The Limits of Benevolence – US Aid to Jihadistan

via Dr Babu Suseelan published on May 9, 2010

America has recently handed over a cheque for $600million to the Pakistan Prime Minister few days after the Pakistani Jihadi terrorists attempted to bomb and kill innocent people in New york  in the name of Allah. The Jihadi from Pakistan has clearly admitted his role in the crime and stated that he was trained by Taliban Jihadis in Pakistan. Now FBI is tracking down the source of his funding for this Jihadi venture.

America has been rewarding Jihadis for one reason or other for several years. Recently President Barak Obama Hussein has agreed to deliver unarmed drones to Islamic Pakistan and promised to give billions of dollars of additional aid for Pakistan.
Even though the US is giving equipment and money to pakistan to fight against the Taliban, Pakistan is diverting funds for training Jihadi terrorists against India and the infidel world.  The military hardware should have been used against Jihadi terrorists. America knows or should have known Pakistan has been diverting funds and military supplies against India for several years.
Pentagon will soon deliver within a year drones to Pakistan to be used against al-quaeda and taliban terrorists. But in the past, some of the US supplied military hardware and funds have been siphoned away by Pakistan military leaders. Islamic Pakistan is known to divert American funds for establishing Jihadi training schools and trained Jihadis are sent to Kashmir and to different parts of India to wage Jihad war against Kafir India.
America is too generous with its benevolence and military aid to Islamic countries. When will America realize the limits of benevolence.. Jihadi terrorists, hardcore criminals, and apocalyptic murderers act without any shame, guilt, remorse or fear. These Jihadi criminals and murderer’s behavior cannot be modified with benevolence, unconditional positive regard, or appeasement. We need to conner them contain them and force them to freedom from Islamic prison. We need tough laws and tough law enforcement to weed out Jihadis who act like blood thirsty nocturnal animals. Instead of benevolent hand out to Jihadi regimes, America should show courage and common sense.
America should know or ought to know of al crimes, Jihadi terrorism has created more American victims.  Jihadi terrorism is widely believed to have the highest level of innocent victims around the world. We all hope for the day when we can see fewer Jihadi terrorists and fewer victims of Jihadi terrorism. But as long as what we think we know about Islam, that day will never come.
There are several myths about Islam that are widely believed that need to be debunked. We should always remember that the greatest threat to our life, liberty and civilization comes from Jihadis. And we cannot change their cognition or deviant behavior through our benevolence.

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