MFH- From Canvas to Vanvas

via Remesh Gopi published on March 9, 2010

MFH has now earned what he toiled so hard for in all his life.  His life is a saga of canvas to vanvas.  He can now experiment “freedom of expression” in an Islamic country with trying to dare to draw prophet in the nude with his many wives, tightening a chastity belt, or setting fire to a goats tail and call it creativity.
Where was Vir Sangvi and his rusted intellectually filthy ilk when Dutch cartoonist drew the cartoons of Mohammad?  Where was his free-thinking when a picture of Jesus appeared just last month holding cigarette and whiskey and the subsequent protests?
Hindu gods may have been shown in nude in ancient carvings or paintings, but that era was different, the purpose was different, the intention was different.  The nude paintings in khajurao is intended to tell those who visit the temple that the world is full of temptations, but only those who insulate from these temptations shall find god who has been seated above these carvings much side structure in the sanctum sanctorum.
For idiots like Vir Sangvi the nude paintings/sculptors are things of curiosity and pleasure to be picturized in his digital cams for later use  and then write columns on the decadance or immorality.

Today, the strong undercurrents of communal divide touch every aspect of life in India and it is no business of even a Hindu, forget a Muslim, to draw Hindu gods in nude.
The flow of secular babus and journalists from India and Qatari sheiks (for whom art is Greek) for photo sessions to your protected mansion will end soon.  There is a limit to which Qatar museum of art can stack your paintings.  Qataris will know what a liability you are once you are given the “freedom of expression.”  What is the significance of art in Qatar anyway?
Good for you MFH, good for the desert ants.
Get out of my country anyway!!!

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