A ‘Paid news agent of the Congress’!!!

via H Balakrishnan published on March 3, 2011

Dear Sir,

Reference the OPINION , by the ‘ Paid-news agent of the Congress ‘ – aka – ‘The Delphic Oracle’ – Bee Gee Vee’s ” Fishing in troubled waters ” – (TNIE – 03 Mar)

At the very outset, a ‘MUCHUS GRACIAS’ to the Editor-in-Chief, TNIE, for having published this ‘paid agent’s’ Opinion, on a day of momentous events, where the ‘skeletons’ from the Congress cupboard tumbled out at breathtaking pace. It is said that ‘misfortunes don’t come singly’. So it appears to all the ‘Aam Aadmis’, sans this ‘Congress paid news agent’ !!

Our ‘Oracle’ wrote : ” Indeed, the various scams have been used to hit out not merely at the Congress-led UPA but specifically to denigrate the prime minister whose competence, courage, leadership and integrity have been comprehensively and repeatedly attacked by leading BJP functionaries “.

” Competence, courage, leadership and integrity ” – REALLY ?

It so happens that thanks to the Internet, one is able to read online ALL THE ENGLISH NEWSPAPERS of our country. Not one of them, was complimentary to the P.M. on his recent interaction with the T.V. News Channel Editors !! One columnist likened the PM to T.S. Eliot’s ‘ Mystery Cat ‘ – MACAVITY – who always ‘ has an alibi and one or two to spare Whatever time the deed took place, Macavity wasn’t there!’. He then wrote : ‘ Manmohan Singh now uses his natural gifts of modesty, honesty and erudition to attempt an audacious suspension of disbelief worthy of a master cine artiste !’

Thus when ‘Spectrum’ Raja ‘swindles’ the nation of Rs. 1.76 lakh crore, the P.M. was not ‘aware’. This, when Raja had kept
the PM in the ‘loop’ !! Why was Raja given the Telecom Ministry – ‘Compulsions of Coalition Dharma’. And then, there is the small matter of the ‘Radia Tapes’, where Raja’s appointment is known well before the swearing-in ceremeony !! Competence, courage, leadership, integrity
et al !!

And to the events of the day !! The ‘double whammy’ to the Congress Solar Pelexus !! Bee Gee Vee’s ‘country cousin’ the ‘ tainted CVC ‘ IS SENT PACKING BY THE SUPREME COURT. Its the ‘stinging remarks’ of the learned judges headed by the CJI that is of interest : ” We declare that the recommendation made by the high-powered committee is non-est in law. Which means that the recommendations made on September 3, 2010 does not exist in law. Consequently, the appointment of Thomas goes”. Again. ” The high-powered committee has to take into consideration what is good for the institution and not for the candidate. The touchstone is public interest. If selection affects institutional competency, it was the duty of the high-powered committee to not recommend such a candidate “. This, when the Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha, at the time of selection, had objected to P.J. Thomas’ appointment, for reasons well known. Wonder what ‘ The Macavity of our Times ‘ will trot out as his ‘alibi’ this time ?

The trouble in the Supreme Court didn’t end there !! Another Bench, hearing the Black Money case, had some harsh observations to make against the Govt. It pertained to the ‘Curious Case of Hasan Ali’ !! The Bench of Justices B Sudershan Reddy and S S Nijjar, ordered forthwith reinstatement of three key ED officials allegedly transferred midway into the probe in a case of foreign exchange law violation by Pune businessman Hasan Ali Khan. The Bench observed :

” “There are instances when minor offenders are shot down for violating Section 144 CrPC, but you don’t take any action against these people. We are very sorry. All these people are now free “. The Bench also wanted to know what prevented the government from subjecting Khan and other alleged black money launderers to custodial interrogation.

Competent Government !! Yes Indeed !!

The Apex Court had some ‘harsh words’ for the ‘competent government’, on the 2G scam also !! The paper Pioneer, had carried a report in its edition of 03 Mar, entitled : ” SC security stinker to ring death knell for Etisalat? “. The report stated:

” The 2G spectrum allotment to Swan Telecom, currently known as Etisalat DB Telecom, headed by jailed Shahid Balwa, has serious ramifications for national security. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court sought response from the Centre on the Home
Ministry’s objections on Balwa’s association in the telecom venture. The court took serious view of the matter when petitioner Subramanian Swamy presented the minutes of the meeting of the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB), rejecting the application of the UAE-based promoters of the Etisalat for enhancing their stake in the Indian entity – Etisalat DB Telecom. The FIPB’s decision was based on Home Ministry’s objections. According to the FIPB, the MHA also objected to the deal due to the presence of Etisalat in Pakistan and Afghanistan and its strategic alliance with Huawei, Etisalat also has controlling stake in Pakistan Tele Communication, believed to be in ISI controlled by the Chinese army.hands. The Supreme Court granted permission to Subramanian Swamy to bring on record the damning report submitted by the Home Ministry against Etisalat DB Telecom Limited. Swamy pointed out that Balwa has challenged the MHA finding against Etisalat before the Delhi High Court” .


As if the troubles in the Supreme Court, ‘tossing the rudderless UPA-2’ was not enough , your paper had reported on 01 Mar:

” Court notice to Rahul on ‘missing’ woman ” !! It stated :

” The Allahabad High Court on Tuesday issued notices to Uttar Pradesh authorities and Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi on a plea seeking information about the whereabouts of a woman who went missing after meeting him in Amethi in 2006, a lawyer said. The Lucknow bench court issued notice to Gandhi after the petition alleged that the woman and her family members were “untraceable” ever since they met him in his
parliamentary constituency Dec 13, 2006. Filing the petition on behalf of the family, Kishore Samrite, a former Samajwadi Party legislator from Madhya Pradesh, accused the Congress leader and his five “foreigner friends” of allegedly assaulting the 24-year-old woman Sukanya Singh “.

WOW !!

And then, Bee Gee Vee indulges in the usual Modi bashing : ” If you want peace, don’t ask for justice”. A more wicked line has not been spoken since Independence “.

For ‘Congress Dalal’s’ like Bee Gee Vee, it is par for the course, when ‘Our Lady of Renunciation’, calls Atal Behari Vajpayee as a ‘GHADAAR’ in Parliament. Its bulls eye when she calls Modi as a ‘Maut ka Saudagar’. Its all ‘decent. secular democratic talk’ !!!

Whichever way the ‘Aam Aadmi’ looks these days, he is greeted with ‘scams, more scams, scams galore’. And yet, according to the ‘paid news agent of the Congress’ it is – ‘ to denigrate the prime minister whose competence, courage, leadership and integrity’.

Hindu Dharnashastras clearly state that any person who ‘knowingly’ abets in the ‘commission of an Adharmic Act’ is equally guilty of being Adharmic. That’s the plight the P.M. finds himself today – Bee gee Vee’s ‘apologetics’ notwithstanding !!

Sorry, Mr. Bee Gee Vee : “The Prime Minister, today, has no clothes”.



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