Overseas Friends of BJP calls for a united fight against the Maoist Terrorism in India

via Press Release published on April 27, 2010

Washington DC. 

OFBJP-USA gives a clarion call to the people, the government, and all the political parties of India to treat the Maoist (Naxalite) menace as a serious threat to the nation in terms of security, culture, and democracy. Dr. Adapa Prasad, President of OFBJP highlights the concerns of NRIs after the recently conducted debate in Parliament where the ruling UPA government, particularly the Congress Party voiced many contradictory signals regarding how to fight the Maoist terrorism. This dampens the morale of the security forces that are fighting on the ground, and OFBJP USA calls for a national resolve and a united fight on this national issue of great importance.

One should recall the history of violent Naxal/Maoist movement in Bengal and Andhra Pradesh in particular and how the Left wing politics of India orchestrated by their Chinese masters supported it morally and ideologically. How could anybody forget the treacherous communist parties support to the British and the China during India’s independence movement and 1962 Indo-China War, respectively?

After the demise of Soviet communist regime, the worldwide communist movement has died its natural death except in certain parts of India. Though anti-democratic and fascist in its ideology and practice, the left-over and discredited communist parties around the world are transforming themselves in to new avatars adopting and practicing a more centrist and democratic way of politics in order to compete and survive in the increasingly globalized market driven world of today. China took Deng Xiaoping route of market economy way back in the late 1970’s and today took the centre-stage in Global economy and following a western model of economic growth. Ironically, the Maoist movement in India is still inspired by the rejected and failed Maoist China as China supports these misguided violent elements by supplying arms and ammunition as part of their India containment policy.   

Currently, this Maoist movement is a multi-billion rupees enterprise spread over 200 districts in India across eight states. It is estimated that about 1,500 crores of rupees run this well oiled machine whose leaders also enjoy the luxuries of modern life.  Unfortunately, Maoist movements which originally began as mass movements against oppressive land owners and industrialists have now become organized mafias of land grabbers, kidnappers, smugglers and terrorists. The main objective of the Maoist movement is to capture the Indian state through armed insurgency and terrorism. They believe in violence, dictatorship, and terror. They believe that power flows from the barrel of the gun. They do not resort to the path of peace and democracy but provide no freedom and no fundamental rights. The Maoists thrive on poverty, illiteracy and ignorance of the poor segments of the society, and therefore they do not want development in any backward area.

Several governments starting with Congress party have played double-games to suit their political interests with these Maoist groups at various times during the last four decades. For example, in Andhra Pradesh, Congress and Telugu Desam parties played blow hot and blow cold relationship with Maoist groups. In the process, these Maoists established themselves firmly on the ground and few years ago they merged to form one huge entity in India to challenge the very existence of the country as we know it.

As the central government has woken up lately and promised to work out a plan to crush this menace once and for all, the Congress party could not mend its old ways of political one-upmanship vis-à-vis opposition ruled states. In that process, coordination among the central and state forces is miserably failing as was evident during the recent massacre of 76 CRPF personnel in the Dandakaranya forest of Dantewada district in Chattisgarh state. The central paramilitary forces were surrounded and butchered in cold blood by 1000 well armed Maoists. This is a poignant reminder of the challenges the Indian Government faces in eliminating these terrorists.

The national executive committee of OFBJP USA, including Shri Jayesh Patel, Shri Chandrakant Patel, Shri R.P.Singh, and Shri Ramesh Shah call upon all concerned to treat Maoist terrorism as a national security issue and appeals to the Indian public, government, opposition parties, and the media to desist from airing multiple voices as it will only drag the concerted and united effort that must be taken without delay.

Released By: Public Relations and Media Committee, OFBJP-USA

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