“Theological Prostitution” by Clooney and others

via Vedaprakash published on September 17, 2009

Clooneyand Sahasranama: His Inter-religious dialogue and Inculturation

By Vedaprakash

Divinedebaucheries? Francis Clooney S. J. has now shown his truecolours, though our Vaishnavite friends could not accept or believe hisintentions[1]. His reference to Prof. Chacko and myfurther dig into his background show that such activities have already beengoing on in Kerala and he has been aiding and abetting as a “consultant” justlike Bede Griffiths[2]. Incidentally, Clooney was also there in August, before leaving for USA.

Bastardized music:
There hasbeen a “Christian Musicological Society of India”[3], which is an international forum reportedly carrying out “interdisciplinaryresearch, discussion, and dissemination of knowledge, on the music and dance ofabout thirty million Christians in India, who belong to a diverse set ofcommunities and linguistic groups and follow a variety of liturgical traditionssome of which date back to the early Christian era”. Thus, the fraud isrevealed with unhistorical vulgarity. It goes on to say that, “TheSociety hopes that such researches will draw attention to the lesser knownaspects of India in connection with the rest of the world”, as if theIndian Christianity is so connected with the world!

The dubious “KristuSahasra Naamam”:
There were people known as “Jacobites” orotherwise, who were worshipping “Christna” and their “books / bible” referredto him with the stories like “Bhagawatha Purana”. When the Portuguese foundthem, they destroyed their books and forcefully converted to Catholicism,however, they refused to acknowledge to the Pope. Thus, to satisfy them, thefraudulent “Thomas myth” stories were manufactured and circulated there. Aftermany legal wrangles with the Pope and then with Supreme court also, they triedto settle with “thomas” masquerade.

Thus, as part of their gameplan, under “research”, they have giventheir list of publications[4] and release of DVDs, CDsetc[5].

Kristu SahasraNaamam [Thousand Names of Christ] (Pre-recorded cassette)

Selections from the Sanskrit poem of the sametitle by I. C. Chacko, Illiparambil, composed in semi-classical style.

Pre-recordedcassette. FDMIC 210. Deccan Records, Bangalore.
Text: I. C. Chacko, Illiparambil.
Music: Anto Amarnad, CMI.
Lead singers: Joseph Palackal and Indumathi Ephraim.
Accompanying booklet with transliteration and English translation of the textby Francis Vineeth, CMI.
Kristu Sahasra Naamam[Thousand Names of Christ] (CD): Without any shame,the theological plagiarists, spiritualstealers, divine bootleggers, mystical hooligans, neo-global Aurangazebs, havebeen carrying out such nasty acts.

N  CD with booklet (45 minutes).

N  Selections from the Sanskrit poem by the same title by Chevalier I.C. Chacko (1876-1966).

N  Vocal soloists: Joseph J. Palackal and Indumathi Ephraim.

N  Text selected, translated, and introduced by Fr. Francis Vineeth,CMI.

N  Music in semi-classical style by Fr. Anto Amarnad, CMI.

N  Expected release: June 2011

Thus, probably, Clooney is mentioning about it.

 [Thethousand-fold names of Christ]: It appears that one I. C. Chacko has composed it in1914 itself!  Now, let us see, how it appears[6]:– .[I. C. Chacko, Illiparambil, B. A., B. Sc. / ] Commenced between the 25th and 31st May1914.


 [Typedby David C. Kandathil, 19th October 2008.]
Therefore, it isevident that Chacko had taken much efforts to compose it. We do not know, but,they might have composed it in the same manner M. S. Subbulakshmi recited orotherwise. However, it is evident that it may be singing like |Suklam baradaramVishnum sasivarna, caturbujam�.| and our gullible Hindus may buy and play italong with the original “Vishnu Sahasra Namam”!

The Christian or Satanic art in India?:
Then, the website gives the following pictures / postcardsdepicting Jesus and Mary in different Hindu forms: Note, the fellows who crythat Hindus worship `satan” and so on have now started appropriating the same”satanic art” and producing such “cross-breed” drawings and paintings crossingall norms. It is not known how suddenly they become “devil worshippers” and theVatican allows such “demonism”! Why these fetishist fakes have been after thehellish activities with iniquitous inculturators and diabolical dialogues?

Christ, the Guru

Mark, the sameguys who do not want to sing “Saraswati Vandana”, have been misappropriatingsuch Indian tradition and manufactured “Mother of Wisdom”! And they hope thatthe idiotic Hindus and intelligent Christians could worship such faked goddessand get the results what they expect. Therefore, it is evident that these guyshave no decency, decorum or anything and they have nothing for their own. Bystealing, looting and appropriating others, how long they would survive likethis, like prostitutes?

Motherof Wisdom

TheBlessed Virgin and Child at St. Thomas Mount (Periyamalai), Mylapore,Chennai, India

 Of course, thethird one has been forgery and when it is subjected to dating, it would getexposed. Like any other Christian medieval forgery, it could only belong to aperiod later than 13th-1th century. However, they claim that”mythical Thomas” himself drew it!

Inculration of dance[7]: The misuse of Indian dance, particularly “Bharatanatyam” has beenvery significant. Again, remember that these guys have been carrying out thepropaganda that “Bharatanatyam” was nothing but “temple prostitution”, the highcaste Hindus make low caste women as “public dancers” so that they can be usedas “prostitutes” and so on.

Why then, these “spiritualbastards” indulge in such “prostitution”?

Do they want to produce “Churchprostitution” that has been there already under the guide of “Bhatratnatyam”?

At one side,they criticize that all these have been the works of “Satan”, but note, onlythe member off “Society of Jesus” have been engaged in such dubious activities.

Bharata Naatyam: Biblical themes through Bharata Naatyam (SouthIndian classical dance) by Francis P. Barboza.
Mohiniyaattam: Life of Christ in Mohiniyaattam (a dance form ofKerala), a novel program in Malayalam by Kalamandalam Radhika. Choreographybased on poetic works by Blessed Fr.Kuriakose Elias Chavara, CMI (1805-1871), Brahmabandhab Upadhyay(1861-1907), Fr. Abel Periyappuram, CMI (1920-2001), and others.

Barbosa, S.J has been specializingBharatnatyam and converting it into Christianity[8].Soon, he might declare that they only taught it to the Indians.

The “inspired persons”: For their inspiration, they have listed out the followingpersonalities[9]:

N  Roberto deNobili (1577 – 16 January 1656)

N  ConstanzoBeschi [Veeramamunivar] (8 November 1680 – 4 February 1746)

N  JohannErnst Hanxleden [Arnos Pathiri] (1681 – 20 March 1732)

N  VedanayagamSastriar (7 September 1774 – 1864)

N  Mayuram Vedanayakam Pillai (1826-1889)

N  MosesValsalam Shastriar (1847-1916)

N  RaoSahib M. Abraham Pandithar (2 August 1859 – 31 August 1919)

N  I. C. Chacko,Illiparambil (1875-1966)

N  Fr. Proksh, SVD (1904-1986)

N  Fr. Abel Periyappuram, CMI (19 January 1920 – 27 Octorber 2001)

N  K. K. Antony, Kanamkudam (27 April 1924 – 10 March 1987)

N  George Panjara

Contact addresses, phone and e-mail:
Head Office:

Acharya Palackal JeevassKendram
Aluva 683 101
Kerala, India.
Phone: 91-484-2620870

Office in North America:

57-15,61st Street
Maspeth, New York 11378-2713
NY, United States of America.
Phone: 1-718-416-0773

Electronic mail: [email protected]

Who is a ordinary prostitute and theologicalprostititute?
The 16th cent.Originated word from latin � prostitut / prostituere with explicit connotation- “expose publicly for sale” has the following meanings[10]:

1.     Noun – A person, specifically awoman, who engages herself in sexual activity for payment.

2.     Verb – Offer (someone) as aprostitute

In the same way,it is evident that these duplicities, fakers and frauds have indulged in such”theological prostitution”. They too disrobe and masquerade to lure theirprospect clients, take them to “different places”, “baptize” under water, givenew cloths and money.

They have beencirculating “Krishna and Christ” pictures, where both descending on the earthwith their hands clasping together! Would they depict Mary and Mari in asimilar posture? Or May with Shiva, as Shiva is nothing but Jehovah accordingto their own interpretation! Definitely, Clooney would kill them, if anybodyindulges in such experimentation. Otherwise, he may have to accept that hisbook is a pious fraud or spiritual debauchery!

Divine pimps, Theological prostitutes and spiritualconsortium:
Thus, they have been carrying outtheir activities without mincing the words and expressing their intention also.After all SJs would come to you for fun or enquire about your health or whetherit is raining or not at your place. Therefore, when Clooney like persons comenext time, on any pretext, meeting Indians, particularly, Hindus, they shouldpull them up in public and expose their theological prostitution, divinedebauchery and spiritual wickedness all masqueraded under the white robes,Harvard and Oxford scholarships and professorships!

Theist irreverence, Divine desecration andSpiritual profanity: At one side, we find totaldegradation in their approach in their so-called, inter-religious dialogue andinculturation activities, whereas on the other side, their Theist irreverence,Divine desecration, Spiritual profanity, Theological sacrilege, pious fraudetc., are more revealed. Therefore, they should mend themselves, as otherwise,the Christianity would be thrown out very quickly, when common Indians come toknow such theological frauds imposed on them.



[1] His blog on Dialogue.

[2] CBCI documents show that he was a consultant for for “Inculturation”project to be carried out in India and he established such `bastardized” placeof worship as “innovative” spiritual resort!

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[10] OED, Tenth edition, 1999, p.1148

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