Why Malaysian muslims are attacking Christians

via GSK Menon published on January 17, 2010

Christian churches are being fire bombed in Malaysia, after, the Malaysian High Court gave a verdict that, the term “Allah” can be used by everybody. The underlying Muslim outrage against this verdict has to be properly understood.

Christianity is a religion that has no scruples or values. Their only goal is conversion. Any means, howsoever cheap, is permitted to achieve this goal. In Malaysia, the Christians started calling Christ as Allah. What is the meaning of this ? Muslims do not worship any idols like the Christians. Normally they look at a wall and pray, calling out Allah. The diabolical Christians, in order to confuse, the young Muslims, started referring to the Jew dangling from the cross as Allah. A young Muslim, will get confused very easily, by this perfidious technique. He will start identifying Allah with the Jew battered on the cross. Whenever he says Allah, the Jew dangling on the cross will flash in his mind ! Thus the Muslims will be tricked into believing that Allah means Christ the Jew. Thus Allah will get a Christian identity. The Muslims saw through this game plan and started fire-bombing the Churches.

Those of us who know the treacherous techniques of the Missionary gangs can easily see parallels in India. In the Northern part of India, Lord Shiva’s names like Mahesh, Parmeshwar, Vishwanath are being used to address the Jew dangling on the cross. Mary is called by Durga’s names like Amala, Vimala, Nirmala ( an evergreen favourite of Missionaries). Hindu pooja rituals and temple ceremonies are being imitated to confuse us. Unlike the Malaysian Muslims, we Hindus have been supremely tolerant about such illegal imitations.

The Malaysian Muslims deserve to be congratulated for their prescence of mind and vigilance against such vile Christian designs.

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