Worldwide Conspiracy against Hindus

published on June 10, 2012

Of Course there is a world wide conspiracy against Hindutva, Hindus and our sacred Vedic Bharat. Why? We have not attacked, ransacked, plundered, or colonized any other country. Our army is not ready or willing to have a military take over of the country or willing to attack any other country. we are not an economic power or military power nor do we have any colonial plan for looting or conquering other countries like Islamists. Hindus are not planting bombs on democratic countries, hijacking planes, waging Jihad war against non Believers, promoting polygamy or practicing in human or cruel criminai justice practices like Muslims. Then why the world hate us. Despite our all inclusive, pluralistic paradigm and tolerant life philosophy why do they hate us? Want to convert us? Because our superb thought process, and life affirming philosophy is contradictory to the closed, rigid, dogmas originated in the desert.
There are only less than 2 million Hindus in America. But the Christian fundamentalists and conversion Missionary gang think that our influence is disproportionate to the number we have in the U.S. There are more Philippines and Chinese in the U.S. Are they facing a conspiracy against them. Of Course not. They are more interested in laundro mat, chinese restaurant and buying unwanted junk. They are not influencing American or western thought process including science, social science and religion.  Christian fundamentalists and Jihadis suspect that without any question, our pluralistic, all inclusive and systemic thought process hinder their conversion agenda and hinder their growth as dogmatic slaves. They are afraid of free-thinking individuals reaching for self realization without any organized hierarchy or rich institutions. These mischief mongers are addicted to their rigid, dogmatic, fundamentalist, closed thought system. Most of the Muslims and Christians are successful in colluding, bribing, influencing, threatening our political leaders. They make them corrupt to the core. Muslims, converted Christians and polluted pseudo secular criminal leaders are afraid to change the lenses through which they see the world. It is their one-sided, rigid road map to see the world that helps they in power in collusion with foreign agents. They are afraid of our pluralistic, all inclusive and open ended vedic system.
The deep rooted conspiracy against Hindus results in personal, national and international crises. We should think and act with strong sense of self-worth, self-esteem, and proud and provide the philosophical catalyst for individual and global change. Hindus cannot be healthy and powerful in an unhealthy system where miscreants, vagabonds and criminals rule the country. India is full of dysfunctional system. It is time for Hindus to think creatively, act decisively and march ahead focusing on our vedic system.
Hindutva is a framework. Hindu organizations like VHP, RSS, Bjaran Dal and Temples must use Hindutva as a framework for young teens as a jump out force for expressing a universal process of transformation. This must be used as a process from a philosophical and spiritual perspective-as well as from the perspective of our personal, political, and social lives.

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