Saudi power play

via HK Correspondent published on January 29, 2006

History is replete with Islamic power plays, black mail and brutality. Muslims have sought power through every manner of stratagem. And the history of their successes and failures offers revealing reference for those who seek to study Islamic power game and black mail.


Saudi Arabia, the oil rich islamic kingdom has manipulated the media, threatened nations with oil, and employed ingenious methods of wheeling and dealing to maintain islamic supermacy. The latest Saudi attempt to black mail Denmark is decptive and morally bankrupt. But it serves their nefarious purpose.


Saudi’s top cleric demands  Denmark to punish a privately owned and independent newspaper for publishing some cartoons. The Saudi government goes to the extend of recalling its envoy to Denmark. A campaign is growing strong in Saudi to reject all good coming from Denmark. This could result in a great economic loss to Denmark as lots of their products are sold in Saudi Arabia. Other countries have started following suit. Kuwait has also started taking of Danish products of the shelf. Estimated loss is put at 40 million KD. 


Hindus have so much to study from this. This is the coming age of economic blackmail. When the Americans refused us aid and technology, we fought back on our own. Arab nations think that with their buying power they can bring a democratic government  to its knees. The newspaper that carried the cartoon was a privately owned paper over which the government has no control. We need to study the attitude of this community to be able to strike back at what hurts the most.  


With our knowledge of the terrorism sponsored by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, we still invite their leaders to our country and honour them. And what do we get in return. Humiliation. The Saudi king ignored protocol and refused to visit the Samadhi of Gandhiji. Next to the pope he even offered to raise the quota of Muslims who will visit his country next year for pilgrimage.    


Look at the irony. Places like Sabarimala make 3000 crores during the season. Does any Hindu know or care what is done with this money? It is Hindu money that could be used for the upliftment of the poor Hindu community. All the gold that Gurvayoor temple gets in a year would need a big locker room in the reserve bank to store. Where does all this gold and money go? Is it being used to build schools or hospitals? Are poor Hindus being fed with this money? And the government is thinking of funds when it comes to infrastructure development at these places. Railway projects are being dropped because the Christians wouldn’t allow tracks to be laid or the government doesn’t have money to spend on Erumeli. The transport department charges over 30% surcharge during the season to Sabarimala. Since people started rejecting the KSTRC buses, they found a new technique. The bus parking lots are now located at Nilackel. The people are forced again to use the KSRTC buses to get to Pampa. 


Look at the Hajjis. Their meet point is Paripanangadi college. From here after a night stay they are loaded in KSRTC super fast buses and taken for free to the Karipur airport. It doesn’t end there. The tickets for the Haj are subsidized by the government. They have insurance. They have subsidies on the visas and what not. The end result is that the government spends about 1 lakh rupee on every Hajji.   


Where does this money come from? The government has no control over any funds of the Church or the Mosque. Even for the Sabarimala pilgrimage all the money put at the shrine goes to the government. But the money put at the vavar swami shrine goes to the Muslim committee and there is no track of it. This is outright bias. If the government wants to claim themselves as secular then they need to release their control over our properties. When the communist came to power they took over all the temple properties saying it would be distributed to the poor. If this can be done, why can’t they also acquire the properties of the church and the mosque? I am sure they would be holding acres of land that can be given to the poor Christians who right now are encroaching government properties! 


Who is to blame? We are to blame. Hindus are to take the blame for this. We have been silent and inactive for a very long period. We have learnt only the message of peace, love and ahimsa from our sacred books and forgot the words of our God to fight for Dharma.   


Lets play the Muslim game to its full. Let us also start refusing to give money that goes for Islamic and Christian propagation in India. If the Muslims can put an economic blockade on a foreign country for some cartoons, we can also put a economic blockade on the Muslim community for M.F.Hussains degradation of our religion by painting nude pictures of our deities. We can put an economic blockade on Christian establishments the next time they go around telling the Hindu gods are fake. Or the next time they try their milk powder strategy. We can put an economic blockade on the Communist who are the self styled heroes of the atheists. The communist who strongly react to the word God and treat religion on par with Opium have no right to them control temples or sit on decision making bodies of these temples. Let them try that stunt with the Christians or Muslims.


It is time for Hindus to join together and clarify their own thinking on proper utilization of temple funds.

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