Protest against Sonia (Maino) Gandhi on representing India on Non-Violence Day at UN

via Gandhi Heritage Organization published on September 5, 2007

New York: A protest and fast is being planned at United Nations in New York on Oct 2 nd against Sonia Gandhi representation for Non-Violence day at UN on Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday.   The protest will take place in front of UN from 12-2 PM.  Dates for fasting will be announced at the website .  A bus will be arranged from Edison, NJ. Volunteers are welcome for fasting and for organizing buses from different areas.

The recent UN declaration of Mahatma Gandhi birthday as International Non-Violence day at India’s request is commendable.  However instead of true Gandhians who lived there life based on Gandhi ji’s ideals representing this day at UN, politicians like Sonia Gandhi are using his name for political mileage and international legitimacy. The alarming threat Sonia poses to democracy of India, corruption & fraud since entering India, dividing India for purpose of dynasty rule, crusade to wipe out Hinduism. What is the difference in blow up of Buddhist statues by Taliban & the blow up of Rama Sethu?

In thought, word and deed, what Sonia stands for is direct contradiction to what Mahatma Gandhi stood for.   Mahatma Gandhi was an embodiment of Truth.  His life was guided by Hindu scriptures and has deep respect to all religions and to democratic & secular principles. On the other hand, Sonia’s actions as unraveled by many journalists speak volumes of her character and emphasize the danger the humanity faces when even the best name in the world is utilized for personal gain.

Sonia comes from a family background associated with Fascism.  Her father worked for Mussolini fascists and was later involved with KGB.  Sonia came to India through her relation with Rajiv during his study at UK where she worked as caregiver.  As elaborated with detailed records in the article ‘Greedy Sonia’ of the book ‘Sonia, the truth’ from India First foundation, Sonia has been engaging in many fraudulent and corrupt activities since she entered India in 1970 which showed little regard for Indian Law.  Most well known is through her close Italian family friend Quattrocchi (Q) who engaged in number of corrupt activities in India as agent for Bofors and for another Italian Company SNEM. Q has looted the country millions of dollars and jeopardized the security of the country and got 30 deals signed for SNEM.  She, Rajiv and Rahul are confirmed paid KGB agents and she is the heir of Rajiv Swiss account of 4625 crores. 

Through Jawahar, Indira and Rajiv trusts and Indira Gandhi Arts Center millions of crores of rupees have been usurped by manipulating the laws and boards to her favor.   Per Dr. Subramanian Swamy and others, Indira Gandhi Arts Center is being used to smuggle antique items to her sister antique shop in Italy which is a trading post for US/UK.   Both she and her Italian family is believed to have become billionaires looting India .  Contrast this with Gandhi ji,  who owned nothing but a loin cloth, chappals and a watch and who once send his son packing to South Africa for minor transgression.

Sonia never demonstrated patriotism for India.  She retained Italian Citizenship for 16 years until Rajiv became Prime Minister in 1984.  (She is eligible after two years).  During 1974 Pak war, while all Indian Airlines pilots are required to stay on job, she, pilot Rajiv & two children ran and stayed in Italy.  When in 1977 Indira Gandhi lost elections, she packed overnight, ran & hid herself with Rajiv & Children in Italian embassy in Delhi.  She rose to President of congress by overthrowing Sitaram Kesari with Congress goons and more importantly the mysterious deaths of her congress opponents like Rajesh Pilot, Madhava Rao Scindia and Jitendra Prasad cannot but raise questions.  Contrast this with Gandhi ji whose heart and soul is India.  He went into the severe rioting area at a great risk to his life and was almost killed by a rioter.  Such is Gandhi’s love for every Indian when someone asked Kasturbai how many children she has, she replied that while she had 4 children, her husband has three hundred million children. 

Sonia is in a hurry, hurry to install her siblings on throne reigning over more than one billions Indians.  Rather than administer the country for the welfare of all Indians from day one she got elected she is pursuing a strategy of divide and conquer to ensure her seat of power forever.  She and her cohorts are engaging in policy of allowing illegal immigration of Bangla deshis (increase muslims), assisting in illegal conversion (Christians) and divide Hindus (thro’ caste reservations) for assured vote banks.  She started the policy of Muslims have first right over resources purely for vote banks which has potential to divide India again.  Contrast this with Gandhi ji who told Jinnah, cut me into half than divide India.  Neither Gandhi ji nor his descendants later ever claimed power.

With her Italian pope connections Sonia has also been very busy engaging in attempt to wipe out or subjugate Hinduism in India.  She intimidated most revered Hindu saint on whom no evidence could be produced after 3 years.  Rama Sethu held sacred by one billion Hindus is being blown up just like Taliban blew up Buddha Statues and this in spite of overwhelming proof that it would be an environmental disaster.  Her protégé YSR in Andhra Pradesh is on a crusade to destroy Hindu Temples and attempted to take over 5 out of 7 most sacred Tirumala hills for Churches and Tourism.  She and others are blowing up sacred Rama Sethu just like Talibans blew up Buddha statues.  Per Francois Gautier, she created 5 Christian CM’s & her coterie consists of only Hindu baiting Christians Ambika Soni who is blowing up Rama Sethu, Margaret Alva, Oscar Fernandez,  Hindu hater Valson Thampu who is rewriting text books to disparage Hinduism and Kanchan Ilaya another Hindu hater to lobby against caste discrimination in UN & US Congress.  Will US President lobby UN and India for racism in US?  Contrast this Gandhi ji, who is very embodiment of Hinduism and Gita and his great respect to every religion.  He said the religious conversions engaged by missionaries are the deadliest poison that ever sapped the fountain of truth and poverty does not justify conversion.   His strength was Rama Nama and he died with that name on his lips.

While Gandhi ji is Dharma Rakshaka,  Sonia’s actions show she is Dharma Bhakshaka.  If we allow this to continue, it is not just India but all humanity will suffer. India will surely be dragged into likes of emergency period and its gains in economy can be wiped out.  Please become aware and join our protest and fast. 

Endorsed by Forum for saving Gandhi Heritage consisting of Mahatma Gandhi International Foundation,  Indo Caribbean Council,  Kashmiri Pandits Association,  Foundation of Nepalis in America & others given on website.  Contact:  Thali: 732-403-7460, Prasad: 630-885-3180, Umesh:908-240-7720,  Naresh:609-226-9702,  Kataria:718-478-5735,  Sahani:718-271-0453, Prasad: 480-544-3258 & Others on website. Additional details with supporting information and the contacts are available at , Email: [email protected] .

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