Amma – The Ultimate Target of CPM

via HK published on May 26, 2008

It is learnt that the ultimate target
of violence unleashed by the LDF and its affiliated organizations is the Matha
Amruthanandamayi Devi Math. The real intention of the LDF Govt. is not to rein
in the fraud spiritual leaders and their centres but to curb the spiritual wave
sweeping Kerala in particular and India in general.

This hidden agenda is skilfully
executed with the full knowledge of the CPM leadership. The ‘Hunt for Godmen’
operation being implemented as part of the second anniversary celebrations of
the LDF government is leading to an anarchy in the state.

Inorder to give an impression of
fairness the government has also started a few bogus enquiries against some
Christian healing centres while they attack dozens of ashrams with Hindu
background. This action of CPM is based on their assessment that the expanding Hindu
spiritual awareness is a big threat to the growth of communist ideology in the
state. So they calculate that it is imperative to crackdown the Hindu spiritual
leaders and ashrams in the state.

But they know that a direct attack on
the spiritual institutions is detrimental and counterproductive.So they fine
tuned a strategy to attack the fraudsters first along with a heightened
propaganda to destroy credibility of all Hindu acharyas and spiritual leaders
in the state. The media knowingly or unknowingly are playing a big part in the
CPM propaganda in creating an environment of distrust and suspicion among
devotees towards Hindu spiritual centres.

The episode in this script being played
out is to use DYFI to lead protest marches and to attack ashrams and Mutts and
destroy their property. They are resorting to the attack spree in the full view
of the police who are responsible to guard proper law and order situation in
the state

Now in Kerala anybody can trespass into
any ashram and destroy all assets by holding a red flag in his hand. However
people with a spiritual bend of mind have started realizing the danger and have
begun to come together to protest this heinous act. This has also lead to
incidents of violence at some places. In the coming days it might spread to the
other areas and might result in total anarchy and lawlessness in the state.

Initially people supported the move of
the government thinking that it is only against fraudsters irrespective of
religion. But soon people realized the discrimination of DYFI and the police
towards the Hindu community and started venting their hurt feelings.

The main targets of CPM are the
spiritual leaders like Matha Amruthanandamayi Devi, and Sri Sri Ravishankar who
are playing a lead role in the spiritual renaissance of Kerala. Among them
Matha Amruthanandamayi Devi is perceived as the biggest threat by the CPM .It
is because of the huge charitable activities undertaken by the Mutt and its
acceptance among the people which is causing erosion in the party base.

Another reason that is worrying CPM is
the fact that Amma’s head office is in Kerala. Although CPM had initiated
indirect attacks against Amma’s Mutt long ago, they were waiting for an
appropriate moment for a direct attack. CPM had made a big controversy when AK
Antony,the then Chief Minister visited Amma to seek blessings. Verbal attacks
against Amma became a routine agenda in all conferences of DYFI since then. 

The secret agenda of CPM is becoming
more and more obvious. The DYFI leader has publicly demanded in a press
conference that  all activities of Amruthanandamayi  Mutt should
be investigated. Moreover the CPM mouth piece Deshabhimani has also joined the
chorus .In an article titled ‘Amruthanandamayi Mutt: The Biggest Recipient of
Foreign Funds’, Deshabhimani has come up with several baseless allegations
against the Mutt.

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