Let us pray for the safety of Hindus

via Chelvapilla published on December 8, 2007

The news of atrocities against Hindus in Malaysia is sought to be justified by the largely Moslem government and majority Moslem society there by raising the bogey of ‘RSS link’ to Hindu activists there. There is no answer or explanation as to temple destructions, forced conversions and other such persecutions of Hindus from Malaysian government. It is also a pity that Government of India’s Prime Minister who lost his sleep when a suspect Islamicterrorist was detained by government of Australia, now finds it fit to reject even meeting with leaders of aggrieved Hindus of Malaysia.

Moreover when the victims are Hindus and persecutors are Moslems, to say or act against latter or support the former most likely will violate ‘secularism’ of India as enshrined in constitution during the dark days of ’emergency’.

Afterall when genocide of Hindus is going on systematically in Bangladesh which is far closer and while the same process is being completed in Pakistan again much closer than Malaysia, the secular governments of India which used to raise much ruckus all over the world in all sorts of forums for the sake of Palestinian Moslems, is very silent.

And they do not even mention ‘pakistan’ by name when talking about terrorism.Such policy of indifference at best and very hostile attitude at worst are not new when victims of persecution were largely Hindu. When Burma similarly threw out our people, when even worse happened to them in Uganda the Govt of India did nothing to help them. Instead the then ambassador of India to East Africa remarked that they are not his citizens. And in case of Burma, the august authorities blamed Hindus for not ‘merging’ with main stream as if retaining one’s own identity is a crime.

Now the same worthies hold annual shows of outpouring of useless support to NRIs from rich western countries.It must be recalled that until recently the remittances from the poorer NRIs in countires like Malaysia or West Asia formed bulk of foreign exchange earned by Government of India.

Let us pray for the safety of security of Hindus in Malaysia as elsewhere.It is really praiseworthy the courage of them to take to streets to protest. Govt of India should at least raise its voice for them even if the victims are Hindus.

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