” A Truthful NCM – INDEED!!!!”

via H.Balakrishnan published on September 22, 2008



Reference the report ” NCM blames Bajrang Dal ” – (TNIE-22 SEP).

The report stated: ” The FACT FINDING REPORT of the NCM has blamed the Sangh Parivar militant outfit Bajrang Dal for orchestrating communal violence in both Karnataka and Orissa “.


A ‘ PROFORMA STATEMENT ‘ from the NCM, as HISTORY shows!! Here’s why.


In its report sent to the Justice Wadhwa Commission of Inquiry into the Graham Staines murder, the NCM had declared that Graham Staines and his family had NOT been involved in preaching Christianity leading to ‘conversions’ in Manoharpur,Orissa. This was on the basis of its ‘ FACT FINDING MISSION ‘.  However, associates of Graham Staines told the Wadhwa Commission that Graham Staines used to conduct ‘ Bible Classes ‘ at ‘Jungle Camps ‘.This was borne out by the regular reports that Graham and Gladys Staines filed to the Australian Missionary Journal – ” TIDINGS “. One example of such a report, among the many, cited by the Wadhwa Commisssion:

“Graham and Gladys Staines, Mayurbhanj,23 July 1997:
‘ Praise God for answered prayer in the recent Jagannath car festival at Baripada. A good team of ‘ preachers ‘ came from the village churches and four OM workers helped in the second part of the festival. There were record book sales, so a lot of literature into people’s hands – – -.” [ OMis a carefully chosen acronym: the organization it signifies is actually one of the largest publishers and distributors of missionary literature,and has its offices in Carlisle, Cumbria, U.K. ]

In an another report to ‘TIDINGS’ , dated 19 December 1998, the duo wrote: ” – – -They were able to encourage a NEW BELIEVER who had been a priest of ‘SANA DHORAM’ an ‘ANIMIST SECT'”.  So, in the eyes of G & G,‘Sanatana Dharma’ is an ‘ANIMIST SECT’!!

Deposing before the Wadhwa Commission, an associate of Graham Staines spoke of his ‘ hatred ‘ for other religions.This associate of Graham Staines – and acknowledged by Gladys Staines – that if Graham Staines happened to be at any ‘non-Christian’ function, he would NEVER TAKE PRASAD. This Gladys Staines claimed was prohibited according to the Bible. In this light,I pose to the ‘INDIAN SECULARIST MAFIA’ – “WHO IS BEING EXCLUSIVIST”?

In the light of the evidence placed before it, the Wadhwa Commissio0n noted: ” Besides his involvment in Leprosy House, Staines was also involved in missionary work – -. It is also clear from the said despatches [TIDINGS] that ‘converasions’ were taking place in ‘Jungle Camps”. The Commission went on to state: ” THERE IS NO EVIDENCE TO SUGGEST THAT ANY OF THE PERSONS INVOLVED IN THE CRIME WAS IN FACT A MEMBER OF EITHER THE BAJRANG DAL OR BJP OR ANY ORGANIZATION “. But, for the NCM, the murder was the handiwork of Dara Singh, who in turn was affiliated to the Bajrang Dal. Q.E.D.!!! Has anyone from the secular English media , ever raised the point that Graham Staines , a foreigner on a ‘ tourist visa ‘, was in violation of the law of the land by his missionary work? Would that not amount to abetting in the crime? But then , silly, WE ARE SECULAR!!

Justice Wadhwa had earlier inquired into the ‘ incidents ‘ at Baripada and Udaygiri, both in Orissa. ‘These’ were ‘ widely reported ‘ in the ‘secular’ English media. The NCM, had ‘once again’, sent a ‘FACT FINDING MISSION ‘. And, as usual, it concluded that the Hindus were the ‘root cause’!!

Yet, Justice Wadhwa, on the basis of  ‘evidence ‘ placed before it stated: ” These findings [ of the NCM] are without examining any person on oath or receiving evidence on affidavits”. It further stated: ” When the members of the Minorities Commission visited the village, normalcy prevailed. Cases had been registered against members of

BOTH GROUPS – – -“. Justice Wadhwa then went to show that the NCM proceeded in a manner that was in manifest violation of its own statute!! HOW VERY ‘TRUTHFUL’  OF THE NCM !!


That the ‘secular’ English media is also part of this SUPPRESSIO VERI, SUGGESTIO FALSI agenda , is brought out by this one among many examples!! It is the TNIE that is mentionedin the despatches!!  Mr. B.B. Panda, the then DG, Orissa Police, told the Wadhwa Commission, that the TNIE of 25 January 1999, had quoted him as saying: ” Over 50 people suspected to be activists of the Bajrang Dal and VHP were involved in the incident [Staines murder] and so far 47 persons have been arrested “.Mr. Panda told the Commission that, as he had NOT SAID THIS,he sent the paper a contradiction.THE PAPER DID NOT PUBLISH THIS CONTRADICTION!! So much for ‘TRUTHFUL AND SECULAR REPORTING’!!

Cut to Dec 2007. Kandhamal once again. The NCM sent another FACT FINDING MISSION in Jan 2008, following the Christmas eve 2007 violence in Kandhamal.

filed its report WITHOUT VISITING KANDHAMAL and gave out specious reasons for not visiting the palce!!
Your paper’s report: ” NCM team fails to visit hotspots of Kandhmal”- (TNIE-09 JAN), SAID IT ALL!!!!


SUPPRESSIO VERI, SUGGESTIO FALSI is the ‘ leitmotif ‘ of the Indian ‘secularists’.
It is worth quoting Arun Shourie from his ‘eyeopening’ masterpiece – ” Harvesting our Souls: Missionaries, Their Design,Their Claims” : ” Several groups have several reasons for manufacturing calumny – from money to ideology to the crassest kind of politics. Many of them are well organized, have well-knit,world-wide neyworks.And they have honed expertise in manufacturing atrocity stories, in broadcasting them around the globe and in putting their manufactures to profitable use”.No doubt,ably aided and abetted by the ‘secular’ English media!!





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