A long wait for the Press to reform- Letter to Deccan Chronicle

via S.V.Badri published on March 18, 2008

Ms. Naazreen Bhura,


Deccan Chronicle,





draw your attention to “A long wait for the king” – under “Brush up
your Mythology” – Page 27 of today’s (March 18, 2008) issue. I write
this to you because, as the Editor, you are responsible for whatever
that is written and published in your daily. I take strong objections
to distortions that appear in each of the four paragraphs of this write
up and for writing with absolute callousness on matters we Hindus hold
dear to us. This is just another example of the indifference of the
minorities to the sensitivity of the majority. And with a congressman,
Mr Venkattarama Reddy as your Chairman of the Board, it is no wonder
that Hindu bashing is patented, to please the Italian and Saudi masters
and their cohorts who swear by their brand of casteism and communalism
masquerading as secularism.


Let me dissect the entire piece and at the end of it please just tell me what is left of the cadaver:


I Para:




According to Hindu mythology, Bharatawas second of the four sons ofDasarathaandKaikeyi.




Bhagawan Ram was the first son, born of Kausalya, Bharat of Kaikeyi and Lakshman and Shatrughan of Sumitra to Dasaratha.


do you continue to call Ramayan as “mythology” like the Brits and the
JNU inspired historians? Ramayan and Mahabharat are “ITIHASAS”, meaning
“This is how it happened”. Maharshi Valmiki and Krishna Dwaipayana Veda
Vyasa lived during the periods of Ramayan and Mahabharat and have
respectively narrated what they saw happening around them. This is
history – Itihasa – NOT, Mythology as you would want your young school
going readers to believe. Or perhaps as one belonging to the minority
religion, you want to deliberately perpetuate this falsehood created by
the white christists for posterity!




He is better known as brother of Lord Rama. Considered to be born in the aspect of the Sudarshana Chakra, one of Vishnu’s Panchayudhas.




Why Lord Rama?
A Lord always has an over-Lord, someone bigger than the Lord himself.
The word is incomplete to describe any of Hindu Gods. It is more
appropriate to call Him as Bhagawan Rama. Someone who is absolutely
complete in all the six Bhagas, which make him the Bhagawan. English is
widely accepted because it could adopt words from different languages
and make it its own. And addition of Bhagawan (only for Hindu Gods) for
Lord and Vigraha or Moorthy in place of the derogatory idol to its
lexicon will only make it richer.


Why does one want to write “considered to be“?
What is the doubt? Is it not very clear in the Ramayan? Why not simply
write – He is better known as brother of Bhagawan Rama, born in the
aspect of the Sudarshana Chakra, one of Vishnu’s Panchayudhas.




Bharata is said to have been married to Mandavi




What is the doubt? Is he or isn’t he?






In Ramayana, when Kaikeyi betrayed Dasaratha into promising that Bharata should ascend the throne of the kingdom………




gave boons to Keikeyi. She had long forgotten them. Dasaratha NEVER
made any promise to Kaikeyi that he would make Bharata the heir to the
throne. It was the evil Mandara who slow-poisoned Keikeyi’s mind,
reminding her of the boons when the announcement of Bhagawan Ram’s
anointment to the throne was made. Where is the question of betrayal of Dasaratha?
Where is the question of any promise made by Dasaratha to Keikeyi to
make Bharata the Yuvraj? Ramayan tells us how much Keikeyi was
affectionate to Bhagawan Rama in His childhood, her most favourite
child. Yet, she allowed her mind to be poisoned to reflect the nature
of a simple woman fond of her own son’s progress, by her old maid,
Mandara, the hunch-back.




For this great action of selflessness and honour, he was made immortal in the eyes of the world.




Who made him immortal? Why not simply say, He became immortal in the eyes of the world?







Indeed, this action itself has prompted many commentators, both ancient and modern, to portray Bharata as a greater idol of dharma and idealism than even Lord Rama himself.




is one of the most mischievous of statements to be rated next only to
Karunanidhi’s stupid rants on Bhagawan Rama. Countless commentaries are
available, made by Acharyas and most respected gurus on the contrast of
Bharata’s Paduka Pattabhishekam and Vibhishana SaranAgati. It is the
Bhakti of Bharata and the SaranAgata Bhakti of Vibhishana that has been
contrasted by the most learned commentators. What else can a devout
Hindu expect from a Congi-backing Owner and his Islamist editor?




He is believed to have placed Rama’s sandals at the foot of the throne……..




What the heck? In Doubt? Again?


placed Rama’s “Paduka” (don’t call it sandals – next time you may even
write Rama’s ‘sneakers’). “Paduka” is one more word that English can
easily assimilate. It is sandals, slippers, sneakers, chappals for you
and your chairman, but always “Paduka” for Bhagawan Rama. That’s the






Hindu legend tells us……




Legend? No, simply say – The Itihasa tells us……




When Rama walked into the river Sarayu, he is believed to have transformed into his eternal Mahavishnu form………….




And God gave the 10 Commandments to Moses. And Allah gaveKoran to Mohammed. Never, Moses is believed to have received the 10 commandments from God and Mohammed is believed to have received the Koran from Allah…., a convenient sura by sura; most times to cover-up his prophet.


Shame on you DC:


are matching word-for-anti-Hindu-word with the commie bugle that was
formerly known as the Mount Road Mahavishnu and currently as Security
Analyst and Former Additional Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat, GOI, Shri
B Raman calls it aptly – “The people’s daily of Chennai


And to recall your dictionary on Islam, you always give very selective, highly imaginative and very good meanings to Jihad, Jizya, Kafir, Talaq, Mujahudeen and a Koran/hadith/sannat full of similar dangerous words.


Yours truly,


S V Badri

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