27, 2008 at 6:58 am

    Amritha TV-Spreading Christian Fiction
    The TV channels are feeding to the People what is sellable . No one is willing to take risks . AMMA has done reasonably well with the Amritha Channel . However, He favourite leaders like Sri.Rajagopalji should bring relevant issues like this to AMMA’s notice . Hindu-devotees of AMMA can play a big part as well in this regard . Let us not jump into quick conclusions . 5

  19. Jose Mejo Reply

    January 31, 2008 at 1:47 am

    Vellutha and Church
    i hope people who comment about Vellutha or some body else, are not aware of the functioning of Church, especially making a person Saint, Church has enough and more saints, even many Catholic Saints are well respectd by Hindus…. that is because of the religious tolarance of our culture, and as Christian, i can say that Church is not all interested to make a church for vellutha, in order to attract more Hindus, so please don’t worry about it, we have so many saints…, 5

  20. Raju puducode Reply

    February 2, 2008 at 10:02 am

    Christian conversion business
    This is the result of the criminal enterprise called as evangelism.
    They have so much money from foreign countries to convert Hindus. What is the easiest way? Join a Hindu dedicated group like Ammachi or Sai Baba with large following. Through the back door fund an elaborate communication system with TV stations, Newspapers etc & slowly start feeding the public semitic camel driving messages of Christ. People will slowly accept their message & will be confused with that of Ammachi & will convert when lots of money & other inducements are offered. These christians have only one aim that is to destroy the native culture & heritage. South America, Goa, Kerala, Nagaland, Mizoram etc are good examples. In addition the Malayalees are easy prey if a “foren trip” is included. 5

  21. Sreejith Reply

    February 5, 2008 at 2:07 am

    Hindutva Channel
    channel is a importand media
    to achieve our idiology and mission to hindus ammrita is no enough to solve hindus proplem
    so we have to start a hindu channel

  22. Never Mind Reply

    June 7, 2008 at 1:38 am

    Jose Mejo is wrong – see Korean case
    Jose Mejo is confused when he writes: “Church is not all interested to make a church for vellutha, in order to attract more Hindus, so please don’t worry about it, we have so many saints…”

    He’s a catholic who obviously knows nothing about why the Catholic Church goes about beatifying/sainting people in other countries.
    (KOREA) Buddhism under Siege 1982-1996 states:

    “(1984) May. Ignoring the pleas of Buddhist leaders, the Roman Catholic Church invites Pope John Paul II to visit South Korea to celebrate the bicentennial of the church in Korea. This EVENT HAPPENS TO FALL DURING THE ANNUAL NATIONAL BUDDHA’S BIRTHDAY HOLIDAY CELEBRATIONS. Because it is the first ever visit of a Roman pontiff to South Korea, and because the VATICAN ANNOUNCES THAT 93 KOREANS AND 10 FRENCH MISSIONARY MARTYRS WILL BE BEATIFIED AS SAINTS DURING THE VISIT, the visit becomes a major national event. It is the first time that a canonization ceremony is held outside of Rome and the LARGEST NUMBER EVER CANONIZED AT ONE TIME. This ceremony GIVES KOREA THE FOURTH LARGEST NUMBER OF CATHOLIC SAINTS IN THE WORLD. When the Pope tours the country, in the days immediately preceding and during Buddha’s Birthday, there are immense traffic jams which diminish attendance at Buddhist events in several key cities. Buddhist leaders protest the timing of the event as “disrespectful” and “in bad taste” because the Korean and Roman Catholic Churches schedule the mass beatification ceremonies to take place during Buddha’s Birthday celebrations, a day sacred to Buddhists and a national holiday.”

    More on christian saints can be found at 5

  23. R.Sajan Reply

    December 14, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    Fr. Veluttha got Ayyappa admitted at Muhamma Kalari
    I saw an Episode of an Ayyappa documentary on ACV this week. It was presented by Rahul Easwar of the Tantri family.

    The priest of Arthunkal Church said that Ayyappa had come to Arthunkal tired and helpless. Fr. Veluttha [known as Veluthachan] took pity on him and fed him. Ayyappa said he had been rejected at Cheerappanchira Kalari. Fr. Veluttha then took him to the Kalari, recmmended him and got him admitted.

    Rahul Easwar endorsed the story!

    The Mahishi story can be linked to Edappilly Punyaalan St George. I wonder why Rahu Easwar does not reasearch that path.

    It is also likely that Ayyappa might have been St. Thomas reborn.


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