So who is the Devil and who the Angel the Yanks are touting?

via K Vijayan published on October 8, 2011

Obama slams Russia, China over Syrian Veto – AP; 7-10-11

Our Main Stream Media’s is a funny world where Oppressors are portrayed as Saviours, Terrorists are made out to be Freedom / Human Rights / Religious Visionaries, and the 85 % Hindu Majority of this Land is invariably portrayed as Fundamentalist, Obscurantist, and persistent violators of Human Rights, Liberties, Freedoms etc.

This even though we have the most violent, destructive and anti-national set of “Minorities” in the world and they have doubled in population every ten years, and we have more Mosques than the Muslim world and more Churches than the christian world, and new ones are springing up at the  rate of two per day or more. RTI and questions non-Applicable.

Hindus, Hinduthva and Hindusthan are always on the “wrong side of history”, to be looted, exploited and denigrated by every scumbag and scoundrel in the world, and not in the least by our own Native Born aulaads of Macaulay, Babar and  the Lays of Ancient Rome.

In the Syrian Vote, where Russia and China exercised their Veto, we were lucky we are not endowed with the Veto, even though we are the biggest Democracy in the World. So we got away with a mild reprimand by one of the hundreds of Obama Underlings who lord it over  Manmohan Singh, Sonia and other head-cuts .

Is America really against Islamic Terror? Is Syria a Terrorist State carrying out attacks against the US, France, UK, or other Christian Nations, or Russia China and other Communist countries? Anything like the wars and Terror strikes carried out since decades by Pakistan against India?

Are the “brave and largely peaceful Syrian opposition” analogous to the Taliban, Alqeda, Lushcurs, Mujahiddeen etc, and Assad and his Ruling Syrians like the Paki Military Dictators and the ISI, Kayanis, Briyanis and Gheelaanies? Has the US been fishing on both sides like in Pakistan against India?

Syrian President Bashar Assad’s threat to rocket Israel out of existence proves that ALL Mohammedans are cowards and bullies, who will only attack the weak, and that too when they are supported by America or some other Big Bully. So who is the Devil and who the Angel the Yanks are touting?

And of course nobody in our Ass. Press and Main Stream Media will post such notions in their Expert, authentic, up-to-date Reports, Assessments and Commentaries.

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