Rebuttal to ‘ Indian Khmer Rogues’ in US

published on November 9, 2008

‘ Indian Khmer Rogues’ in US apparently are upset over Ms Sonal Shah’s appointment as Financial Adviser of Barack Obama . Shri Sreevalsan’s befitting reply to so called leftist intellectual Vijaya Prasad who was first to Malign the association of Sonal Shah’s family with patriotic Hindu organisations based in India.


The Many Faces of Sonal Shah – Obama’s Indian


Your article “The Many Faces of Sonal Shah, Obama’s Indian” is nothing but a bundle of sophisticated lies, typical of the Indian pseudo-seculars held in the most profound contempt by all patriotic Indians.

Though your article is far too beneath my contempt to deserve a detailed refutation of the several outright lies contained in it, not to take note of them would be a dereliction of duty on the part of an alert patriot like me.

So, the VHP, the OF BJP and Ekal Vidyalaya are ‘cruel’ organizations? But you have not pointed out even a single act of ‘cruelty’ committed by them.


If defending the peaceful and docile natives of India (that is, the Hindus) from predatory ‘religions’ like Islam and Christianity and their barbaric followers is cruelty, then so be it.

You call the VHP ‘fascist’ whereas most Hindus feel that label should be pasted on Islam and Christianity that contemptible p-secs like you won’t dare to trifle with.


I have never heard Ashok Singhal say he believes that VHP should “inculcate a fear psychosis among [India’s] Muslim community.” But, the fact is Hindus in India live in fear of Islamic bombs going off anywhere any moment!

Yes, Gujarat was once a tolerant society but not after that land was desecrated by the entry of the spectacularly intolerant Muslim ‘mlechchas’ (meaning barbarians, since you are unlikely to know the language of the gods).

There was never any attempt by any Hindu to ‘escape’ from the alleged rigidities of caste because of Hindus of all castes, high or low, have always held both Islam, Christianity and their followers in the most profound contempt. They still do.

There is no ‘dispute’ about the train fire in Godhra. The unspeakable friends of Islam tried to set fire to the entire train but only one coach caught fire. That the fire is ‘disputed’ is itself the most horrendous lie for which you deserve an Islamic punishment like stoning to death.

The Hindu Right did not have to ‘let loose their warriors’ in Gujarat because the entire Hindu society rose as one to fight the barbaric Islamic invaders.

If the Sangh Parivar is ‘Vedic Taliban’ (whatever it means), we can also call the church as ‘Christian Taliban’ and yourself as an ‘intellectual Taliban’

It is the climate created, not by the VHP but by the cross-bearing peddlers of instant salvation that are responsible for the upsurge in anti-Christian sentiment among the natives of India.

You call Modi ‘venomous’. If Modi is venomous, what about the Church which published the book ‘Sathya Darshini’ in Kannada which insulted and abused Hindu gods and goddesses?

You quote Gandhi as writing, “It has always been a mystery to me how men can feel themselves honoured by the humiliation of their fellow-beings.” We Hindus too are mystified why Gandhi heaped so much humiliation upon us!

Bogus academicians like you need a simple Islamic punishment ‘ chopping off all the ten fingers, so that you can’t write this kind of trash ever again!

Watch out, some patriotic Hindu somewhere (even in the US) may decide to mete out this Taliban-type punishment to you. You won’t have anyone to blame except yourself.






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