‘Sad(&)dam’ned Politics of India!

via B.R.Haran published on January 1, 2007

Saddam Hussein, the former President of Iraq, had been executed after a legal trial by the democratic government of Iraq, for his barbaric crimes against humanity. During the trial, he has admitted to his crimes, dictatorial rule & autocratic style of functioning. He has not shown any remorse and indulged in denigrating & bashing USA. The charges & actions of US may or may not be right, but all the right thinking people, were of the opinion that, he deserves this punishment for his crimes against humanity.

But, in our country, all the political parties are playing politics on expected lines. While the Indian government felt that the execution of the sentence is unfortunate, the Congress party said that Saddam was very close with our country, whereas the ‘Oil for Food’ scam revealed that the ‘Baath’ party of Iraq was close only with the ‘Haath’ party of India.

The Communists, as usual, have gone to the streets instigating the Muslim community to follow them, taking this issue as an opportunity to show case their hatred towards the US of A. Maulana Mulayam has said that his Samajwadi Party would organize a state sponsored bandh in UP protesting against the hanging. All the other pseudo secular parties, except the BJP, have strongly condemned the execution of Saddam, issuing statements admonishing US & George Bush.

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Dr. Karunanidhi has equated the killings of Saddam with the battle fought by King Ashoka and said that, our country has included his ‘chakra’ in its emblem. How naïve! This elderly gentleman always has the habit of taking leaves out of ‘Hindu’ history as per his convenience to add credibility to his statements. Emperor Ashoka was involved only in battles and not in merciless killings of innocents. Even Rama & Krishna have fought wars to establish ‘Dharma’ and waging wars is Kshatriya Dharma, whereas, the actions of Saddam Hussein were inhuman & barbaric.

The Commies, Congies and the pseudo secularists have protested against the IREA’s regulations, in support of Iran, but the same Iran has welcomed & hailed the execution of Saddam. Why these parties have not commented on Iran’s stance now? These parties have also protested against the ‘Danish’ cartoons on the Prophet Mohammed, mobilizing all the fundamental elements of Muslim community, which proved to be the ’cause’ for violence & vandalism against Hindus in places like Lucknow, Meerut & Hyderabad. Now, again these mean-minded parties are mobilizing & instigating the Muslim community to indulge in protests, which may result in law & order problems. While the ‘Shiite’ dominated Islamic countries have welcomed the hanging of Saddam, all these parties are protesting, only because of the fact that, ‘Sunnis’ dominate India.

Due to the ‘soft’ approach of the UPA government in the last two & a half years, our country was subjected to a lot of terror attacks engineered by the Islamic terror outfits, for which, these parties & the so-called human rights organizations & activists have not even moved an ‘inch’ under protest. But now, when a dictator is rightly hanged for his crime against humanity, these people are protesting and making a big hue & cry. These people were keeping quiet when thousands of their own innocent brothers, sisters & children were massacred by bomb blasts, but, when something happens somewhere in some corner of the world these people are on their feet to protest. What a shame!

It is disgusting that the BJP is exhibiting its cowardice by keeping quiet & refraining from commenting, which does not go well among the right-thinking citizens of this country. But, we have one & only one ‘gutsy’ politician in Dr. Subramaniam Swamy, who was ‘man’ enough to say that, Saddam Hussein deserves this punishment for his crime against humanity. Hats off to him!

What is happening in India is the height of vote bank politics & minority appeasement, which is going to result in anarchy. In this kind of an environment, it will be naïve on our part to expect our Indian government to emulate Iraq government in executing the verdicts of the Supreme Court. We can be rest assured that the dreaded terrorist of JeM, Mohammed Afzal Guru would never be hanged.

Long live Human Rights! Cheers to Secularism!.


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