Never Compromise with Jihadi Terrorists

via Dr Babu Suseelan published on October 1, 2009

In Response to Pakistani Jihadis threatens to ‘FREE’ all Muslim majority areas

Muslims use deceptive and dishonest strategies (Al-Taquiea) as approved in Islam for mental misdirection and subjugation of infidels. They drift along a stream which is of their own choosing and use different alibis to save themselves from the responsibility for their criminal choices. Since their commitment for jihad war is firm and non-changeable, they abandon questions of morality, co-existence and tolerance. They fail deliberately to accept concepts of freedom of the will, democratic principles and religious tolerance. The only problem solving method they accept, know and use is jihad war and terrorism against those who dissent.
We are living in a world devastated by Jihadi terrorism. Furthermore, Jihadi terrorists with hidden bombs, Jihadi women hiding bombs under their black Burkha are roaming the world looking for infidels for destruction. What, then, we have to do? Surrender our neck for beheading in the name of Allah?
Moral agonists, relativists and phony secularists advise us to compromise with Jihadi terrorist. In today’s bogus secular culture, we see moral bankruptcy every where. It is fashionable for morally bankrupt people to advise us for compromise with deadly jihadis. It is the moral grayness that we have to condemn. These moral agnostics and bankrupt people escape from the  responsibility  of moral judgment. they closes their eyes and mind , and evades the facts and reality of jihadi terrorism. They deliberately hide behind a thick wall of denial and struggle not to know about homicide bombing, death and destruction caused by jihadi terrorists.
They suffer from cognitive confusion, uncertainty and epistemological sloppiness. Their moral grayness encourages Jihadis to continue their murder mayhem. Do we have to compromise on them? A compromise is an adjustment of conflicting claims by mutual consensus. This means both parties have some valid claims and some value to offer to each other. Do Jihadis offer any values to us other than death and destruction? There can be no compromise between a murderer and an innocent person who want to live. Can we compromise with a burglar? Can we compromise with our disease? There can be no compromise with freedom and Jihadis?

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