Putin’s Halloween Mask of Cybele- Retribution of the Mother Goddess

via Aron published on November 5, 2015

In just over a year after the declaration of the Caliphate in mid 2014- the Islamic State began demonstrating a ‘brand of Islam’ that included reenactment of atrocities that were till then denied by apologetic historians about Muslim Conquests.

Taking captives from captured territories, the world saw the reenactment of Sexual Slavery as sanctified citing appropriate textual veridical traditions.

Beheading to instill terror became a video graphed ritual, bring back to memory pages from Taimur and Babur who boasted of erecting mounds and hills of severed kafir heads.

The separation of all adult males, forced to dig their own graves for summary executions, like those of Yezhdhis and Syrian Christians similarly staged pages from the medieval history of conquering armies of the Kalifa.

Like many observant readers of world history, Michael Maloof notes- “ISIS, which also calls itself Islamic State, is beginning to look a lot like previous Muslim conquerors in the region, most notably Tamerlane, who wreaked havoc over populations from Central Asia to Moscow.”

Sikhs could recognize the Martyrdom of two Christian kids refusing to repeat the kalmia and renounce their faith and were beheaded.- in the sons of Guru Gobind Ji.They can also recall the feeding of their meat to the holy mother of their gurus, in this latest news of ISIS feeding a starved Yezhdhi woman her 9 year old daughter’s cooked meat- the denied and suppressed Islamic history attested right before our eyes.  

Isis also disabused the apologia about destruction of non-muslim shrines in conquered areas by Muslim invaders.

Though Allahabad Court finally studied Indian history and busted this leftist lie about Ram mandir, ISIS was telecasting Shrine destructions regularly as quintessential Islamic military behavior.

In fact till ISIS began demonstrating the ‘right way’ of knocking down Pagan and Pre-islamic shrines and icons to ‘eradicate idolatry’ and ‘worship of false gods’- the long history of repeated sacking of Hindu Buddhist shrines used to be denied by Marxist and Leftist historians- as never happened or due to economic motivations alone.

ISIS smashed those Marxist lies about Islamic iconoclasm once and for all- as indeed central to the Islamic belief system, and non-negotiable.

ISIS and Al Qaeda groups systematically razed down historic heritage sites and shrines, and turned down secret offers from United Nations for trading the icons and idols for money. This of course reminds us the classic retort of Mohamad Ghori who was similarly offered treasures by Hindus in return for the Idols and icons seized and removed by him- ‘Iam not a trader of idols but a destroyer of idols’.

The Statue of Lion Goddess Al Latu.

The capture of Syrian town of Palmyra was made possible only after the residents extracted a promise allegedly from Al- Baghdadi himself, that in return for their surrender of weapons, ISIS would spare the millenniums old Statue of the Mother Goddess on the Lion.

Though the population was Muslim such was their love for their past heritage. The presence of the Statue of the Lion Lady or Cybele that any Hindu would instantly recognize as Greco-Roman Durga was similarly safe guarded during previous occupations by foreign armies.

If the pre-Islamic Syrians cherished her as Lucretius described her, “Great Mother, Mother of all, Uncreated and Holder of World Order, the present day muslim residents of the town cherished her presence as a good fortune and protector of the land.

The Syrian arabs hailed her as Al Latu, like Hindus knew her as Lata, and her Lion.

Revoking pacts and treaties and breaking promises is another interesting repeat of history.

ISIS rescinds its promise not to hurt or damage the Statue of the Lion lady at the central square in Palmyra and after overcoming a very desperate and brave resistance of residents. They were slaughtered, the Lion Lady was broken down and the superiority of One God idea was declared as provably demonstrated, much to cries of Allahu Akbars and over the scattered bodies of martyred residents who made a futile but heroic stand for their Lady of Good Fortune.

ISIS then stepped up such demonstrations of the impotence of the ancestral gods and their accursed shrines and ruins still left standing and cherished as national heritage and treasures.

It vowed to pull down those testimonials to the filth of Idolatry that their ancestors practiced. Wipe out their memory so that they can never rise again.

As historians watched in horror, ISIS razed down the entire ancient Ruin City of Hatra with explosives and bull dozers.

Then it razed down the millenniums old Assyrian ruin city of Nimrud.

History was not just getting re-enacted from pages of early Muslim Conquests, all Pre-Islamic Culture and history itself was getting erased.


The Psychological warfare

Regarding this Iconoclasm, little is done to make the traumatized victim cultures understand the Psychological warfare involved in this barbarous drive by Jihadis or for that matter fanatical Monotheists over the ages.

If the Islamists pulled down an Iconic shrine, or hammered to debris statues and idols long cherished by their forefathers, it is done quiet ostentatiously to showcase the Impotence of these divinities unable to defend themselves from the hands of superior Deity Allah.

The reverse is never made out by the infidels when these supposedly invincible deity’s hit men get a piece of these gods’ mind and get kicked and tossed and buried in the mud.

Unfortunately for these supposedly lifeless and powerless gods and goddesses- there is no one to cheerlead the hit back and pronounce who among the two god ideas was left standing in the ring and in fact ‘greater’ in the last round of fight.

When the Taliban shot cannon balls at the Massive Buddha statues at bamiyan in Afghanistan, only the impotence of Buddha was observed amidst cries of Allahu Akbars- but Buddhists for instance didn’t point out how this sacrilege was followed by an unprecedented carpet bombing by allied forces that ended in a slaughter of a million afghans within months after 9/11- they didn’t cry Bhudha must after all be more Akbar and did kick back with disproportionate force.

It would be childish for Non-Muslim cultures to retort this way, and claim their gods and goddesses were ‘greater’ because it could wreck more damage, slaughter more people, rape more women and demolish more shrines, ruin habitations.

But the Islamists thrive exactly on such a childish logic.

Which is why it is important that each time the Ghazis of Islam let out triumphalism war cries of Allah being greater of the divinities, by smashing up shrines and icons and heritage sites- the Non-Muslims need understand the importance of countering this logic by pointing out what invariably follows, but never bragged about by Kafirs like Islamists do for their Allah and his alleged might.

If Allah was proclaimed his greatness in the impotence of statues and icons, then it is imperative that we check if these statues and deities did send any appropriate response by way of force to meet the Jihadis.

In the last count, ISIS smashed several Pre-Islamic heritage sites, and made a point to display the might of its deity and the helpless icons and statues and shrines that went to dust.

In Palmyra they made a perverse festivity of iconoclasm and pillage.

Al Assad the director of antiquities was tortured in public and met a cruel death refusing to disclose the whereabouts of the remaining Icons and statues smuggled to safe keeping- much like Malik kafur’s invasions.

The Statue of Lion of Al Lata, was smashed up.

Then finally the Triumph Arch at Palmyra was blown up.

The Greatness of their One god proclaimed as now established against the powerlessness of impotent goddess and gods of their ancestors.

The Thunder God Hadad’s shrine was pulled down. He is Syrian Rudra, the Ain dara or Indra.

All seemed a tragic masquerade of the gods in this Halloween of 2015.

The great goddess Isis and Ra and the Sphinx were watching with terror across from the sands of Egypt- supposedly trembling awaiting their turn a same fate.

Halloween of the gods- Putin wears the mask of Cybele

Then from the skies came flashing upon these hordes of hell, the lightning bolts of Hadad Rudra.

The Lion of Cybele Durga came charging splitting open the skies.

The gods wore the mask of Putin in the Halloween of 2015.

In a resolute campaign of hot pursuit, the Russian Air force began thoroughly pulverizing the strong holds of Islamic state. One analyst estimated the degradation of ISIS command and infrastructure as so bad that ISIS can be wiped out in matter of weeks if not hours.

This exposed the mask of sham air strikes by U.S and its allies, for more than a year long that seemed only to strengthen the terrorist outfit.

In a bold reach out to the world, Putin also questioned the collusion of the Liberal media with the rampantly destructive pro-jihadist policy of American administration- “do you realize what you have done?”

Stable regimes were toppled and chaos unleashed. Jihad groups were funded and armed to teeth as they set about mass killings. Entire region was destabilized and this Islamist menace was spreading quickly and more of the same mistakes were getting done.

If toppling Gaddafi lead to anarchy and Extremist takeover and millions of refugees, would any sane policy repeat that at Syria to topple Assad and hand it over to Islamists?

The masks were coming off the face of a villainous media that cheerlead a supposed ‘Arab Springs’ that lead to Jihad bloodletting in rivers of blood and tears.

The ugly face of American conduct and handling of this most dangerous kind of politics of weapons supply to terrorism was exposed.

The mindless fanatics of ISIS were shown the Retribution of the gods.

The eternal Mother of the Gods displayed the Vijaya dasami- the ten days of carpet bombing and dreadful Spetznaz Special forces hunting down the top leadership of this Nazi –like entity, like Sarama the hunting hounds of Indra.

Let us Hail then like the Greek Lucretius ‘the Great Mother, greatest mother of the gods. Uncreated and Holder of World Order’.

Let us recognize and celebrate the Halloween mask of the mother of the gods in Putin- in this Vijaya dasami or the Ten Days of battle of forces of Light with darkness, Victory Day of the Mother Goddess over the Asuras harassing the earth.

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