Save Temple Campaign-Protest against Andhra CM YSR in Chicago on May 6th

via published on April 3, 2007

Hindu Temples and Institutions in India are unfairly targeted by State Governments in India. Using Hindu Temple Endowment Act Looting, Selling, Encroachments is occurring all over Southern India.Particularly alarming is situation in Andhra Pradesh.


Under AP CM Y. Samuel Rajasekhar Reddy (YSR) More than 1,84,000 Temples under Govt. control of which only 18% of the revenue is given back for the maintenance of Temples. Use of major chunks of temple money for political purposes, Massive sale of temple lands, Looting, Demolition, and Occupation, occurring under aegis of Govt. has become dire threat for existence of Hindu Institutions in the state. Even world famous Tirupathi temple is not spared.


Please Join Protest during Samuel Reddy visit at TANA/ATA reception Sat. May 6, 2007 at 4:30 PM Donald Stephens Convention Center (5555 N. River Rd. Rosemont, IL, 847-692-2220 ) Please register at


(Not compulsory) (Email: [email protected])


Ø      Tirupathi: Govt. attempted to take over 5 out of 7 Tirumala Hills for Church and Tourism Purposes.Samuel Reddy is alleged to use TTD money for Hockey tournament in his parents name (The Hindu: 7/17/2006, Deccan Chronicle: 3/8/2007).


Ø      Demolition: Govt. demolished 1000 pillar Mantapam at Tirumala. Recently 10 temples were demolished for Golf Course. Samuel Reddy Son blew up a temple in Anantpur (Hindu 8/27/2004 Deccan Chronicle:3/8/2007, Jyoti)


Ø      Illegal occupation and Land scams: Valuable temple properties, estimated at hundreds of crores, is under encroachment. More than 50 per cent of the `land-grabbers’ seem to have strong political connections,while others include those `patronized’ by the Endowments Department.


Ø      Mass Land Sales: Tens of thousands of acres of endowment lands, meant for sustenance in perpetuity are being sold without approval of the Hindu community and without any justification. Eg., 3000 acres temple land in East Godavari was sold (Deccan Chronicle, 31/4/2006). Sold 9201 acres of rural temple land and decided to sell 7000 acres of urban lands worth 20,000 crores (Eenadu, 3/30/2006, Deccan Chronicle 4/8/2006).


Ø      Take Over: On 3/12/2007 State Govt. announced plans to takeover all temples, all 181 mutts and all religious trusts in the state with many crores of assets, first step in looting them (Deccan Chronicle, 3/12/2007).


Ø      Bhadrachalam: 884 Acres out of 1289 Acres of Temple land was donated to Christian Missionaries.


Ø      Srisailam: Sold 1600 Acres of Temple Land surrounding the temple was to various Christian Organisations including Tribal Gospel.


Ø      Vote bank Politics: Govt. allocates 1.1 crores for Mosques, 6.5 crores for Churches and pays for trips to Haj and Bethlehem for minority Vote banks. Compare this with 50% surcharge on bus fare on MahaSivarathri day to discourage poor Hindus visiting temples (Deccan Chronicle: 8/23/2006, 12/18/2006, Eeenadu, 2/16/2007).




The state Govt. in association with Missionaries has particularly targeted the World famous Tirupathi temple. The subversive activities of Missionaries were zeroed at Tirumala temple itself. Adding insult to the injury the JRG Wealth Management, a Christian Organization was employed for Prasadam materials. Padmavathi University Vice Chancellor appointed by Govt. was engaging in conversion activities on campus and is reported to be responsible for suicide of a student who was forced to convert (Andhra Jyothi, 3/30/3007). Blow up of 1000 pillar Mandapam, attempt to take over 5 out of 7 hills are some of the notable atrocities.




Simachalam is the Ancient Temple of Narasimha Swamy. Very Recently the Temple has come under siege by Missionaries, who have illegally occupied over 300 Acres of temple land with the help of Missionary land Mafias and local Congress Leaders. The Devotees are denied access at the foothills by the Missionaries who hurl insults and abuse at Hindu God as demons and try physically to stop them from undertaking the yatra. They lure these Hindus by providing them basic day to day needs. On many occasions the devotees have complained to the local administration, which watches these events but does not enforce the law. In a span of 20 Months, four churches and 3 convent schools have come up in the vicinity at the foothills and acting criminally a small temple of Hanuman Ji has also been demolished in the thick of the night.




BHADRACHALAM is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Sri Ramachandra and situated on the banks of the sacred river Godavari. Today this temple is also under the siege of Missionaries who have influenced the government to donate 884 Acres out of 1289 Acres of Temple land for their Activities. The Temple which had a passage of 8 entrances has been left with a single narrow passage for the devotees to enter. Govt. is currently planning to buy 900 acres of temple land at rate determined by Govt. for donation (Eenadu, 4/3/2007).



AT ARASAVALLI, which is practically the same as Srikakulam, the headquarters of the northernmost district of Andhra, there is a temple of Lord Surya. Temples dedicated to the worship of Lord Surya are rare in our country. Seventh Day Adventist missionaries have constructed a church right in front of both of its entrances.Because of the missionary arrogance and threat of violence the number of Devotees visiting this ancient temple has declined by 85% in just one year.




SRISAILAM is situated in the thick and inaccessible forests of the Nallamalai hills, in the northeastern portion of the Nandikotkur Taluk of Kurnool District. The Endowment department has sold over 1600 Acres of Temple Land surrounding the temple to various Missionary Organizations including the Tribal Gospel.




On the top of the Mangalagiri hill there is a famous temple called the Panakala Nrusimhaswamy temple, which has been attracting pilgrims for a very long time, and from all parts of the country. This ancient Temple which has the largest Gopuram approximately 14 Floors constructed by King Yudhistra has been under the attack from Missionaries. Due to Poverty, material and monetary incentives offered over 35% of the population are forced and/or lured to convert to Christianity and while the remainder were forced to leave in fear. Hindus can visit the temple only between 10 A.M – 1.P.M because of fear of attack from Christians who are residing in large number at the foothills.


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