‘Pot Calling Kettle Black’-Saudi abusing Europe for Human Right Violation!

published on October 9, 2007

Saudi Arabia urges the European Union not to discriminate against Muslims because of their faith.They urge these countries not to unjustly interrogate, treat with disrespect and humiliate Muslims. It also asks them to respect their religious practices like wearing the hijab in schools. –A News Report



HK Comments.

It sounds totally absurd even to think in these lines when the political, religious establishment in
Saudi Arabia itself does not follow these guidelines of Human Rights in any aspect.

When the followers of different sects of Islam itself is discriminated in
Saudi Arabia, what to say about other Religions! As we all know Practicing Religions other than Islam is strictly prohibited.


Presence of US forces in the desert has now forced them to show some leniency towards Christians. Whereas other religions like Hinduism and Buddhism is total blasphemous for those who now urge others on matters of Human Rights.Rigorous penalty is given even for worship at home. Political freedom and freedom of press is totally unheard of! But still they wants to put up the face of ‘Human Right’!

The Americans who are so eager to bring democracy around the world have no say to this oil rich country. The Saudi royal family who have a huge saying in Islamic matters and in OPEC is very important strategically for the Americans.

But to ask the Europeans to behave themselves, citing about past Islamic rule in some part of
Europe somewhere along the Time line in the middle Ages is like- the Muslims of India claiming to be superior because some Hindus shamelessly allowed foreign invaders to lay siege over India ages ago.

Its time to make corrections, in
India and the World.


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