A Despicable and Condemnable Editorial

via HK published on December 23, 2009

Dear Sir,

Reference your despicable and utterly condemnable Editorial ” Mishra mantra most welcome “ – (TNIE – 23 Dec).

Your meretricious and divisive Editorial gushes effusively: ” The recommendations of the Ranganatha Mishra Commission report on religious and linguistic minorities are welcome.” You then wrote: ” Another recommendation is most welcome. Dalit people, generally speaking, do not always become less depressed just because they converted to Islam and Christianity.”

Veteran journalist M.V. Kamath wrote an excellent Article on 03 Sep 2004, entitled – ” Media has no sense of history “.  He concluded his damning indictment of the ‘secular’ Indian English media as follows : ” That the English media has no sense of history merely underscores what Thackeray in his wrath has said about it. Thackeray may be an angry old man but sometimes even he can speak the truth. Our English media is an insult to decent Indians. One thinks of the time when editors faced jail and confiscation of their passes rather than condone tyranny and falsehood. But gone are those days”. Your edit writers have just proved M.V. Kamth correct in ‘letter and spirit’!!

That your edit writers are a bunch of ‘ignoramus’ is borne out by history !! The German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhaur (1788-1860) wrote in his “Religion: A Dialogue” : ” For the sake of TRUTH, I must add that the fanatical enormities perpetrated in the name of religion are ONLY to be put down to the adherents of monotheistic creeds, that is the Jewish faith and its two branches, Christianity and Islamism. We hear of nothing of the kind in the case of the Hindoos and Buddhists”.

Again. ” And above all, don’t let us forget India, the cradle of the human race, or at least of that part of it which we belong, where first Mohammedans, and then Christians, were most cruelly infuriated against adherents of the ORIGINAL FAITH OF MANKIND”.

The U.S. novelist Gore Vidal wrote in the ‘ Secular Humanist Bulletin (1995): ” I regard monotheisim as the greatest disaster to befall the human race. I see no good in Judaism, Christianity or Islam”. Just proves the fact that even foreigners KNEW more about our culture and faith than the ‘detracinated Indians’ who double as ‘liberal’ edit writers these days !! Shame on you – THE NEW SECULAR CHRISTIAN-MUSLIM EXPRESS.

Here are a few of Mahatma Gandhiji’s quotes for the ‘education’ of your ‘liberal’ edit writers:

(a) – Conversion: Impediment to Peace
 It is impossible for me to reconcile myself to the idea of conversion after the style that goes on in India and elsewhere today. It is an error which is perhaps the greatest impediment to the world’s progress toward peace . Why should a Christian want to convert a Hindu to Christianity? Why should he not be satisfied if the Hindu is a good or godly man? (Harijan: January 30, 1937)

(b) – Why Should I Change My Religion
 I hold that proselytisation under the cloak of humanitarian work is unhealthy to say the least. It is most resented by people here. Religion after all is a deeply personal thing. It touches the heart. Why should I change my religion because the doctor who professes Christianity as his religion has cured me of some disease, or why should the doctor expect me to change whilst I am under his influence? (Young India: April 23, 1931)

(c) – Missionary Aim: Uprooting Hinduism
 My fear is that though Christian friends nowadays do not say or admit it that Hindu religion is untrue, they must harbour in their breast that Hinduism is an error and that Christianity, as they believe it, is the only true religion.so far as one can understand the present (Christian) effort, it is to uproot Hinduism from her very foundation and replace it by another faith. (Harijan: March 13, 1937)

(d) – Physician Heal Yourself
Conversion nowadays has become a matter of business, like any other. India (Hindus) is in no need of conversion of this kind. Conversion in the sense of self-purification, self-realisation is the crying need of the times. That however is never what is meant by proselytisation. To those who would convert India (Hindus), might it not be said, “Physician, heal yourself.” (Young India: April 23, 1931)

(e) – If I had the Power and Could Legislate
. If I had the power and could legislate, I should stop all proselytizing . In Hindu households the advent of a missionary has meant the disruption of the family coming in the wake of change of dress, manners, language, food and drink . (November 5, 1935)

Prior to Independence, the ‘Sword of Islam’ did the ‘Harvesting of Souls’. During the Raj, the Christian Missionaries did the same. Post Independence, be it the missionary or the Mullah, ‘inducements’ is the name of the game – something your liberal edit writers (deliberately?) fail to see. The entire ‘conversion burlusque’, bluntly put runs as follows: In Hinduism there is caste and debasement of the human being. In Christianity/Islam egalitarianism is a ‘matter of FAITH’- all are EQUAL in the eyes of the ‘Only Begotten Son’ or the ‘Only True God and the Last Prophet’. Having failed in this ‘swindle’, the CRY goes out for ‘RESERVATIONS’!! And there are the deracinated Editorial classes who instead of questioning this ‘swindle by inducement’, effusively ‘welcome such a move’!! Hey Ram.

Now let us take specific examples to dissect your edit.

On 06 Aug 2003, the ‘Poor Christian Liberation Association’ issued a Press Release after their convention. It read : ” The 4th National Assembly of Dalit Christians has asked the Indian Church leadership to stop Evangelism for 100 years and divert those funds for the welfare and upliftment of Dalit (Converted) Christians. In a resolution passed at the Assembly organised by the Poor Christian Liberation Movement in New Delhi today, speakers and delegates representing various corners of the country unanimously opposed the fraud being committed by Church leadership on Dalit and deprived sections in the name of conversion. The National Assembly has also demanded immediate and in toto adoption of the “New Delhi Declaration” by the Church leadership immediately and in toto.”

Again. ” R.L. Francis, President of the Movement, alleged that Church leadership is bothered only about the number of people who go for conversion and not about their pitiable conditions or social circumstances. The biggest proof of this was that a large chunk of foreign funds were being utilised either for Evangelism or for luxurious lifestyles of the people monopolising Church leadership. “How come that despite a large number of educational institutes, children of Dalit Christians remain uneducated, while sons and daughters of Ministers and Chief Ministers are being taught in Missionary schools? Only because these are intentionally kept beyond the reach of Dalit Christian community,” he retorted.”

Caontinuing. ” While undergoing conversion, weaker and deprived sections firmly believed that an organised world religion like Christianity would bring about revolutionary changes in their socio-economic conditions and living standards. But it remains a far cry as the Church leadership is interested only in furthering the programme of conversion and not concerned about their social or economic well being “, said Francis.” Conversion has become the centre of controversy for more than a decade since Church leadership of India suddenly decided to demand Reservation for Dalit Christians from the Government in 1990. The demand had, however, been strongly opposed by Dalit (Converted) Christians who have been victims of casteism and discrimination at the hands of elite and high class Christians.”

Lastly. ” “Instead of raising the bogey of Reservation for Dalit Christians from the Government, give them Reservation in Church structure itself, if you are really bothered about them,” was the call of the Movement which exhorted the Church leadership at length.”

(REF: http://www.saxakali.com/southasia/PCLM.htm )

Let us now turn to the other FRAUD on the Nation – The Sachar Commission, and, your ‘woolly headed thinking’ –
” The recommendation that some reservation be made in government jobs for Muslims is unexecptionable “.  WOW !!

‘Secular’ Economic Times on 05 Apr 2007, BUSTED THE SACHAR MYTH, in an Article entitled : ” Muslims spend more than Hindu peers “. The Article commenced by stating :
” Forget all half-baked opinions [like the TNIE Edit !!] you may have heard on the economic state of religious communities in India. Truth be told, at the national level, Hindus and Muslims are closer than you thought as far as average household income, expenditure, savings and even ownership of select consumer goods go.”

It continued.  ” In fact, in rural India, the gap between the two communities’ narrows appreciably and even reverses in some cases in favour of Muslims. Christians and other smaller communities don’t lag too far behind either. If you thought Muslims alone were steeped in poverty, read on. Hindus and Muslims, at a national level, run neck-and-neck on average annual household income (AHI) of Rs 61, 423 and Rs 58,420, respectively. Or, to put it differently, an average Hindu household has an income of Rs 168 per day, while an average Muslim household earns Rs 160 a day. In rural India, an average Hindu AHI is Rs 49,077 with Muslim close behind with AHI of Rs 47,805. On income parameters, at least, Hindus and Muslims are, indeed, bhai-bhai. “

Again. ” Marketers planning an ethnographic pitch to grab mindshare or policy makers preparing ground for affirmative action may do good to remember that an average Muslim household, at the national level, spends more than a Hindu one, with annual household routine expenditure (AHRE) at Rs 40,327 compared to Rs 40,009 for the latter.”

Further. ” At the national level, Hindu and Muslim households virtually mirror each other on ownership of a host of products—cars ( 5.1% and 4.3%), two-wheeler (35.3% and 31.3%), refrigerator (17.9% and 15.9%) and radio (49.5% and 51.3%). Turn to rural India and Muslim households have an edge on not just AHRE, but even car ownership (2.6% versus 2.4% of Hindu households). The only oddity in ownership between Hindus and Muslims is on television, with national penetration at 62.8 % and 54%, respectively. Even rural Muslim household lag here with penetration of just 39.1% compared to 52% for the majority community.”


So, Muslims are ‘steeped in poverty’ eh? And, Hindus drink ‘milk and Honey’. Is it so ‘Sirjee’?

The foregoing ‘brief’ analysis (I can give many more) therefore, highlights the incontrovertible TRUTH that appellations that claim Dalit Status reservations for Dalit Christians/ Muslims, that are annunciated by the prelates and their chorts (the ‘SECULAR’ English Media, for one) at every opportunity, besides being illegal, are a FRAUD perpetrated on the Constitution and Hindu Society. No more. No Less.

I have a sneaky feeling that your edit was written ensconced in “KILPAUK”!!

What a sad downfall for a ‘once-upon-a-time’ PROUD & DEFIANT NEWSPAPER. May the ‘ATMA’ of Shri Ramnath Goenkaji continue to remain in ‘SHANTI’ despite the depravities of his paper’s editorial staff. Shame on you TNIE.


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