11th Anniversary of the Pope’s first Admittance of (contumaciously denied) criminality of Christianity

published on March 6, 2011

Christianwatch March 2011:

March 12, 2011 – Eleven Years after the Pope’s Admittance of Christians’ Criminality  (“Love”) contumaciously lied for two Millennia

Christianity is the top Threat for Humankind because of its dastardly criminal Nature
Hans Atrott

Author of the Book “Jesus’ Bluff – The Universal Scandal of the World”

The crimes the pope eleven years ago, on March 12, 2000, the first time admitted, indirectly and inadvertently debunk Christianity a) as top organized crime outdoing all other organized ones together and b) top (spiteful) deceivers among individuals. In addition, lying about one’s crime stinking to high heavens for about two millennia and playing “martyrs of the truths” is one of the top jokes of (Christian) rogues with frocks and without frocks!

2Pe 2:12 NKJV

But these (perfidiously “beloved” enemies of the Christians are) like natural brute beasts made to be caught and destroyed…

Unleashing  the evil (criminal) mind  veiled by perfidies, demonstrably is the aim of (criminality of) Christianity, admitted in Christians’ fake of “inerrant” “Holy Writ”! The Christians are used to keeping silent about their very goal.  They know that everybody has a right of self-defense to catch and kill those murderers before the Christian brutes (sheep’s clothing: “martyrs of the truths”) catch and kill him! Christian dastards’ fake of extreme morals (thieves’ cant: “love”, “Christian values”) is part of that criminality. It shall  make the prey trust in their shrewd malefactors. The Christian killers camouflage as “benefactor”. Otherwise the born losers stay losers.

·       Is a bank robber no bank robber if he masks himself when raiding the bank?

·       Is a murderer no murderer because he  “asserts” to “love” to his victims and hereby makes the victim trust in their slaughterer?

·       Since when does not a foul mouth, i.e. perfidy, belong with foul play…?


Christianity – Jesus “Christ’s” Attempt at the perfect Crime

The pope’s declaration also inadvertently as indirectly admits that the Christians are the criminals as which they spitefully libel others to be. The perfect crime is achieved if whatsoever abomination neither impairs nor impedes the respective criminals’ reputation. It is a matter of logic that such a Mafia — shamming a religion — feigns “god” as an accomplice of it. Hand on heart, did the pope’s admittance of his sect’s atrocities or does the Christian dastards’ furtive rape on little children in all parts of the world impair the Christian Mafiosi’s  reputation?  The Christian “reverends” can continue perpetrating their crimes (thieves’ cant: “love”) as if nothing had happened… How many children are victims of the Christian dastards’ raping and how many Christian bastards became jailed for their crimes…? Aren’t the Christians perfect criminals…?

Christians incessantly perpetrate Crimes (camouflaged as “love”)

·       1995, Christians committed a mass-murder on about five million Tutsi in Rwanda (Africa). (In the first half of the 20th century, Christians needed 12 years to murder six million Jews. Now, those dastards only need one year to kill 5 million Tutsis).

·       In the beginning of this century, American and European Christians raided Iraq in order to filch the Iraqis’ oil. Very robotized in lying by Christian shysters, they blatantly  lied to the whole world something about mass-destruction weapons as they are used to lying something about a “rising from the dead” of a felon from the death row whom they try fobbing off as “god”… In addition, they tried converting their Iraqi prey to criminality of Christianity and now wonder why they prey does not love the predators…

·       In several states of  India, in particular, in the North East, Christian bastards try spreading in a way like each Mafia is used to doing so, i.e.  by briberies, violence and  perpetrating terror on those rightly rejecting criminality of Christianity. By money, i.e. big TV shows, promising jobs to the converted, Satan’s Anointed One (Greek: Christos) shall  become fobbed off as “god” on India – a cultural nation to which the Christian ones cannot hold a candle. The Christian crimes on Hindus already are backed by stealthy Christian politicians or corrupted ones…

·       On the outset of this year, Christians massacred Muslims in Jos (Nigeria) because the latter wanted to build in Mosque in their town, in which 50 per cent of the population is Muslims.

·       Recently, Scientology Church opened an office in Berlin, in xenophobic Germany. At instigation of Christian dastards, the German TV, radio media and politicians dropped extra shifts goading their fellow Christian robots into raiding the office and perpetrating psychological projections… They blathered something about prohibition but if something is to forbid then it is the planet’s top attempt at the perfect crime!

·       There is hardly a day one cannot hear new crimes of rapes of Christian dastards on small, defenseless children…

The dastardly fashion of Christian criminals

In 1995, in  Rwanda (Africa) Christians perpetrated a textbook case of Christian perfidy. The  priests lured the victims into their churches by their very self-praised “love of the enemy”. The Christian churches were offered as shelter from becoming murdered. When the churches were full up, the Christian priests closed the gates and doors. Then, they ordered bulldozers to flatten the walls of their churches.  Hereby they massacred all humans below the rubble. Incredible, but true! Of course, the Christian phonies have nice “excuses” to dupe their prey about “vitiation” of  pretended “tenets of love”… However, what the Christian priests tricked, their “god” advises them to do in the “Holy Writ” of the negative selection of the scum of the earth:

Mr 3:27 NRSV

27 But no one can enter a strong man’s house and plunder his property
without first tying up the strong man; then indeed the house can be plundered.

Christians’ extremely bragging  about morals shall make the targeted prey defenseless to the criminals. Aren’t the little children fettered by extreme fake of “morals”, i.e. Christian perfidies, when the Christian priests rape them?   Weren’t the Tutsis fettered when the Christian dastards closed the doors of their churches and started their bulldozers? Jesus “Christ” is a very trainer of the perfect crime, of course, for being addressed and worshiped as “god”, in exchange…

Who’s the next victim of those furtive Mafiosi’s “love”, i.e. of mass-murder…? Nigerians, Indians or the Chinese…? The world cannot survive without finishing this type of perfect criminality! Those who do not draw this conclusion from Christian history are incorrigible, viz,  as dangerous as the (Christian) criminals proper.

Hans Atrott 03/05/2011

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