Left Terrorism against India exposed.

published on October 22, 2013

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  1. proudestkafir Reply

    October 23, 2013 at 6:03 am

    Cash,caste, corruption, chicanery, criminality,
    are the pillars of most idiotic hindus. It is not surprising that the same idiotic hindus are supping with the devil.Historically east India company was set up in Bengal Kolkata and in a decade or so occupied the entire India!Subashchandra Bose was also from the same area and so was swamy Vivekanad! What a pity for these two great souls

  2. Raj Puducode Reply

    October 27, 2013 at 9:18 am

    Strange story of Begalees like Sagarika Ghosh
    Hindus who have been converted to Islam are really strange people. Although, according to all laws of classical sociology and ethnology as well as common sense they should remain an integral part of the Indian people, nation & culture, in fact, just the opposite occurs.

    As soon as yesterday’s Hindu adopts Jihadism, he undergoes such an amazing transformation that can be only compared to the phenomenon that zoologists call metamorphosis. The typical peaceful Bengalee, with soft, harmonious facial features, in which every educated inhabitant of our world would unmistakably recognize a child of the Indian plains, will adopt fully the typical appearance of an Arab in just a couple of months from his clothing, through the expression of his face and to his manners. His countenance will become soon hard and harsh, a typical feature of the Semitic race from the Middle East, and in his gaze severe and imperious one will be able to see unmistakably the fanatical flame so characteristic for all Arabs.

    Before long, the newly fledged Indian Muslim will start not only to resemble an Arab, but also to feel and think like such. His emotional nature will become turbulent and untamed, his reactions vicious, and yesterday’s quiet man, the most peaceful creature on the planet, will start shaking fists in the streets, shouting with bloodshot eyes and spurting saliva from his mouth “Kill the infidels” and Allah is great! He will abandon his people’s traditional alphabet Devanagari that his Hindu ancestors have used for centuries, to adopt the Arabic script. And, to top it all, he will completely alter his name. If he was named with some beautiful Indian name like Satischandra Datta or Dhirendramonah Chatterjee now he will call himself Abdul Rashid or Ibn Abi al Hussein. To adopt the name of some mythical personage of the early Muslim history like Muhammad or Ali would be understandable and could be justified, but to renounce all your former names is totally strange.

  3. Raj Puducode Reply

    October 27, 2013 at 9:21 am

    Sagarika Ghosh & people of her class(contd….)
    Listening to the names of many young Bengalese from Bangladesh nowadays one can’t help but wonder if their parents had used for reference someTtelephone directory from Kuwait, Abu Dhabi or Saudi Arabia before choosing their children’s names. Is it possible that those people never feel that they are committing a hideous treachery against a civilization that is much older and greater than the gutter Arabic one, and more important, has nothing to do with it

    Undoubtedly, the case here resembles very much what Westerners call brainwashing. It seems that the new Muslims on the Indian Subcontinent don’t realize they never can be real Arabs(Eg: Sharmila, Kareena), and that this voluntary Arabisation is an extremely shameful phenomenon, a result of the still living colonial psyche and the low level of education on the Subcontinent. Never mind if it is English or Arabic colonialism. The fruits are all the same.

    All said above gives way to even gloomier thoughts. Converting to Islam, Hindus totally reject their ethnical identity and adopt the Arabic cultural self-determination; with the demographically rise and the triumph of this Semitic religion, wide territories are being irretrievably lost from the sphere of the Indian civilization and are moved, in the spiritual sense, thousands of kilometers more to the west direction. May be in order to achieve a full resemblance to the Arabian deserts the Bengali Muslims in Bangladesh have to take decision to import sand from Sahara to cover their rice fields with it, to build their own Egyptian pyramids and start laboring their land with camels rather than buffalos Unfortunately in the humid Bengali climate camels can suffer from tuberculosis

    On the other hand, their Muslim brethren in Pakistani Punjab and Sindh (territories known for their dry climate) have already fulfilled their most bloody Arabian dreams. Their country is already an exact copy of Saudi Arabia. They have built their paradise on earth.

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