US Jihadi attempt to malign Sadhvi Ritambara

via United Hindu Front published on June 30, 2007


In a ridiculous attempt analogous with a pot calling the kettle black, Nazis accusing Jews of subjecting them to holocaust, Bin-Laden accusing Dalai Lama of terrorism, a South Florida organization sponsored by individuals associated with CAIR an organization that was named a co-conspirator to the financing of terrorist outfit Hamas from the US (read statements from Senators and Representative Richard Durbin, Charles Schumer, Barbara Boxer, Bill Shuster and Statements From Sept. 2003 Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Homeland Security and additional information at succeeded in tricking Miami Herald into publishing an article maligning the name of a religious Saint Sadhvi Ritambhara.

South Florida which has statistically been a hotbed of Islamic terrorist-support activity (Padilla to the 9/11 bombers) in the United States prove once again to be ignorant to the facts instead bought into rhetoric of Islamic group tied to terrorism.

It’s a known fact that Muslim fundamentalists believe women to be lesser human beings than men. When Sadhvi Ritambhara a woman Saint revered by Hindus all around the world visited South Florida, it enraged these fundamentalists such as Syed Ali Rahman. Rahman is a Member of the Executive Council of CAIR Florida. A woman revered! Unacceptable concept to Rahman’s fundamentalist beliefs. If it were up to such fundamentalists, great leaders like Speaker Pelosi, Mayor Giulianti, and Secretary Condoleezza Rice would be banished from politics. Hence, false accusations galored from Rahman’s fax machine and computer targeting various media outlets. While Miami Herald unfortunately has fallen prey to this malignment campaign of a peaceful Hindu religious priestess, other media outlets have exercised caution by conducting complete research to be sure of the facts. facts are that Sadhvi Ritambhara has been a Hindu religious leader for her entire life. The accusations made against her can be made against each and every Hindu religious leader alive at that time. Not that there is any merit to these accusations, however it is prudent to put this to bed for once and for all: The mosque Rahman speaks of was a non-functional structure that was built out of spite by a muslim invader of India to break the will of the peaceful Hindu majority at that time. The place where this mosque stood is the birth place of Hindu supreme God Lord Ram. This is where a temple stood for hundreds of years before the muslim invader destroyed the historic temple and built a mosque.

Sadhvi was one of the thousands of Hindu leaders that supported rebuilding of the temple. Remember, the mosque was not functional and was not used by muslims. To provide an analogy helping the reader better understand this situation, think of Bin Ladin building a mosque over The Holy Vatican.

Now that the facts are out, here are some more facts: Syed Ali Rahman is a spokesperson for The Islamic Center of South Florida. The Imam Hassan Sabri of this Center has called America “The enemy of Islam”. The Imam has further expressed his wishes for “Allah to rid Jerusalem of Jews”.

In a shallow attempt to seek support from the majority in the US, Rahman has tried to mislead some Christian groups into thinking that Sadhvi has something against any religion. In reality she is not against anyone but she is for Hindu religious teachings.

Can you name one Buddhist or Hindu declaring a Fatwa? No! Why you ask? Because, they are peaceful non violent people who respect life and consider it a gift from God. Unfortunately Islamic fundamentalism has terrorized the peace loving, God fearing Hindu majority in India and now they are attempting to do the same in the US.

Hindus and Buddhists believe that killing an ant is a sin. A leader of these peaceful people can never be for anything but peace.

Sadhvi Ritambhara runs a chain of “motherhood villages” called Vatsalya Gram (Vatsalya meaning: Motherly love and Gram meaning: Village) in India where she adopts orphan and homeless toddlers, infants and other kids of all ages and homeless women of all ages. These kids and women are then paired up to make a family unit. As a result each woman gets to be a mother and each child grows up having a parent and a family. These kids are then educated to serve the society and the human race.

On the other hand Rahman’s associates at CAIR co-conspire to finance terrorist organizations that preach hatred and killing of humans that differ in belief. Disrespecting and abusing women. The trial is scheduled to start in July 2007. Them maligning Sadhvi’s name is nothing more than a desperate attempt by a pot to call the kettle black.

Mayor Mara Giulianti’s wisdom through this entire episode is commendable. While she wanted to honor Sadhvi for her great service to humanity and declare June 23rd Vatsalya day, she used wisdom and courage by staying away from the event in order to keep the city of Hollywood from being dragged into this malignment campaign hosted by Syed Rahman.

Submitted on behalf of THE HINDUS OF SOUTH FLORIDA

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