Tyrant Sheriff of Pakistan and India’s weak and Mean Man Mohan Singh in New York

published on October 4, 2013

It is the time of the year when the world dictators, tyrants flock to the U.N. General Assembly meeting in New York. Like birds flying south for their winter, every year, Muslim countries send their dictators to New York. This year too, Pakistan’s new Islamic leader tyrant Sheriff, and India’s pro Islamist Man Mohan Singh came to New York.  True, this year, however, the numbers shouting abuse against Israel and India were noticeably reduced.

The Pakistan Prime Minster was emphatically forceful in drawing attention to human rights violation in Kashmir while shouting for time-bound, result oriented talks on Kashmir. Since Sheriff was in Saudi Arabia till few months, how he won the election in Pakistan is widely regarded as fraudulent. Badly a day goes by, without Sheriff excitedly shouting about Indian plot to oust him or destroy Pakistan by India.

 Despite all these lurking dangers, India’s Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh and Pakistan’s Islamic Prime Minister had nonetheless decided to have a meeting after the 60th  General Assembly meeting in New York. Though Pakistan’s’ Sheriff’s strategy was not original, India and Pakistan Prime Ministers had a dull meeting in New York.

Everyday, Pakistan talk about Indian devils. But  Pakistan need India’s electricity, cooking oil, water, onion, soaps, and antibiotics and insulin.The world is wondering how Pakistan has become the epicenter of terrorism, and about the death of more than 259,000 innocent people. Sheriff never discussed Islamic terrorism in Pakistan, homicide, his ouster Pakistan Military leader Musharaf, Islamization of Pakistan, or the slaughter of Christians and Hindus.  In the world itself, there is increasing concern that Islamic stance toward terrorism and hostility against infidels. These Islamic position  will have negative influence on Pakistan.

The Islamic MIND of Pakistan

It has been increasingly clear in recent years, that our traditional political perspectives and psychological interpretation of Islamic Pakistan for dealing with the wide-range of problems we face with Islamic militants in Pakistan.  

What are needed are ways of understanding Islamic mind and determining a strategy for any given situation with Pakistan. We need a strong Prime Minister and strong military.

That which confronts us and with which we have to deal with our neighbor Pakistan has many explanations and many solutions. While the vast increase in knowledge has enabled us to improve our home situation in many fields.  While Indian political leaders have many more interpretations for cross border Terrorism, Kashmir lawlessness, Islamic terrorism that  affect Hindus and India never addressed by Manmoham Singh or any congress party leaders. Political leaders from India and Pakistan allow Islamic terrorism to continue. Indian pseudo secular political leaders are obsessed with blame game and miss- interpretations for JIHAD TERRORISM, coercive religious conversion, love Jihad and cultural Jihad.

It has been increasingly clear in recent years that passivity, tolerance, compromise with evil is  Islamic tyrants in Pakistan is neither an efficient nor necessarily desirable dealing with Pakistan with the wide range of problems that we face with Pakistan. What we need are ways of increasing the information and knowledge of Islamic mind of Pakistanis and determining an assertive strategy for any given situation with Muslims in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

A pro-Islamist, anti-national Congress party headed by an Italian Catholic Sonia Maino’s perception OF Islam and her contemptuous attune towards Hinduism complicate the issues. We now that great India was divvied because Muslims refused to live with kaffir Hindus. Muslims demanded Pakistan for Muslims, and our atheist and inept leaders agreed to Islamic demands of dividing the great nation.

Despite knowing that Pakistan is behind Islamic arson, terror, and murder to force out Hindus from Kashmir, and Islamic terrorism is succeeding in Kashmir, India’s weak Prime Minister has decided to shake hand and eat pig-roast with tyrant Sheriff in New York. Man Mohan Singh must know that Muslims from Pakistan is responsible for the murder of Indian Jawans in Kashmir, Mumbai terrorism,

Pakistan Printed Indian currency distribution in India, Samba/Jammu terrorism, exodus of Hindus from Kashmir, dangerous activities of SIMI and sabotage in different parts of India is the handy work of Pakistani trained Jihadist. None of these dangerous issues were discussed with Pakistan Islamic leader Sheriff by Man Mohan Sigh.

Of course, there are overriding factors that need to be considered. Additionally, Islamic appeasement policies of the Congress party and  Man Mohan Singh might have prevented him from a serious discussion with Islamist Sheriff.

India belongs to our Rishis, to our children living, and belongs to people yet to be born. India belongs to the living not to the dead Islamic terrorists. Living  Hindus have decided to put an end to the Islamic terrorism. Hindus see this is a critical battle over Freedom, Human Rights, and our status for living because our liberty is under threat in India under Islam and pseudo-secularism.  There is a perpetual gulf between Hindus and Muslims. It is an issue of strategic implications for Hindus around the world.

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