Jihadistan’s Catfight

via K Vijayan published on November 28, 2011

– Agencies; 28-11-11

Reminds us of the kuzhai-yadi sandai (Tamil = water-tap fights) which take place daily in the slummier areas of Chingara Chennai nee Madras, and which have been the only unchanged feature of this city since many decades, pre and post Independance.

As a result of the lessons learnt from this Tamil menfolk usually keep out of Cat Fights. Tamil macho does not envisage Men (Aaambullai Pillaigul) being haulers of water for one thing – and there are other Cultural Factors we need not mention here.

What is relevant is to point out that from Droning of Pakistan’s civilian areas and killing civilians the US (or NATO – what is the difference, like ketchup is not catsup?) has upped the ante to bombing Paki Airbases (said to be under UAE control – so who is occupying / ruling Pakistan these days?) and killing Paki troops. If UAE is in control of that Shami Airbase, what are Paki troops doing there? And if UAE troops do not have their “boots on the ground” how the dickens are they “controlling” the Sham airbase? Is there some Dark Scheme to make Shammi a base of operations for “taking out” Nuclear Targets in neighbouring Iran? Is it one of the high-denomination chips Pakistan holds?

And if the US is letting off its drones from Shammi, how is it that no American troops were killed, let alone why they would bomb their own droning station?

And why is that Great Military Motormouth Kayani-Briyani not mounting Kasabian Terror strikes and opening Kargilian Fronts in Texas, or at least Washington DC?

And why is the Zardari-Supari-Gheelani macho-mustache not letting off a string of those High Islamic Threats and imprecations against America, and bombing their Embassies and consulates within Pakistan? Or issue a dozen demarches to the NATO Nations, Friend UAE and Friendlier USA? Why don’t these very technical bastards file a suit or petition or whatever in the UN Security Council of which they are a Morganatic Member?

Fear is the Key. They deploy Rubbonees and Sherrys to engage in a catfight with Hilary instead, protesting about a “sovereignty” they sold to the Americans for a few dollars. The modern equivalents of The Furies, full of wind, pus and bile.

And just think – India is being nose-led by a Fury too. An imported one at that!!!

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