A Kerala model Aryan Invasion is to Set Sail

published on May 20, 2011

An ongoing Archaeological Excavation of Kerala Council for Historical Research [KCHR] at Pattanam is in Kerala.

Prof. C. I. Issac

Pattanam Excavations – fabricated data and concealed truth.

Time has proved that KCHR is an all Marxist cart of quasi-governmental organization intended to rewrite and forge the history of this land. Now they are busy with bringing to light for a past of Kerala without an Indian flavor. Currently an opportunity was assigned at Pattanam, near the archaic port-town Muzris [Kodungalloor] to KCHR by the ruling Marxist Party Government. The archaeological excavations sponsored by the Government of Kerala at Pattanam, near Kodungalloor, [It was a port city from the time of the epics to the devastating flood of River Periyar in 1314 CE], is in the midst of controversies such as academic depreciation, fabrication of data to fit the political ideology of the Left historians and above all providing cultural stimulus to religious proselytism of the Christian Church in Kerala.

The Pattanam excavations are supervised by the modern historians with blind commitment to the Marxist Party. The director of the ongoing excavation work, Dr. P. J. Cheriyan has worked on “Vayalar – Punnappra Communist sponsored violence in the erstwhile Princely State of Travancore [now in south-Kerala]” as topic for his PhD dissertation. Above all he is a known co-passenger of the bandwagon of CPM. The Chairman of KCHR, Prof. K.N. Panicker [the hero of Arun Shourie’s work ‘Eminent Historians’], which backs the Pattanam excavations is specialized in ‘peasant protests and revolts of the 20th century in Malabar’. Some others in the consultant panel such as K. N. Ganesh, P.K. Michel Tharaken, and M. R. Raghava Varier are not only just left historians but have articulated their skill in interpreting and fabricating the notorious communal riot, the Moplah Riots of 1921, as freedom struggle as well as this spine chilling Hindu carnage as peasant uprising against their land lords [janmis]. Not only have the eminent archaeologists of integrity but even knowledgeable scholars of Kerala such as Prof. M. G. S. Narayanan, Prof. K. V. Raman, etc has been discarded from the official consultant list for the ‘Pattanam Heritage Project’. [The ongoing archaeological excavation is named by the authorities as such].
So far millions of rupees have been spent by the Government of Kerala for the publicity for the Pattanam excavations in print and visual media. The director of the project P. J. Cheriyan who has no paper or book on archeology to his credit hitherto has announced that Pattanam excavations provide evidence of a pre-Brahminical South India. Is it intended to attest that Aryan Invasion theory applies to Kerala and all Brahmins of Kerala are Aryans and others are Dravidians?

The minister for cultural affairs M. A. Baby has made an official declaration of holding “Benale” festival – an Italian festival – from Kodungalloor to Kochi [Cochin] reminiscent of cultural Rome. After Valentine’s Day, Benale is ready to counter traditional Hindu celebrations with globalised aroma. It is, no doubt, intended to cultivate an alien culture in around the capital city of an ancient Hindu kingdom, the Cheras. Millions of rupees have been announced for this festival and setting up of 25 museums and for heritage site status from UNESCO.

It is an orchestrated strategy to identify Pattanam as ancient Muzris and subsequently to corroborate it with the mythical arrival of Thomas, the disciple of Jesus, in 52 of C.E as well as his conversion of native Hindus to Christianity. The ongoing excavation at Pattanam has taken the chronology of the site to circa 100 CE to juxtapose with the religious conversion theory of Thomas. With this objective archaeology and history is concealed, fabricated and misapprehended. The Left Front also intends to hijack the traditional Christian vote-bank which has remained intact with the congress and UDF till now. Such is the strategy to turn conversion myth of St. Thomas into history and grant legitimacy to ongoing conversion of Hindus and interpret it as mute cultural synthesis. Such is the eagerness to fabricate facts and substantiate that Christianity was established in Kerala a millennium before the formation of Hindu society and hence the socio-cultural growth of Hindus is based on foundation contributed by the Christian Church here.   

Conclusions have already been drawn before the Pattanam excavation was launched. It is intended to prove that Kerala as a geo-cultural zone had little interaction with the rest of India. The socio-cultural growth of Kerala has been developed by its interaction with the Mediterranean. If evidences of Kerala’s interaction with Greater India exists, it is just marginal and which developed by the last few centuries. This is the constructed conclusion of Pattanam excavation. Hence the question comes before us: “Is Aryan invasion theory to set sail in the South?

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