Kosovo & Kashmir

via Kuru published on February 18, 2008

Yesterday, Sunday 17 February 2008 Kosovo, the Muslim majority province of Serbia declared UDI.

Britain and America were quick to accept and approve the high treason. If we recall, they were also quick to accept, bless and approve the Partition of India itself in 1947. Serbia has some friends on earth but our Bharat had (and has) NONE.

While the Muslims in PARTITIONED India claimed, and were automatically granted, full rights to live, procreate, intimidate and terrorise the MAJORITY community (“We must have Sharia Law. We must have reserved quota in jobs. We must enjoy Hajj subsidies. But YOU cannot re-build even your Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya that was destroyed by one of the invaders.” etc.) the Hindus and Sikhs trapped in newly created Pakistan were practically wiped out in the most brutal and savage manner within weeks.

Russia has strongly condemned Kosovo’s provocative declaration. She always stood by us over the Kashmir issue. But what about Russia’s biggest “bhai bhai” called “Bharat”?

Our Bharat is keeping quiet. This is not difficult to understand when we realise that the present RULERS of Bharat are subservient to (and part of) Islam. In December 1948 she pulled her ADVANCING forces back from Kashmir, and later, supported every Resolution at UNO that was in favour of PLO. Bharat still sheds tears over the PARTITION OF PALESTINE while obliterating all mention of her own Partition.

Can we make an assumption about such a Bharat? Can we deduce anything about the perpetual rulers of our Land of Vedas, Gita and Granth?

Bharat is “hijacked” by very vicious, evil and anti national forces. This Bharat does not exist for the Indians in Malaysia nor did it exist for the Indians in Fiji and Uganda. Definitely this Bharat does not exist for the Hindus of Kashmir, nor for recovering North Kashmir. Like a pigeon who closes its eyes on seeing the cat, this Bharat declares, “There is no Kashmir problem.” She cannot see the Hindu refugees from there.

This Bharat is waiting for the moment when a Kashmiri separatist Muslim declares before BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera, “If Kosovo can be sovereign and independent, why not Kashmir?” In his favour he will cite the UNO Resolution of 1948 that was approved by none else but Bharat’s very own top cat Jawaharlal Nehru.

Time to think and act is now.

But the FIRST things first, that is, LIBERATION of Bharat itself from the AXIS POWERS (Italy, Islam & the Ignorant Hindu).

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