“Youth Experiences with Hinduphobia”

via Infinity Foundation published on September 11, 2007

Dear Friends,

       You are cordially invited to participate in the Seminar titled  “Youth Experiences with Hinduphobia and its Remediation” to be held in  Dallas, TX
, from Friday, October 12th until Sunday, 14th, 2007. A call for participation is attached with this communique.

       The purpose of the seminar is to record experiences with Hinduphobia with a special focus on how the Hindu youth perceive it. This is one of the follow-up activities to the recent publication of an unprecedented book on Hinduphobia, viz. ‘Invading the Sacred’ authored by  Krishnan Ramaswamy, Antonio de Nicolas and Aditi Banerjee ( ref. – http://invadingthesacred.com ). The challenge now is to validate, with factual data, the connectivity between hinduphobia in the academia and its actual impact on the socio-economic well-being of the Hindus. We will specially focus on impact of Hinduphobia on cultural self-esteem of Hindu youth in their most formative years.

       You may kindly consider helping a Hindu youth compile his/her experience with Hinduphobia, and bring in to the conference for presentation. There are multiple cash awards sponsored by the Infinity Foundation for a well written Hinduphobic accounts. Hinduphobic accounts are most welcome from participants other than youth, though only the latter are eligible for the cash awards.

        Even though the current exercise is U.S. centric, it is equally  relevant to almost every country where Hindus live. Therefore, those located outside of the U.S. will add equal value to the seminar proceedings by having a Hindu youth submit his/her own account of  Hinduphobia. We will ensure that all submissions are given due  consideration.

       If we can answer any of your questions, feel free to call Mr.  Bhagwan Reddy, Session Coordinator, at +1 214-906-3958, or reply to this  e-mail.

We look forward to your response.

Sincerely yours,

Rajiv Malhotra
Infinity Foundation


Shruti Foundation
New Delhi, India

Session Co-chairs


Bhagwan Reddy
Sanatana Dharma Foundation
Dallas, TX, USA

Session Coordinator

E-Mail: hinduphobia- seminar@heconf. com


Call for Papers and Participation

In a Seminar and a Workshop on


“Youth Experiences with Hinduphobia

And Its Remediation”




Papers can be sent to:

Bhagwan Reddy

Session Coordinator

E-mail: hinduphobia- seminar@heconf. com

[ hinduphobia DASH seminar AT heconf DOT com ]

Tel: +1 214-906-3958

Deadline for submission: October 7th, 2007



Recently a new compilation on Hindubhobia in U.S. academia was released, edited by Drs. Krishnan Ramaswamy and Antonia de Nicolas, and Aditi Banerjee, Esq. (online reference: http://www.invadingthesacred.com ). The comprehensive volume documents biases against Hinduism in U.S. Academia that have been institutionalized and made respectable by years of endorsements and participation by mainstream scholars. The authors have diligently established that the biases in the academia, often lead to prejudice against Hinduism and Hindus among the general population, which ultimately results in oppression and violence.


Statement of Purpose


The purpose of the session is to share evidence of Hinduphobia primarily among the youth using their experiences as empirical data.


Themes for Submission


There will be three kinds of themes available to a given participant, as follows:


(a) Write a personal account of having faced Hinduphobia in school, social circle, media, casual conversation, or anywhere else, either directly or a friend/relative who is too afraid to speak up on their own; this includes negative stereotypes, biases, etc. explain what happened and what harm it did, and why it’s unfair,


(b) write a review of the book, Invading the Sacred, by focusing on any one of its sections and summarizing it in their own words in under 10 pages, giving reviewer’s comments as well, and


(c) Critique some third party Hinduphobia literature. An illustrative list of Hinduphobic literature is given later in this document.


Hinduphobia Remediation Workshop


The presentations will be followed by an invitation-only Hinduphobia Remediation Workshop. The purpose of the workshop will be to take qualified participants into the causes of Hinduphobia, its consequences and some tools that can be deployed to remediate Hinduphobia at various levels. Selection of workshop participants will be based on the strength of their seminar presentation, and their commitment to address the issue of Hinduphobia.


Cash Award


There is a cash award, in the amount of $100 each, for a selected number of submissions based on a qualifying criteria.


Hinduphobic Literature


The following list though not exhaustive, includes examples of recent Hinduphobic literature:


Ramakrishna – a bit of booby:
http://www.strippin gthegurus. com/stgsamplecha pters/ramakrishn a.asp
[Example of claim: “Ramakrishna was a homoerotic pedophile.” “His
chief disciple, Vivekananda, visited brothels in India.”]

Vivekananda – the handsome duckling:
http://www.strippin gthegurus. com/stgsamplecha pters/vivekanand a.asp

Aurobindo – Mother Dearest:
http://www.strippin gthegurus. com/stgsamplecha pters/aurobindo. asp

J. Krishnamurti – The Krinsh:
http://www.strippin gthegurus. com/stgsamplecha pters/krishnamur ti.asp

Dalai Lama – “Hello Dalai”:
http://www.strippin gthegurus. com/stgsamplecha pters/dalai. asp

Swami Satchitananda – Sex, Bliss and Rock ‘n’ Roll:
http://www.strippin gthegurus. com/stgsamplecha pters/satchidana nda.asp

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi – The Sixth Beatle:
http://www.strippin gthegurus. com/stgsamplecha pters/maharishi. asp

Satya Sai Baba — Scorpion Man:
http://www.strippin gthegurus. com/stgsamplecha pters/saibaba. asp

Swami Rama: http://www.strippin gthegurus. com/stgsamplecha pters/rama. asp

Yogi Bhajan – Cockroach Yoga:
http://www.strippin gthegurus. com/stgsamplecha pters/bhajan. asp

Muktananda: http://www.strippin gthegurus. com/stgsamplecha pters/muktananda .asp

Yogi Amrit Desai – Up the Asana:
http://www.strippin gthegurus. com/stgsamplecha pters/desai. asp

Parmananda Yogananda – To a Nunnery:
http://www.strippin gthegurus. com/stgsamplecha pters/yogananda. asp

Time lines and Contacts:


Submission deadline:                              October 7th, 2007

Date of conference:                               October 12th – 14th, 2007



Session Chair:

Session Co-chair:

Mr. Rajiv Malhotra,

Infinity Foundation


Ms. Shruti

Shruti Foundation

Delhi, India


Session Coordinator:

Mr. Bhagwan Reddy

E-mail: hinduphobia- seminar@heconf. com  [ hinduphobia DASH seminar AT heconf DOT com ]

Tel: +1 214-906-3958 (U.S. Central Time Zone)




The following are expected from seminar participants:


a. an abstract or synopsis of your paper (with a title)

b. a brief bio-sketch with a front-facing digital picture

c. full paper (any length)

d. PowerPoint presentation (optional) (needed if presenting in person at the conference)


Future Prospect


Depending on a qualifying criterion, the papers received for this seminar can potentially be utilized in a follow-up volume to “Invading the Sacred”




The seminar is being sponsored by Sanatana Dharma Foundation, Dallas, TX (ref. – http://sanatanadhar mafoundation. com ), in cooperation with the New Jersey based Infinity Foundation (ref. – http://infinityfoundation.com ).

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