MF Husain Insults West to Glorify His Religion

via Bharat J. Gajjar published on June 6, 2008

This is a response to an article in the June 6, 2008 India Post, entitled “West offers only junk culture: M F Husain.”

MF Husain says that the West offers only junk culture. MF Husain has also tried to increase his fame by disrespectfully painting Hindu Goddesses in naked form. It seems that MF Husain is a bully-he needs to push others down so he can feel better about himself and his religion. He also exhibits the signs of a pseudo-intellectual.

In his shallow thinking, the west offers only junk culture. He fails to understand that most of the achievements of the Mughals were actually Hindu achievements. The Mughals were nomads who came to India and seized Indian resources. Hindu artisans designed and built the mosques and the Taj Mahal in India and the Mughals just took the credit.  As professor Oak asks why was there no Mughal art and architecture from where the Mughals came from?

Americans,English, and Germans built Dubai, the shining city where MF Husain lives,
using foreign labor. MF Husain fails to realize that almost everything in Dubai was built or purchased using oil wealth. Their oil wealth would not exist if America and other Western countries had no found, produced, transported, and bought their oil. In addition, Dubai’s vast wealth is invested in the stock markets of Western counties. MF Husain is not able to understand that it is Western culture that he enjoys in Dubai. This shows that MF Husain is not in touch with reality.

The fact that MF Husain is a bully is shown by the fact that he has no problem insulting Hindus by painting Hindu Goddesses in nude form because Hindus are peaceful, loving, and weak. MF Husain would not dare paint his own prophet in the nude. Nor would he dare to paint Jesus’ mother Mary in the nude. How long would MF Husain last in Dubai or London if he does that?

MF Husain is very proud of Muslim culture, but many of the failed states in the world, including Pakistan and Bangladesh, are Muslim countries. Pakistan is gets $2 billion a year from the USA. That’s why they are surviving. Let’s all appreciate how the world had benefited from the achievements of Western and Indian cultures. Let’s love and respect each other.

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