LTTE: A Failed Christian Conspiracy

published on June 4, 2009

The nearly three-decade-long fight by the LTTE for a separate homeland for Tamils in Sri Lanka has come to end after the death of Tamil Tigers chief Velupillai Prabhakaran. Yet the world in general, and the Tamil community in particular has not understood the true nature of the so-called ‘Tamil struggle’ that Prabhakaran had initiated and was leading for nearly thirty years.

There are many clinching clues which all go to indicate that Prabhakaran’s ways were not in line with any struggle for honour of Sri Lankan Tamils or attempts at securing viable autonomy or independence for them.

First and foremost, Prabhakaran was demanding an independent Tamil state in Sri Lanka right from the beginning of his taking leadership of LTTE. In genuine political struggles, such downright claim for a separate and independent state is indicative of either abysmal lack of wisdom, or ulterior design, unless the reigning government has come to power after an invasion or crooked political moves of foreigners, as was the case with the British in pre-Independence India. The government in Sri Lanka belonged to neither category. It consisted of democratically elected representatives of the people who are native to that country.  The Sri Lankan government was no usurper to political power. Demands for, say, (a) adequate representation for Tamils in government, (b) establishment of a separate Ministry for looking after their welfare, or (c) reasonable autonomy for Sri Lankan Tamils were some demands that any sensible and responsible leader of a group would have made before resorting to violent means against a government established by law. Prabhakaran has no history of advocating and trying such peaceful and sensible means seriously at any point of time. This casts suspicion on Prabhakaran’s avowed position as the acclaimed leader of the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Secondly, the ruthless violence and dozens of well-planned murders resorted to by Prabhakaran against the other Tamil politico-social organizations in Sri Lanka sufficiently proved that he had no hesitation in shedding Tamil blood.

Thirdly, the support base of Prabhakaran was sufficient to raise any thoughtful man’s eyebrows. The forces that buttressed and gave aid to him were head-quarted in London and Paris. Has the British or the French government or any of their wealthy four ‘estates’ ever supported any genuine freedom-struggle in Asia or Africa?  History tells about quite the opposite sort of disposition.  We know what ignoble treatment the heroic Swatantrya-veera Vinayak Damodar Savarkar got  at the hands of the French authorities when he swam the sea, escaping from a British ship and landed on French soil, thinking that he would be safe there since the British had no domain over French territory, and especially so since the British and the French were at loggerheads. Alas, the French officials on the shores remanded Savarkar to the British. But Prabhakaran was counting on, and getting support from London and Paris till the last phase of his life! Were from was he getting money for his operations is an open secret.   Doesn’t something smell fishy?  Need I tell you that Prabhakaran was a pawn used cleverly by imperialists in Europe? Even a child with a modicum of intelligence knows that.

Fourthly, LTTE’s discrimination against Tamil Muslims in Sri Lanka gives a clear clue to the fallacy of Prabhakaran’s claim that his movement was aimed at securing freedom for Tamils in Sri Lanka. It has been reported that 33 per cent of the population in Eastern Province of Sri Lanka is Muslim. Given the prolific number of terrorists prompted by jihad, and the enormous presence of Muslims in jails wherever there is a sizable Muslim population in the world, and especially south Asia, there need not be any dearth for Muslims among the LTTE cadres, were the LTTE fighting for the cause of Tamils, as it had been claiming. And Prabhakaran had nothing, and is not supposed to have anything against Islam or Muslims. He was a perfectly secular Tamil leader, wasn’t he?  Not mere segregation or neglect, far beyond that there had been violent clashes between Tamil Muslims and other Tamils in Sri Lanka, and lo! Never did any of us hear this great Tamil champion tell anyone anything like “No fighting, pals, Tamil Muslims too are Tamils.” Why? And Why? It was not because the language of peace was alien to him. The root was somewhere else.

Fifthly, it is worthy of notice that a genuine freedom-fighting outfit, even when it is troubled by a hundred problems, never miss a chance to express concern about another similar body of persons struggling against tyranny, and to extent at least moral support to such other bodies. The LTTE leadership has never opened its mouth against the Government-sponsored violations of human rights in Malaysia against Tamilian immigrants there.

For those who are wise and willing enough to pierce the Tamil veil and see the truth, it is amply clear that Prabhakaran’s scheme of things, his political design, and style of functioning were all far removed from the noble Tamil culture, inborn Tamil humanism and the avowed goal of setting up a Tamil Eezham (mispronounced and resultantly mis-spelt as ‘Eelam’).

Prabhakaran, in reality, was a conspirator in, and the chief executor of a large international Christian design for creating an anti-Indian territory to the south of India in Sri Lanka, and for expanding in future such hostile territory to the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. What else could fuel such a subversion-scheme than fanning Tamil chauvinism? Hence LTTE’s Tamil face as a mask for Christian guns and grenades. Every sincere fighter of the LTTE was being used as a cat’s paw by this crooked leader of Church-sponsored terrorism. Most of the other top leaders of the outfit were also Christians by faith, mainly Protestant, some of them hiding Christian identity with Hindu names, as Prabhakaran himself was doing.  And who were the outfit’s fighters? Almost all of them Hindus, many of young age, good health, and like almost all Hindus, faithful to the core. In short, Prabhakaran was playing a tricky, lethal and long game with Hindu lives. And the LTTE leaders? Prabhakaran himself was a practising Christian. He was trying to escape with his son Charles Anthony when the Sri Lankan soldiers finished the nasty game forever. See, the one who had told young LTTE suicide bombers that valour consisted in sacrificing one’s life for the cause of Tamil pride, was trying to protect his son and himself! What a wide gap between precept and practice! But the rules of righteousness are great. Sheer accident saved the noble life of Thomas Paine and his prison-cell mates from the guillotine. No such thing came to save the artful dodger called Prabhakaran.

One cannot withhold admiration for the Sri Lankan government for taking a firm resolution and its army for executing the same with all vigour. Blessed art thou the land of Vibhishana, not ruled by Gandhian hypocrites, nor populated by native fools with misplaced sympathies and misguided notions of ahimsa, nor controlled by foreign hands. While a dastardly jihadi biped, condemned by successive courts of law to be hanged to death, still breathes free in the land of Shri Rama, the arch-perpetrator of terror despite all his foreign support, has been incapacitated for ever in the land of Vibhishana. They say a people get the government it deserves. How true!

With the killing of Prabhakaran, the nefarious gameplan of Christian schemers and colonialist-subverters, has come to its deserved end. But though the ultimate plan did not succeed, the nearly thirty-year terror record of LTTE has done considerable harm to Hindu community in general and Tamil Hindus in particular, and also causing some substantial damage to Singhalese Buddhists. Chief among the havocs caused are:

·         Loss of tens of thousands of Hindu lives, especially lives of young boys and girls, and heavy loss of Hindu property;

·         Creation of bad blood between citizens of Sri Lanka and India, effectively between Buddhists and Hindus;

·         Incurring bad name for Singhalese Buddhists, especially the Buddhist clergy, picturing them as bigots, human-right violators, and advocates of exclusivism;

·         Incurring bad name for Sri Lankan Tamils as ‘terrorists’, thereby destroying their chances to decent employment and social life in civilized societies. This served another purpose of the Christian schemers namely to ‘prove’ that terrorism is not the sole property of jihadis or Christian goons (as in the north-east of India, which has been amply exposed by upright writers like the noble Stephen Knapp);

·         Cementing of an insular and thoughtless Tamil jingoism in a vast number of Tamils in India, the basic (baseless) proposition of which is that Tamil people are a separate ‘nation’. The design to divide Sri Lanka, and to further divide India on the basis of race, is clearly visible for all those who want to see.

The latest claim of LTTE’s ‘International Relations head’ S. Pathmanathan that Prabhakaran is “still alive and safe” might be part of a ploy of the playback schemers to project, in future, some look-alike of the dead man and to carry on terrorist acts and depredation and subversion in the name of Tamilian rights in Sri Lanka. But Sri Lankans are not so weak or foolish to allow senseless violence and bloodbath on their soil any more. The unity of the Sri Lankan people in combating the LTTE menace, is enviable and worthy of emulation. Further, Sri Lankan Prime Minister has not the misfortune to take orders from any foreigner or to appease some overseas powers by singing alien tunes or by telling things that he himself does not believe.  He has no misfortune to tell anyone shamelessly that a particular group of the people of his country has ‘first preference’ over national assets.   And in fortunate countries, if a democratically elected ruler shows the audacity to tell such nonsense and violation of the principle of equality of rights for all, the people of the country shall give a befitting reply to such unbridled show of servility. But in a nation of parabrahmas, such guys sometimes get more support, and the people write off such phenomena as the vikritis of Age Kali.

If Tamil enthusiasts sympathetic to LTTE will learn any rational and sensible lesson from Prabhakaran’s tale, it is well and good for them. The Indian people cannot be too careful against internationally organized faith-borne conspiracies, subversive designs and acts of depredation. Such destructive plans do not cease altogether with the death of Prabhakaran. Given the innate bent of some people to create trouble for peaceful communities, such nefarious designs will appear again in different shapes and at different places. To borrow a phrase from Winston Churchill’s famous short piece on the stealthy ways of Communists, The Anatomy of Revolution, “to be forewarned is to be forearmed.”

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  1. Ganesh Reply

    June 4, 2009 at 8:07 pm

    shrewd gameplan
    I think the strategy of all top leaders who are on the payroll of the church is to hide their real relegious identity and carry out nefarious activities by misleading the public.In the congress itself there are numerous neo converts whose latest relegious identity is not known to the outside world.The unsuspecting voters are taken for a ride. I wish HK must do some research on this issue and publish the full list of such frauds. 5

  2. Peter Reply

    June 5, 2009 at 9:16 am

    Hmm… Interesting.

    not sure about religion behind the civil war in Sri Lanka. But surely, there was some hidden agenda to unstable Powerfull Indian region. But India, Sri lanka and rest of asia definitely knew the level of threat and acted accordingly. Very well indeed. 5

  3. Kannan Reply

    June 5, 2009 at 11:15 pm

    Christian Plots
    The Tamil tragedy is created by Christian Missionary groups to establish an anti Hindu, anti Indian state in the South. Several years ago, the western Christian governments and intelligence agencies have sponsored, financed and directed Dravida Kazhakam and provided financeial and other resources to create an anti Hindu group in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Tiger group was an extention of Missionary alliance. Christian missionaries were also behind Naxal terrorists, people war group, Jharkhand Mukti Morcha and several subversive groups in India. Their hope was to create several anti Hindu states in India and a hostile Christian state in the Tamil areas of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has learned the subversive goals of Christian Missionaries and was able to crush Christian sponsored tiger terrorists.
    Kannan 5

  4. NeverMind Reply

    June 6, 2009 at 2:25 am

    Peter doubts in vain. LTTE is a christian operation
    See the articles linked to in the comments at

    Prabhakaran is a christian methodist. See journalist Rajeev Srinivasan:
    “Norwegians funding LTTE”, documented by Norwegians Against Terrorism, shows that Norway’s minister & envoy Erik Solheim was behind the funding deal. As the otherwise generally unreliable wikipedia admits, Solheim was also so friendly with Prabhakaran that he bought him a huge TV, since he knew of his addiction to TV.

    Solheim was also the best man at Anita Simon’ s wedding (surname Pratap from her ex-husband) when she got remarried to Solheim’s friend, Norway’s ambassador to India, Arne Walther. Anita Simon Walther, a syrian catholic christian from Kerala, is predictably a journalist. Even when she was only just starting, she somehow became the 1st person ever to interview Prabhakaran. Quite an ‘accomplishment’ for an inexperienced journalist. She got frequent interviews with him, thus conveying the LTTE ‘viewpoint’.

    Now the christian LTTE has procured the greatest achievement for christianism: since most of Sri Lanka’s Hindus couldn’t be converted, it has created a situation of ethnic cleansing of Tamils and is using this stress to convert all those who’re desperate enough. 20,000 Tamils killed in this war, as per Times London news. Instead of feeling remorse for the genocidal misery they created, christians rather see this as an opportunity to convert more. And so the hypocritical churches, which funded the terror on one hand (e.g., are now fundraising to convert the same Hindus whom their scheming has reduced to victims. Christianism always tries to convert happy Hindus into terrorised victims 1st, from where they find it easier to convert them into willing converts. (Eg. Nagaland.) 5

  5. Rajesh Reply

    June 9, 2009 at 8:36 am

    Fall of LTTE wil do more harm for India in future….
    I have a different view..The fall of LTTE has done or will do more harm for India..It is China and Pakis who supplied arms and artilary for Lankan Army to fight against LTTE..And China is constructing a naval base in Lanka now…If LTTE has won the war it would have been good for indian interests in the region,…Now we are encircled by China in the subcontinent…And the shameful thing is that our SPINELESS Goverment is sleeping over all this…Rememeber, We don’t even have a single Aircraft carrier ship in the Indian Ocean…enjoy..God…Save my country… 5

  6. menon Reply

    June 12, 2009 at 9:40 am

    All the money was given to LTTE by Missionaries. Prabhakaran was getting enormous amount from Evangelists and many of his team was all christians. DMK was helping them to go in that line too. 5


    June 13, 2009 at 4:40 am

    Till date Sri Lanka is not an enemy of India. China or Pak supplying arms to Sri Lankan Government does not alter that position. Sri Lanka could not request India for arms, nor could India heed to such a request even if made, due, obviously, to the Tamil Lankans’ issue.

    If LTTE had succeeded in its church-sponsored plan, Sri Lanka woukld have become weak by bifurcation, and in such a case, the cut-to size Sri Lanka as well as the LTTE-controlled territory would seek help from powerful foreign countries other than India. In that event Sri Lanka would have become a war-zone for prolonged times and the powerful foreign interveners would certainly create headache for India.

    The fall of LTTE has ended the designs of churchianity in the south of India. It has ended the chain of sacrifice of Tamil Hindu lives. It has given Tamil chauvinists a valuable lesson —not to become unwitting victims of churchian crooks appearing in the form of protectors of Tamilians and Tamil culture.

    Rajesh gives no reason for his assumption that if LTTE had won the war it would not create problems for India. Given the vily character of LTTE leadership, and its connection with the church, victory for LTTE would have been catastrophy for south India as a whole.

    As for the threat from China, so long as Communists are in power in China, that country will keep ambitions of domination, bullying and intimidation over India. Chinese are good people, but Communist ideology has made many of them inimical to neighbours, inhuman in attitude, and senseless in approach. After all, the basic psychology of Communists and Semitic religionists, is the same; rooted in scarcity-mindset, motivated by malice, ungrateful to forefathers and benefactors, mean in mentality, untrustworthy in friendship, vengeful beyond all sense, the two are comparable in many ways. End of Communist rule in China alone will ensure permanent peace between the two great peoples, of India and China.

  8. Rajah Reply

    June 6, 2010 at 6:07 pm

    The LTTE was not associated with any religion. They could care less, and they only cared for Eelam. That said, the top three of the LTTE rung, Prabhakaran, Pottu Amman, and Soosai were Hindus. Prabhakaran’s father was cremated according to Saivite customs. His mother applies Vibhuti across her forehead as can be seen in all the photos of her, including the one taken when India sent her back from Chennai aiport. Now think about it, if Prabhakaran converted to Christinaity, wouldn’t someone of his character force his parents to convert too to “save their souls”? Regarding Rajeev Srinivasan’s article, the only reason he gives for claiming Prabhakaran to be Christian is that his son is named Charles Anthony. Prabhakaran’s son was named Charles A to honour Prabhakaran’s close fallen comrade, Charles Anthony, that’s all. His second son’s name was Balachandran and his daughter’s name was Dwaraka in honour of Krishna – Prabhakaran loved the Bhagavad Gita. You Indian extremist Hindus who manufacture facts to suit your agendas do more harm to Hinduism than the Christian Church. Prabhakaran is a hero to countless Eelam Hindu youth across the world – I suggest you stop making up rubbish that can cause those Hindus to convert. 5

  9. n.krishna Reply

    August 12, 2010 at 7:39 am

    LTTE: A Failed Christian Conspiracy I agree with this
    Tamils are the real Aryans. A megalithic terracotta plate found at Sulur near Coimbatore, with symbols resembling an inscription on a tablet found at Harappa and thus the south Indian megalithic script is related to the Indus script that belongs to the period 2600 B.C and indicate that the languages of the two inscriptions are related to each other. Jallikkattu the bull fight was part of Indus civilization and still goes on in Tamil Nadu The ancient borders of India extended from Tamil Nadu up to Iran. So the ancient Iranians continue to called themselves as Aryans. The Christian terrorist missionary Max Mueller , Christian church during British occupation of India, tried to re-write Hindu scriptures and ancient Indian History. British government in 1847 employed one Max Mueller on salary basis for this job. He was asked to translate the Vedas sacred to the Hindus in the most demeaning way so that Hindus will loose faith in their own scriptures. The fake theory of Aryan invasion was created as part of this christian conversion effort. Christianity is a fraud religion created only in AD 325 by a committee. Jesus was also invented and given divinity by this committee. To prove the existence of Jesus churches had dozen of Jesus’ foreskins distributed all over Europe. Christianity is the most dangerous organization run by the slave labor of castrated oxen like priests and nuns donated to the church as kids. Christianity is responsible for the killing of 50 crore humans. White Missionaries found that black Tamils are easy to be manipulated and thus targeted the Tamils of TN and SriLanka. Kerala Christians moved in to TN to create the fake st Thomas story, destroyed the Kapileswara temple and constructed the Santome church over it. The creation of LTTE and the division of the communities in Srilanka was part of the Western plot. LTTE was funded by the missionaries and encouraged by them. It is the luck of Tamils that the LTTE is eliminated. 5

  10. kumar Reply

    October 7, 2011 at 11:40 pm

    Muralidaran,s article is absolutely nonsense. LTTE purely a Secular organization though Prabakar is a Hindu follower. Prabakaran,s family is orthodox Hindu family. Christain Missionaries supported Srilankan government against LTTE. The article is totally base less and worng. Rajesh please contact me through mail

    • Sanjay Sharma Reply

      June 15, 2017 at 1:02 pm

      Mr Kumar…

      Name of his son:
      Charles Anthony (1989–2009)

      What does it say???

      a Hindus with christian name??

  11. Rita Reply

    February 24, 2012 at 6:16 pm

    Christian Conspiracy is wrong


    Please note the Tamil Political struggle led by S. J. V. Chelvanayakam political leader Predates Prabhakaran like the Sinhala Only 1956
    Bandaranaike–Chelvanayakam Pact
    Senanayake-Chelvanayakam Pact accords were broken by the sri Lankan govenrment.It was Black July riots 1983 which started the current civil War.The conflict did not erupt over night
    Further the massive killing of Tamils by the Sri Lanka army in the last stages of the War was condemned .Tamils all around the world largely condemned it.

    The conflict in Sri Lanka or even in North East India is not religious it is ethnic

    1:ULFA or All Assam Students Union (Assamese are Hindu) which spearhead Assam agitation against the Bangladeshi illegal immigrants or Naga (christian),Bodo,Kuki, and other groups is primarily ethnic or tribal by nature religion is only a secondary factor.Yes certain local religious leaders including in the church may support them.
    :Mahindra Rajapaske was the President of Sri Lanka and it was he took who took every major decision,I do not know why you referring to the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka in the article
    Malaysia is a successful multi ethnic country with Malay,Chinese and Tamils unlike Sri Lanka.Yes there are political issues and discrimination like the Bhoomi Putra Policy which favours ethnic Malay over others these but these can be resolved politically locally.Please there is no need there for the LTTE or even India to issue statements and get involved there.

  12. Arun Iyer Reply

    March 16, 2012 at 8:56 am

    LTTE has no connection with Christianity. In personal life prabaharan and his family members are strong saivates. Top posts in LTTE were given to HIndus. It is also one of the prime reason for LTTE’s defeat. Saivism is a seperate religion of Tamil EElam Hindus. Under stand

  13. jon Reply

    April 20, 2012 at 10:45 pm

    Is ‘Tamil Eelam’ a Christian agenda?

    Author: B R Haran
    Publication: Haindava Keralam
    Date: April 29, 2009

    The White Christian Church has the unique characteristic of gaining entry into non-White, non-Semitic civilizations, by slow infiltration of important establishments to influence them and create unrest by dividing the local populace along communal or linguistic lines, with the sole objective of Christianising those countries.

    Several instances in history confirm this. The Church has been partially successful in India, as evidenced by the Christianisation of north-eastern states such as Meghalaya, Nagaland, Mizoram, etc., and a few pockets in other States. While interior states have been able to withstand the Christian onslaught, the southern coastal states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh have been vulnerable to the evil designs of the Church. This was made possible only because of the help provided by self-serving political leaders in the guise of secularism.

    Influencing politics in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka

    The Dravidian Movement of Tamil Nadu comprised only such leaders, who even went to the extent of requesting the British to continue their hegemony over Tamil Nadu. Since then, the unholy ‘Christian-Dravidian’ nexus has worked consistently for the cause of ‘Tamil Nation,’ extending it to the north-east of Sri Lanka as well.

    Just as it divided the Tamil people through the bogus ‘Aryan (Brahmin) – Dravidian (Non-Brahmin) Theory,’ to alienate non-Brahmins from the ‘Hindu’ fold along linguistic lines (Aryan Sanskrit – Dravidian Tamil), the Church similarly divided the Sri Lankan people along linguistic (Sinhala-Tamil) lines. On the one hand, it backed the LTTE fully against the government, and on the other, it successfully infiltrated the Sri Lankan establishment and influenced the government through Sinhala Christian leadership.

  14. tamil Christian puli Reply

    October 12, 2012 at 8:42 am

    You say LTTE was a Christian outfit and on the other hand you say Sonia Gandhi is a Christian mole planted in India by the Vatican. The whole world knows that Sonia Gandhi was instrumental is crushing the LTTE.

    1+1 has to be 2 and not 6.

    Get a life and please see a psychiatrist!!

  15. Gokulsarath Reply

    April 14, 2018 at 10:12 pm

    Please correct spelling mistakes.Otherwise it is an excellent article.

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