The Pan Arab Intifada and the return of the Kalifa

via Aron published on February 8, 2011

Regarding the uprising in Egypt if we study and surmise we should suspect a monumental Intelligence failure to pick it up the rumblings on Arab regimes’ floors.

It later got confirmed when Obama was shouting across the table -as to how this could happen under NSA’s nose? We could  guess this ‘Failure of Intelligence’ was much more serious than failure to act upon 9/11 inputs. This could not have happened unless the very same Systemic failures are continuing. Or more plausible an explanation- some such Mole or Double Agent who stopped or intercepted the Incoming Data.

For this to happen-

The Mole must be placed higher up the Intelligence Lymphatic System at a Node.
That gets all the feedback on ground regarding Islamists.Since the Islamist Target terrain is so wide spread, it should necessarily be quite high up the Node, and situated where all Intelligence inputs that come from a very wide area of all Middle East and North Africa, and correlated Muslim regional CIA stations.

Also, since it is easier to ‘GIVE A SPIN’ to the Intelligence gathered, than adulterate and corrupt the Inputs themselves that would be very easy to detect and indeed near to impossible- since the Counter Intelligence would be monitoring that-

We are left with only just one possibility-

Someone who is on the Analytical section of the American as well as Allied Intelligence Agency is heavily compromised and is infecting to this every minute undetected. If he is just a Mole by now we would hear of a string of arrests or quiet exits. So, it clearly shows there is a Spin Doctor at work who is a Mole.


It is impossible to fail to pick up this Pan Arab Intifada. Because an Uprising to this scale is simply impossible, to have not been picked up by the Autocratic regimes’ own intelligence units. And this one main closely watched sector of American Intelligence. So it leaves us with only a very highly placed and highly motivated Mole on the Analytical side of the Intelligence to make sense of this colossal failure.

Now how do we explain the ruthless Autocratic Regimes’ Intelligence failure and so wide spread, that all these tin pots would be caught napping, and some startled out of beds and even run packing baggage’s shutting down shops?

For this we need a Pan Arab Collusion within the Intelligence for theAl Qaeda to be put in place first.Had the Qaeda and Brotherhood succeeded in such a feat?

This less probable than the easier- Interception and Spin of Analysis.

It is easier for American Interceptor to not just give a Twist and Spin and misinterpret the Inputs, to Americans on one hand, and while doing this, apply a pressure with regimes that are receiving alarming goings on inside their regimes about an Islamist movement, NOT to move
against them under some pretext as to delay action upon them.

This also explains why regimes that cooperate or could be bullied into doing American directives are now more exposed to this Intifada than ones that are traditionally its foes-

Syria and Libya are least affected while Egypt, Yemen and Jordan and very soon Saudi Arabia are crumbling and beginning to shake.The activists had been bought time, under the pretext of ‘let us just wait and watch their moves’ instead of acting upon inputs.The very same spin as to meaning of inputs could have sedated action on their side under american instructions and bogey of Human Rights.

Who could this Mole be? And what are his motives?

Firstly this cannot be an Islamist, since that would be very obvious. Though Obama himself playing a double game, and this Pan Arab Intifada being his main objective of Presidency cannot be altogether ruled out.

Less outlandish a possibility would be –

A blue blooded American, with impeccable credentials belonging to the Neo-Con and a seemingly long time Liberal Democrat.

What would be behind him-?

The Vatican!

There need be no great hesitation to a concluison about this- that this the unfolding of a
long drawn out plan of the Vatican aimed at quickening the destruction of the State of Israel.

The near fatal global sex scandal that had lead to a considerable slide in the fortunes of the Catholic Church had been surmised by the Nazi Pope as a Semite Conspiracy-as enough provocation to decide upon this course.

There are two main streams that converge-

The Muslim Brotherhood interprets Caliphate as a Democratic Institution by consensus than by blood line of the Hashemite clan. Democratic change of regimes for the Brotherhood is a step in the direction of Caliphate’s return.All useful fools agree and aid this objective including the Vatican that had asked most diabolically its Christian flock to get out into the streets. Inspite of all recent outrageous persecutions and exodus in en masse by Islamists.

Vatican cares not for the flock, but would be glad to have its Faithful as Martyrs to the Church’s objective.So we have a Christian Mole, and his lobby at work that had enabled
this Intifada.

The liberals who share similar objective of erosion of Israeli influence, and domination in the region have joined the Party in full attire and mirth.Obama, who’s not beyond suspicion, is going through the motions, hastening this Giant step towards the otherwise Caliphate moon.

This pan-Arab intifada is impossible to be organised at such a simultaneous and vast scale, without one common ground- that of the Mosque sermons. All talk of Internet media, are decoy. For Internet based intifada would not be this Intifada for Democratic change.

It would be Ridda- The en masse Apostasy against Islam.

This is a pan Arab Intifada, for democracy which is now the consensus movement towards the return and re-establishment of the Caliphate of the global Umma. Since it would be for a wise Strategist to take down enemies one after he is done the next, the Vatican is an ally and co-sponsor of this Kilafat movement.

It hopes to Christianise with Apostasy from Islam for which it should be getting ready after the regime changes, in the Democratic battle ground of ideas, where it is convinced of its superiority of Christian doctrine to prevail over Islam.

The failure had been factored in this calculation- which is Islmaists take over Arab lands, and turns hostile and stand to confront the world and the West. But not before encircling Israel or attempting to destroy its existential arch enemy- Israel.

Which would then not be a failure at all, but a win- The return of the global Crusade against the anti Christ for the Holy lands. Israel would either have been wiped out, or stand at the mercy and need of rescue. In a final conflict and fulfilment of Biblical prophecy.

Christiendom and the Muslim world will then stand arranged looking up to the Verdict that would deliver the world.

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