A Command Performance from the Minority Commission!

published on January 18, 2008

Kandhamal violence was planned by Hindu Fundamentalists-National Minority Commission
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H. Balakrishnan Comments

And,this was acheived without the two member ‘ fact finding ‘ NCM team not even visiting the affected areas – So much for the ‘credibility’ of the NCM!!

Be that as it may, in his recent column in a section of the English media, Shri Ashok Sahu, a retired I.G. of Police had written:

” Reports of clashes between ‘converted’ Christians led by missionaries on one hand and tribals on the other in Kandhamal district of Orissa that have been highlighted by media since December 25, 2007, are vastly distorted and motivated”. He further added: “Swami Lakshmanananda Saraswati has opened schools, hostels, hospitals and temples to protect mainly the tribals and the downtrodden from the clutches of missionaries who have access to massive funds from foreign countries. A lot of this money is also provided to so-called non-government organisations whose covert agenda is to convert local tribals to Christianity. World Vision is one such NGO operating in this district”.

And, here is a word about World Vision (WV).

The world’s largest Christian church mission agency has traditionally been closely linked with successive American governments. In India, WV projects itself as a “Christian relief and development agency with more than 40 years experience in working with the poorest of the poor in India without respect to race, region, religion, gender or caste.” However, the W V Inc.’s financial statement filed before the Internal Revenue Service – U.S.A., it is classified as a Church ministry. Its mission statement is self-explanatory: ” World Vision is an international partnership of Christians whose mission is to follow our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in working with the poor and oppressed, to promote human transformation, seek justice and bear witness to the Good News of the Kingdom of God.”

Despite the foregoing, the NCM has no compunctions in pinning the blame for Kandhamal elsewhere!! And our secular media will put the blame on the ‘saffron thugs’!!

This reminded me of an interview given to a Houston based journal in Jul 2005, by a ‘Harvester’ Johnson who returned to the U.S.A after 10 years of service,’ to uplift the people of India in the name of God’. He had stated:

“Oh, though we are only 2.4% of the population officially, we have a large control over the country because of our economic invasion”. He then added: “We brand any resistance as “Hindu fundamentalism or militancy’ and the media and our favourite leaders take care of the rest. We have set the mind of the unsuspecting population in a way, that whenever any of our people are harassed, attacked or killed, from any reason including their own faults, the blame automatically goes to these so called “Hindu fundamentalist’ and even though almost all of these instances are later proved to have nothing to do with these Hindu groups, the initial hue and cry that is raised makes sure the memories persist in the mind of the populace and the sympathy stays with us. There are instances when nuns have been proved to be raped by Christians, but the blames continues to stay with the Hindus”.

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