Moslems about to take over Europe?

via Surinder Paul Attri published on February 6, 2007

1. There is considerable evidence that Islam is taking over Europe. Europe cannot afford to relax, it must keep its eyes on Islam in Europe. It is not a question of “ If “ but of “ when “ Islam takes over Europe, and takes it into Dark Ages. Islam is taking over Europe village by village, city by city, town by town, and country by country. Isn’t that sad?

Yes, it is, but it Europe’s own fault. It is the fruit of the European policy of political correctness.

Incidentally, this is the second attempt of Islam to take over Europe, after the “ First Attempt Of Turkey “ 500 years ago. Europe resisted and finally Turkey was crushed by Europe in 1914.

2. Now Europe is giving to Islam, what Islam could not get 500 years ago. It is doing that through its policy of liberal Moslem immigration, political correctness, and the enormous demographic expansion of Moslem population, compared with demographics of Non-Moslem populations of Europe.

Moslems are becoming a pest in Australia too. The leader of the first Moslem political party in Australia, says:

“ All Australians should be living under Islamic law, dictated by Quran. “

Australians ought to outlaw this party, for making this kind of revolting statement. What would or could happen if this party takes hold of Australia?

3. At this time, France is being taken over by Islam. France is losing control of its own territories in France to Moslem communities. Moslems are coming to France by the thousands, with no restrictions. Saudi Arabia is paying donations to media and politicians of France, to expand the influence of Islam and Moslems. The media and politicians of France insist that Islam is peaceful. But the media and politicians of Europe and America, also insist that Islam is peaceful. Obviously, Saudi Money ( or Donation ) is working. Even though bad things are happening daily in Europe and America, through the actions of Moslems, in both places the attitude of Non-Moslem populations is one of denial, relaxation, and watching the show comfortably.

4. For a few dollars, the corrupt politicians and media of Europe and America, are selling their countries. It is only a matter of time, when Moslems shall install Sharia Law, in Western countries of Europe, and eventually in America and Australia too.

I prefer to label Saudi-Donations as Saudi-Bribes.

What would the equal treatment of all communities in Europe and Mid-East?

Shouldn’t the Moslems treat the Eastern Christians of Mid-East same way, as Moslems are being treated in Europe. But this reciprocal and equal treatment is not acceptable to most Moslems of the Mid-East. So what other equal treatment is possible?

5. An alternate and reasonable solution is via population transfer. Here is how it can work.

Ship the Moslem populations of Bosnia-Herzegovinia and Albania to, Assyria in Mid-East. Ship the Christian population of Assyria to Bosnia-Herzegovinia and Albania.

Wouldn’t this transfer be a fair solution to both Moslems and Christians?

However, most Moslems do not favor this solution. They want to control both Europe and Mid-East.

All that I am suggesting is that a single standard of laws apply, to all communities, Moslems and Non-Moslems. After all what is good for the goose, is good for the gander too.

6. What about the Islamic take-over of India?

This is a distinct possibility, unless we Hindus take some strong measures to control and reduce the population of Moslems in India. The same political factors that threaten Europe and America, threaten India too. The Indian policy ( disease ) of political-correctness of Phoney-Liberal politicians, of nonchalant approach to illegal Moslem infiltration into India from Bangladesh, and enormous demographic expansion of Moslem population in India, constitute a serious threat of Islamic take-over of India.

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