Pakistan’s Decline and New Delhi’s role as Saviour

published on April 8, 2013

(Ref: Pakistan’s Precipitous Decline — William Milam

India had great opportunities from day one to place Pakistan on the path of precipitous decline, but instead guided by self flagellating mind set the leaders chose to give Pakistan a new lease of life every time. In 1948 when Pakistan was collapsing under weight of its aggression in Kashmir, daily arms and ammunition were being shipped to Rawalpindi from New Delhi. It was a funny war, both sides were led by British Generals and each was talking to the other every day on their military strategy. Despite that when Indian army was giving a very good account of itself, Nehru and Mountbatten chose to wrest defeat from jaws of victory and the matter is still hanging in UN.
In 1965 the Western powers came to the rescue and extricated Pakistan from certain loss of Lahore to Indian army followed by collapse of entire state. It did not have ammunition any more to resist advancing Indian army. Pakistan boasted with its Patton tanks it will march in Delhi but instead it faced brink of collapse then itself. It was allowed to escape and even claim victory.
In 1971 too though for certain it could no longer hoodwink its populace with alleged victory, though for good once for all it got split into two,still it got out fairly well with its war criminals , 90,000 of them going scot free while Indian prisoners of war still languishing in Paki jails. Soon Paki army marched to occupy Sialchen heights in Kashmir.
Soon thereafter Pakistan acquired nuclear weapons.
Assured , assuming correctly that Mahatmic Indian leaders will never effectively retaliate because of these weapons Pakistan chose to attack India in Kargil and then in New Delhi launching direct assault on Parliament. Again it got rehabilitated with extravaganza thrown to honor Gen. Musharraf in Agra when every one else in the world chose to isolate him for his usurping power in a military coup.
Of course other than wasting billions of dollars of India’s money in mobilization of army  following attack on Parliament, nothing deleterious happened to Pakistan. It might have been just as well to arrange cricket match in response, would have been much cheaper but with same result.
However despite such benign benevolent attitude always accommodating Pakistan regardless of party in Power in Delhi, Pakistan chose to keep traveling on road to decline. Let us hope now some other leader will not come along to adorn throne in New Delhi proclaiming that a strong and prosperous Pakistan is in India’s interest.  Instead if  reticence prevents any pro active measure to further hasten natural  process of further disintegration of Pakistan whose only reason for existence and only aim is to hurt India,at least the coming leadership in New Delhi should get out of the way and allow Pakistan to fall where it may.

At least that is what Americans and West have come to conclude and India need not have any difference of opinion in this regard.

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