10 Years after the Pope’s Admittance of Criminality of Christianity

via CHRISTIANWATCH.ORG: March 2010, PRESS RELEASE - published on March 11, 2010

·       The Pope indirectly and inadvertently admitted Christianity as the World’s top organized crime

·       What has changed?

·       Christianwatch.org requesting an Entry in the Guinness’ Book of World Records for the Christians as World Record Holder of the top lasting Denial


On March 12, 2000, the Christian pope came up with admittances of incredible lies, crimes outrages and atrocities the Christians committed over millennia. Decades and centuries before, the Christian culprits have been posing as “martyr” of “love” and the “truths” purportedly always innocently prosecuted. Now, their boss debunked the Christian “martyrs of the love and compassion” as aggressive as stealthy Mafiosi! Before, the Christian criminals gave the blame for their crimes to the victims.  Nobody but the perpetrators and their successors accepted the culprits’ “apology”. I.e., there is no apology for the crimes of planet earth’s top organized crime. Guilt, criminality, ignominy and abomination of the insidious “martyrs of the truths” stay as before!

Neither the successful denial for millennia before nor the now admitted crimes grow on trees but have the premises of their possibilities. Christians’ crimes are a necessary accomplishment of their fake of “god’s word”: “The one who believes and is baptized will be saved; but the one who does not believe will be condemned” (Mr 16:16). The aim of Christianity is to trick “the first place in everything” (Col 1:18) for those who disseminate this sect. What else is a Mafia?  There is no commandment of respecting competitors and other views in the Christians’ fabrication of “god’s word”. The rivals (e.g. Pharisees, Jews, Muslims, Hindu, Scientology Church and all the others) serve as psychological projections for the Christians’ depravity, inferiority and criminal mind. This made the Christians’ denial about their criminal mind and crimes for about two millennia possible. Christians’ “god’s word” is perfidy, i. e.  the deceivers deliberately misguide their prey “to believe what is false” (2Th 2:11) for their own benefit. Christians are very busy with “morals” since, firstly, they want to make the prey to trust in their criminal predators and secondly to lie an excellent identity to themselves, they so gladly would like to have but do not. This is another reason that made a denial of facts stinking to high heavens possible. Christians are that depraved that they even cannot admit their evilness to themselves (see: Joh 16:12). Christians do not only deceive others. However, the top purpose of this Mafia is that the (Christian) Mafiosi deceive themselves, i.e. attach a very “moral” nature to themselves being the reverse of the true one. Christian sect is “salvation” by lies!  Shamming  their profitable lies,  the Christians are ready to kill each who contradicts and even to kill themselves (thieves’ cant: “suffer martyrdom”)… It is only a matter of political power if they do so or not. Until 09/11/2001, Christianity was very proud of its desperadoes’ readiness to die for their selfish (Christian) lies. Since then they asked: If everything would be lied, would people die for that. 09/11/2001 – regardless if this was a Christian provocation crime or real terror – demonstrates that they indeed do so!

The pope-desperado’s record of March 12, 2000 turns Christians out as the born liars and born insidious criminals no other fiends can outdo! This record proves that nobody can believe in the words of Christians, since they evidently lie, at least for about two millennia! Only goofs believe in the words of Christians. The denial over two millennia proves Christianity’s omertà (wall) of perfidy. These facts turn Christians out as the planet’s top species of criminals, which are very successful, since they camouflage themselves by the reverse, by “love”, “martyrdom”, “selflessness”, “charities” and “modesty”, i.e. by perfidy. If the ancient Pagans had guessed what record of abominations the leader of the (Christian) culprits once will present to the world public (after two millennia of denial), they certainly and rightly would have nipped this Mafia in the bud. It is to reproach to the ancient Pagans having missed doing so. Generations of humankind have to suffer from failure of doing that what was to do. Christian perfidy is the hard core besides criminality of Christian sect. E.g., if Christian criminals are convicted of their crimes they are used to saying: “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her” (Joh 8:7). The record of Christian crimes the pope presented ten years ago proves that the Christians do not throw stones at people being guilty but at the innocent and have the perfidy as to libel others to do that. Who can outdo Christians’ foul mouth? The one who can deny his crimes stinking to high heavens for about two millennia while on top of everything posing as “martyr of the truth” that one is the born impostor and criminal stopping at nothing. Who is more abominable than the Christians are?

 By refined perfidy (thieves’ cant: “love”), Christian criminals successfully try lulling their victims into a false sense of security in order to defeat them easily. The victim shall unarm while the Christian predators secretly arm to the utmost under their cowl. Even the weakest wife can stab the strongest husband if the latter is sleeping in the presence of her. Before hubby notices experiencing „love” by a Christian dastard, he already has died… Afterwards the Christians declare the murderer as “martyr of love”, if they do not declare her a saint as they did so regarding murderer Simon Peter.  Those are the “glad news” of “Christ” for the weak and sick…!  The pope’s criminal record proves  that Christians from the very outset are  criminals wanting to shift, grift and trick that by foul play – even by mass-murder –  what the last cannot attain by fair play (see: Jas 4:2). Christian organized crime fancies being perfect when presenting a self-made “god” as an accomplice of this religious Mafia (“If God be for us, who can be against us?” Ro 8:31).

Interreligious partnership premises good faith and fair play as its existence, too. Christianity cannot be part of interreligious partnership since it replaces good faith by perfidy and fair play by foul play. The mentioned culprits’ record warns each religious rival: Either you prohibit Christianity or those Mafiosi one day will forbid you.  Nothing has changed since March 12, 2000. For instance, on January 20, 2010, the Christians in Nigeria started an attempt at impeding the construction of a mosque as they prohibited the construction of minarets in Switzerland, at the same time.  (What the Christians do against Islam, the will try perpetrating against each other rival!). Since these stealthy criminals cannot warfare directly on their rivals, they select some parts to start war faring. Western and Christian media report in the same perfidious manner as before 2000, e.g., “500 Christians killed by Muslims”, i.e.  the Christians continue to conceal contumaciously the instigation of their war faring, in fact, in the same way as before March 12, 2000. Pertaining to everything unmasking Christian as aggressive and stealthy felons (thieves’ cant: “innocently prosecuted martyrs”) they continue denying (thieves’ cant: “apply a culture of overlooking”)…

Finally, the record of 2000 unveils the antagonism of freedom of religion and freedom of Christianity. The Christians perpetrate(d) their abominations due to freedom of Christianity and lack of freedom of religion. Where there is freedom of Christianity, there is an organized crime and corresponding criminality (for which the victims are to blame) and no freedom of religion. The admitted criminal record is additional but already conclusive evidence that Christianity is the enemy of humankind (ancient Roman historian Tacitus), religion and god (see: Ro 5:10). Of course, if Satan (or his vicar on earth) does not succeed in extirpating religions worshiping god, he desires to be the leader of them. It is about different manners to defeat the perfidiously “beloved” rival. (There is no splendid plume the Christian impostors — wanting to trick the first place in everything — do not try filching and bragging as their possession if they failed destroying it!). Everybody who is interested in true religion has to dissociate from Christianity, since he has to sever from criminality, in particular, from dastardly terror.

In addition, it is to take into account that according to the deified top felon from the death row (“Jesus”) there is no  change of the moral nature of individuals (see: Mt 7:17-18). This conclusively proves the “repentance” as a new trick of hoodwinking the world. On top of everything, the admittance of the culprits only contains a part of Christians’ criminality. For instance, the culprits say nothing about:

·      the immense and never-ending  sexual abuse on entrusted children by Christian (sexual) creeps n’ crooks,

·      the Christians’ mass-murder on about five millions of Tutsis in Rwanda (Africa) perpetrated in 1994 ( At that time, the then pope-desperado was busy to provide impunity to the Christian murderers, i.e. bishop-desperadoes,  in Rwanda),

·      the forgeries of scriptures, e.g.,  to pretend a “potestas ligandi et solvendi”, i.e. an authority to bind and to loose on earth what at the same time purportedly is bound and loosed in heaven, i.e. by which the Christian stealthy Mafiosi even pretend to command god,

·      the crimes of Christian sects’ instigator (“Jesus”) and those of his entourage.  (For example, the murders of Simon Peter (see: Ac 5:1-10) or of other early Christians already reported by the brother of the top death penalty convict (see: Jas 4:2) stay denied.),

·      etc., etc., etc. …

For a sect that is obliged to the truths, not to mention a sect of “martyrs of the truths”, those lies and denials would be alien. The one that can lie for two millennia, that one is unscrupulous enough as to impose each other lie and crime on humankind! In addition, this record proves that Christian sects regard “charities” as their very Trojan Horse. Bustling that way, the Christians want to hide that they are the moral dregs of humankind. In addition, the Christian culprits regard “charities” as their protection money zone to get secure revenue and a mean against boredom for themselves as (human) parasites. Christians are to ban from social services. Christianity stays the uppermost threat to world peace.

Finally, the Christians are conditioned to believe a confessing criminal beating his breast as “morally” superior to those who refrain from crimes (thieves’ cant: “lost sons”).  I.e. according to Christian perfidy (thieves’ cant: “salvation”) a criminal — abusing children or killing his mother but confessing it — is much superior to those who refrain from abusing children or committing a murder, etc. The more crimes committed, the more a Christian “upholder of moral standards”… Felons, this is “Christ” doing for you (and all other born impostors as vindictive criminals) and what, oh yeah, what are you doing for him…? Where else one can find insidious felons designed for the death row as “upholders of moral standards”? Only Satan and (his) Anointed One (Greek: Christos) provide this for you…

·      Of course, the Christians “martyrs of the truths” deserve an entry in Guinness’ Book of World Records. Who can outdo such long a denial of the crimes? Therefore, already on February 24, 2010, Christianwatch.org requested an entry for Christianity as the world record holder for the top lasting denial in Guinness’ Book of World Records (CLAIM ID: 298177, MEMBERSHIP ID: 262138).

More about (stealthy) criminality under moral pretence of Jesus “Christ” in the book: “Jesus’ Bluff – The Universal Scandal of the World”.

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