A “Master Spy” arrested in Chennai, but “Revealations” are Very Low Key! 

published on September 13, 2014

We had to wade through multiple newspapers before getting some information which we give below, including sources, much of which we gleaned from the Chennai Tamil Daily, Dinamalar, next to which we would place the Times of India.

Dinamalar; Chennai; 13-9-14 (Tamil – our translated gist)

* Arun Sevaraju is a Pak Spy and LTTE man. (TNIE, HT and others fight shy of taking the “Our Great Friend and Great Christian-made Victim LTTE name.)

* He had secret contacts with prominent politicians and “Cinema”

* State Police(??) are searching for a Young Female who was staying with him and gathering Spy Information.

* He has landed in 2008 Tamil Nadu along with his parents as “Refugees”, enrolled for Aviation Training, and with ISI help started an Event (Mukkall Thodarbu?) Organisation, and developed “friendship” with Celebrities.

* He has received Rs.2 Crores from ISI.

* He has taken active part in struggles organized by LTTE in several parts of Tamil Nadu during the peak of the Civil War waged in Srilanka in 2009. At that time he has received “friendship” from several Celebrities and second-rung Leaders. Many such persons have given him refuge only because he revealed his LTTE Credentials.

* His “lover” used to travel abroad often. He was to have married her, but now she is absconding.

* He has revealed the names of four associates and they have been arrested.

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ISI spy arrested in Chennai also an LTTE man

Deeptiman Tiwary, TNN | Sep 12, 2014, 04.38AM IST

(Very brave since TOI zero presence in Tamil Nod?)

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(LTTE name not taken. Nor Xian connections – Sabotage Project Kooduncekulam)

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Updated: September 13, 2014 10:45 IST

Spy rings sets off security fears

(No ref to LTTE Christian Terror, Tamil Terror. No Koodunce ref.)

(Joshua Inc holds this Anti Hindu newsrag by the short & curlies.)

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Almost all mention that CDs, pen-drives, laptops, an I-pad, six mobie phones, hard-discs, a kilo of “ganja”, and a wealth of materials have been seized.

The spy’s Paki Handlers have been named as Siddiqui attached to Pakistan’s embassy in Srilanka (who has been expelled by Srilanka) and another named Saage still working in Colombo.

The first Lankan national to be arrested for spying in India was Mohammed Sakir Hussain, arrested from Chennai in April 2013. This was followed a month later by the arrest of Lankan national Mohammed Hussain Suleman Hussain in Malaysia.  

What strikes us as not-at-all-Odd is :

We Dare Not talk of Christian or Islamic Terror and Treason.  Not as freely as we bandy Hindu Terror, Saffron Terror about, and even link some Indian Parties and PM to it.

We Dare Not talk of weekly letters from CM of Tamil Nadu (or the deadly silence even as they were cavorting around with “True Tamils”, Victimised Tamil Freedom Fighters, Captured and/or released Tamil Fishermen playing fishy kabaddi in Ceylon waters etc.)- not to The Centre, Pre-Modi, or Post Modi about Tamil-Christian-Islamic Terrorists and Spies operating freely in Tamil Nadu, India, since years. Perhaps they shared Changamaum Strutting platforms and opening Memorials to Pirabhakaran and moaning over his killed Minor Son (Charles if we remember) with them. We dare not take the names, designations of the Celebrities, Government Officials – and also how “Arun” holds a Lankan Passport and a second Indian Passport in the name of “Saravana Muthu”?

Like we cannot give any kudos to the NIA, and the Modi Government for arresting the Spies so promptly, within 100 Days.

Nor can we speculate that CMs in a few States have been releasing jailed  convicts en-masse – certainly not to augment the Diminished Pool of traitors in circulation.

Which last reminds us of a Tamil Cliché “escaping fish slips out with fishes being washed” – beautiful Tongue Twister, most Tamils find difficult to pronounce.

An even Deadlier Silence prevails in all the noise now, than that one over Real Involvement of Principals and Collaborators like Headley, Rana, and the Stable of costly ‘mares’ they employed.

Where Christian Terror and Indian Treason is concerned an even stricter Omerta rules.

Be grateful that Arun Selvraju aka Saravana Muthu will not demand to be sent to Colombo for Medical Treatment forcing the SC Hand.

Nor is Hon’bull Lodha likely to dump a suo-moto wad on some Ministry or the SG-AG pushing for the Formation of a High Power all Tamil Central Committee to go into the Roots, Roothairs of this Grave Situation and Report within a fortnight.

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