The new Englishman and the revenge of history

via GIRISH P published on August 11, 2011

It is said that British wars were won, not in the battle fields, but at its schools where young British children were taught valor, patriotism and a pride in its history. One of the schools at Eton ceilings had its ceiling made of planks taken from Spanish ships sunk by the British navy. A child would gaze up during class and remember the valor of his ancestors. Today’s Britons has moved far, far away from the classrooms of Eton.

If the British wars were won inside the classrooms of Eton, its defeats – its inability to protect its own from lowly looters – have been fashioned in similar classrooms across the Britain. A new generation of English has grown up under a system which taught that their forefathers were thieves and brigands and their country was founded on exploitation. Added to this, the instruments of adult education, the media, is wielded by the elite whose hatred for their own nation only surpassed by the guilt of the privileges they enjoyed. This media controlled by the liberal left has ensured that multiculturalism and immigration were shibboleths never to be questioned. A new curriculum of words and terms for public discourse is in place. Thus, even as the rioters were looting and burning in central London, the BBC was referring to the rioters as ‘protestors’. The use of the term ‘rioter’ was seen as ‘politically incorrect’. The BBC was echoing Darcus Howe, writer and broadcaster who called the riots ‘insurrection of the masses of the people’ akin to that in Port of Spain Trinidad, Syria and other parts of the world. So whatever happened, Britain was to blame.

Powerful ideas affecting our behavior can be visible only in brief sentences, even a phrase. Doris Lessing , Nobel Laureate, says that the phrase ‘political correctness’ was born as Communism was collapsing. Sometimes it is felt that that the torch of Communism has been handed on to the political correctors.

Thus the success of the Liberal thought police is that it has been able to use words – loaded words meant to convey all totalitarian ideas which automatically excluded any other form of input and in making these words the reference for public discourse. Words like ‘committed’, ‘progressive’ ‘politically correct’ and ‘culturally sensitive’ have defined righteousness and sought to direct  actions ( or inactions ) when faced with  real life issues related to everything – from race , gender to riots. Thus Policemen who acted against the rioters with firmness became ‘race insensitive’ hence in the wrong. To point out that the rioters were looting shops is not ‘progressive’, never mind if the hooligans were taking away Reeboks and HD TVs.
The response of the majority especially the white Anglo Saxon element is today constrained within the walls erected by these words – their ability to think outside this box severely curtailed by years of indoctrination.  Thus while others migrants like the Sikhs stood up to the looters, the Englishman stood around like sheep and watched the mayhem. He is like a programmed robot paralyzed by conflicting inputs. He had been taught that immigrants would enrich his society. He is not feeling so enriched. He doesn’t know why. He is like the Hindu who having been given a liberal does of Gandhism and is now faced with the reality of Malabar riots.

The creating of this confused Anglo Saxon element has been one of the main achievements of the Liberal thought control.England’s downward spiral is about to hit the rock bottom. Perhaps some more years to wallow in the mud at the bottom remain. That is it.

There is no going back to the classrooms of Eton. The Englishman cannot be reprogrammed to who he was. His country has already been overrun by the immigrants to allow such an experiment with syllabus. The English have dug them into a hole. Their only hope lies in negotiating with the new immigrants and finding a common ground for ‘peaceful existence’. With the kind of immigrants they have let into their country, whatever peace they negotiate will be tenuous at best.

Perhaps, it is all ‘Karma’, a poetic retribution for the British- to be brought to heel by the same forces it sought to enslave throughout its history.

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