“Muslim First and American Next”

via Synonymous published on November 9, 2009

All Jihadis are wretched cowards. They are shit scared of standing up to real power and facing armed soldiers who are designated to defend those in power. Instead they seek the easy way of entering heaven (where wealth, women and wine are promised in abundance) by planting bombs in trains & markets killing innocent women & children OR opening fire using automatic weapons at unarmed men OR firing missiles at Budha statues. These miserable creatures are usually illiterate, fanatical and unworthy of being categorized as human beings. But rarely we do come across Jihadis who are educated and whose words convey a clear message to the civilized world. Major Nidal Malik Hassan, the American military psychiatrist, who shot dead a dozen American soldiers and maimed scores of others is one such.

Though his act of firing at unarmed soldiers is horrific, his message to the Americans is something no one should miss. He has categorically declared to USA and to the world that he is “A Muslim first and then only an American citizen”. A Muslim born and brought up in USA , someone who has shamelessly studied at public money to become a well qualified psychiatrist has disowned his motherland for Jihadism. He has spit on the face of all Americans and declared unambiguously that his religious goals are much above that of his motherland (or fatherland). US citizens whose money  made his flesh and blood have been fooled again. Jihadi act of Major Hassan is much more serious than 9/11. Major Hassan is part of US Armed Forces which is supposed to defend USA and he has massacred his own brethren when they are unarmed.  Hussein Obama will have to do lot of homework to bring back the confidence of America and Americans. Already there are plenty of terrorists within the ship itself.

The message for so many European nations and India is loud and clear. It is ‘religion first and nation next’ for all Jihadis. It is becoming more so for more educated Jihadis. And more the number of Jihadis in a country, more vulnerable it becomes. Some of the nations (like Afganistan , Pakistan , Saudi, Iran , UAE etc.) have already become Jihadi and Jihadism is spreading faster than H1N1 among all Muslims in the world. What will happen when the vital installations of a Non-Jihadi nation are entrusted with a Jihadi individual? What happens when a Non-Jihadi nation with Jihadis in its armed forces have a conflict with a Jihadi nation? If it is Jihadism first, whom will the Jihadi soldiers fight for? United Nations, if it has any meaning left, must address this issue without any delay.  Otherwise, Jihadism will destroy the entire humanity for a cruel cult based on false promises being propagated by selfish mullahs.

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