Al Barakh Financial Service: Kerala Government Sponsored Jihadist Enterprise

via Prof. C. I. Issac published on February 8, 2011

Now the socio-economic condition of the Hindus of Kerala is like, from the frying pan to the burning fire. Already a large chunk of resources and opportunities are high jacked by the minorities. An additional blow is that the Islamic Economic interest keeping bank is turned as the first priority of the Left Democratic Front [LDF] Government. The government of Kerala fought a good fight in the Kerala High Court to defeat the counter argument of Reserve Bank of India [RBI] and Dr. Subromnya Swami against the Islamic banking. In this case Dr. Swamy’s contention is that 1. Islamic Bank violates RBI Act and Banking Regulation Act and 2. Government of Kerala should not invest in a religion based bank. RBI attested the first contention of Swami. RBI made it clear before the High Court that under the present RBI regulations giving of licence to such kind of a sectarian financial institution is not feasible. However the Court closed its ears and eyes. High Court unilaterally declined the Central Bank’s pray. Thus the Islamic interest is succeeded in this legal battle. Now the judiciary of India is under the shadow of doubt.

 In this situation nothing wrong for an ordinary man to think that the present decision of the Apex Court is under some external pressure. It is the present practice that the nature and extent of the pressure will be debated or exposed only after the retirement of the concerned judge. Let us wait for that day. The reason for this time-lag is, people fearing the sword of Damocles that is the ‘contempt of court’.

Now the 55 percent is the Hindu population of Kerala and they controls 11.11 percent of the State’s bank deposits. On the other hand 19 percent Christian community commands 33.33 percent and 25 percent Muslim population retain 55.55 percent. Similarly Hindu share in the industry, agriculture and commerce is 28, 24 and 22 percents respectively. At the same time Muslim share is 30, 23, 40 percents and Christian is 35, 40, 36 respectively. In short 90 percent of the economic scenario went into the hands 45 percent of the minority communities. Are all these happened through any magic? No, it was the outcome of power of their vote bank and coercive strategies. This is the state of affair of the succumbing Hindu society of Kerala.

The Muslim appeasing present political mechanism of Kerala opened another venture to the Jihadi Muslims through the opening of Islamic Bank with 11% government share capital.  The name of the Bank is Al Barakh Financial Service Ltd. It is fully under the control of Jihadists that is 89% of the share holding of the company is in the hands of fundamentalist Muslims from various Islamic countries. The government of Kerala now offered several strategic locations of Kerala to the foreign Islamic groups for opening business establishment. This step of the state is suicidal and in the near future it will place the non-Muslims in pressure.

The business conditions of the proposed bank are fixed in accordance with the most barbaric laws; that is sharia. The proposed Bank under this law will be hostile to the non-Muslims business interests. It is well attested fact that Sharia laws are not non-Muslim friendly. Time has proved it beyond doubt. This financial institution will pump international Islamic surplus with vicious designs amongst Kerala Muslims. The loan disbursement of the proposed bank to the Muslim business community will be without interest. It is sure in the name of technicalities non-Muslims [khafirs] will be eliminated from the purview of the bank. It is quite natural. In this situation the non-Muslim enterprises could not compete with the interest free funds secured by the Muslim entrepreneurs from the proposed bank.  Finally the option before the non-Muslim business community of Kerala will be either perish or embrace Islam.  Hindus of the world you decide let the Hindus of Kerala at the mercy of Islam.  

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