The Myth of Islamic Reform

via Turkman published on July 8, 2007

Texas(US): The one who really want to modernize Islam are very few. Moslims living in Non Moslim Countries propagate, that Islam is very tolerant religion because they want you to tolerate them instead of start killing them like they kill Non Moslims in their own countries. You must be stupid to believe they are tolerant because you know, when they lived in their own countries they were not tolerant people and were part of rest of the Moslims, who hate, mistreat and kill Non Moslims in those countries.


At least a million Pakistanis are US Citizens and have been living in USA for a while but haven’t changed much. They want all those rights for themselves here that they do not want Non Moslims, Hindus and other minorities in Pakistan. They live in Savage 6th Century Tribal Hate Complex. Haven’t you seen these Racist Bigots protesting at White House against MQM and President Musharraf because they are Ethnically different than them?


(Representatives of almost all Pakistani Organizations in USA had participated in those protests).Haven’t you read Arthur Herman’s article in Wall Street Journal saying, a Pro US President Musharraf is hated (in Pakistan by Punjabis and Sindhis) because he is Urdu Speaking Mohajir?


The Political Party of Urdu Speaking minority (the most educated people of Pakistan) MQM that is ruling 2nd most populous province of Pakistan (out of 4) with some help from its Coalition Partners is hated more now because its also Pro USA.


The Ruling Punjabi Elite of Pakistan is trying best possible ways asking USA to declare MQM, a Terrorist Organization because of that. They hate to even call it a Political Party. They call it a Group or Mob or Gang of Terrorists and its leader in self-exile in U.K. because of threat to his life, a Mob Gangster. They have even tried to get his U.K. Citizenship revoked and be sent extradited to Pakistan so, they can assassinate him. Are you going to believe in words of such backwards Tribal Savage Racist Bigots?

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