The Stampede

published on January 15, 2006

Ironically as it may sound, the stoning of the Devil in Mecca has created some adverse effects on the pilgrims. I am not making fun of the pilgrims who did the ceremony in full earnest as per their teaching or as per what they have been taught. 

This has now become a regular feature at the Mecca every year. The Saudi government, one of the richest in term of oil revenues is doing its best to facilitate the lakhs of pilgrims who visit the holy site. SO what went wrong? 

During the Israel Vs Middle East war an Israeli General remarked I will fear the Arabs the day they learn to stand in a queue. How thought provoking and well said. The Arabs are yet to come out of the nomadic mind set. They still live in the times of Mohammed when they went around butchering everyone who opposed the feudal lord, Muhammed. They earn to compete with the west but are not ready to learn the basics of common sense. In the process they have become slaves of the western thoughts. 

Another irony is that when the Muslims strongly oppose idol worship, they have placed an idol of the devil inside the holy site. The Muslims are opposed to rituals and they claim their religion started as God was opposed to rituals. The stoning of the Devil is a ritual by all means. A famous study even goes on to prove that the Kaaba is Infact an ancient Hindu religious idol representing the Shivalinga. I am not sure of its truth. But many of the customs and rituals still followed in the holy city have many resemblances. They all shave their heads bald. In Kerala the pilgrims at the Ayappa temple grow their beards during the season. They take their fast of 41 days. Even the Muslims take fast during the Ramadan period. The Ayappa devotees wear black during this period, whereas the Muslims wear white inside the haaram. The Muslims go around the Kaaba in the same manner as we go around the temple. We also have the concept of holy water taken in the temple. So do the Muslims have the holy water from Mecca. The Hindus face the temple idol or at least an image that represents God while praying. The Muslims position themselves facing the Mecca while praying five times a day.   

So who are they trying to fool? Recently a movie was telecast on the channel where a story on Muhammed was shown. I sat through the whole movie to see how they would show Muhammed. Interestingly Muhammed was not shown even in a single reel of the movie. The concept of Muhammed as God is just like the movie. No one knows Muhammed. They all know Muhammed the crusader who went around occupying lands, who attacked Mecca and destroyed the idols.  

Jesus, who is another prophet, also came to power with his opposition to the rituals and idols of the Jews then. But today we see many rituals being conducted in his name. The catholic rituals conducted during the Pope’s death were telecast for all to see. There are even books prescribing these rituals. The Christian black magic and exorcism are well known demonic rituals. The secret societies of the Christian cult are also well researched.  

So basically all these religions who came into being opposing the Vedic worship of nature are now slowly moving back in time to their roots. As the Christian denomination divides over and over again over small issues, one wonders if this was the flock Jesus was talking about! The same Jesus, who asked people to join him on his path to salvation where people would not be discriminated, has his followers crusading for reservations in India. They call themselves Dalit Christians!  

E. Ahmad lost no time in announcing an amount of three lakhs as compensation for the pilgrims who died. The pilgrimage to Mecca is undertaken by Muslims who have the resources and health to complete the journey at least once in their life time. The government of India has not forced them to do so. The government of India has not failed in any ways to prevent the stampede. So why the compensation? When a Hindu by the name of Manikandan was kidnapped and murdered in Afghanistan this very minister was busy completing his gulf tour. The government’s inaction clearly led to his killing. The victims of the Delhi riots only recently got a much delayed compensation. Victims if so many other riots are yet to be compensated or even heard of.  Sp many pilgrims die at Sabarimala due to bad infrastructure. How many are being compensated. The government of India spends lakhs of rupees for theh Hajj victims from its own coffers. Whereas it wants temple money to for infrastructure development in other states.   

The list of our misery is never ending. As Hindus who are working towards a cause we need to be pro active and never miss an opportunity to expose these double standards at all times.

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