A stark choice faced by CPM: communism or islamism?

via Kalyanaraman published on November 24, 2007

It is clear that both cannot coexist for long.

A remarkable short, powerful piece by Priyadarsi Dutta is a brilliant presentation of the sweep of over 70 years of bharatiya communist history.( When Muslims, Marxists clash )

Communists of today in Bharatam have proved themselves bereft of any ideology, particularly after their adoration for the nonagenarian Jyoti Basu (who continues to rule W. Bengal) who stayed in power ruling 1/3 of Bangla pampering the muslim vote-banks and weeping about CPM’s historic blunder which prevented his becoming PM.

The dharma-chakra has turned full circle and Buddha and his coterie are caught in the administration of dumdum dawai stupidly recommended by Brinda K (and politburo). Just as commies in Bangladesh and Paki have become islamists, it is the next logical step for the commies of West Bengal to convert to islamism. And, migrate to Bangladesh as mujahir after conversion to islamism which is the logical next step, defying Ambedkar’s world-view.

It will, of course, be logical for Bharatam to demand space in Bangladesh to resettle hindu’s expelled from there after the sonar bangla cry became a tinsel shriek.

If Karats and Buddha (including Yechury and Biman Bose) want to convert from communism to christism or islamism or bauddham, they will do well to read some thoughts of great revolutionaries beyond MN Roy – Ambedkar, for example, or better stil, Chaitanya prabhu.
Of course, the option exists, to continue to perform durga puja and stay hindu, practicing and living by hindu sanatana dharma. But then, a start has to be made to understand the true import of dharma as abhyudayam and nihs’reyas as twin purushartha (and not pampering the twins called ) Idris Ali and Sultan Ahmed (close to Alimuddin Street), who, like communism, are mere footnotes in the history of hindu civilization. Try calling them Ali da and Sultan da… Even Buddha will figure out how impossible it is, in his next poem or drama as Taslima basks under the security cover of 10 Janpath thinking of the title of her next bangla novel. (What an irony: Salman Rushdie gets better protection from fatwa-s in a kafir land called England.)

I don’t think Alimuddin Street movement has the trappings of the Khilafat movement.

Yes, indeed, we have a long way to go to come to grips with the muslim problem in bharatam. We have just started understanding the true nature of islamism and the imperative of reminding every muslim in bharatam that his or her pitr-s of generations, say, 800 years Before Present, were hindu, revering Kali-maa in Kolkata and also Dacca.

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