“Israeli Bombardment will Strenghten Hamas” – Says BBC

via Kuru published on January 1, 2009


(BBC “worldhaveyoursay”. December 30, 2008.).


Dear BBC,




May I ask if a question was posed to Sir Winston Churchill that “ALLIED BOMBING WILL STRENGTHEN THE NAZIS.”?


Was President Roosevelt warned that “dropping atomic bombs on Japan will only strengthen the Japanese war machine.”?


I am one of the FIFTEEN MILLION (15,000,000) refugees that were forced out of the newly established ISLAMIC Pakistan and was absorbed by bleeding Partitioned India silently and with dignity in August 1947.


No one picked up our story and no one enabled us to return to our homes in West Punjab. It seems that the whole world, including the civilised democracies, were on the side of the AGGRESSOR.


Let the Arabs, with their vast territories & the belief in BROTHERHOOD OF ISLAM now show the same spirit and take up these one and a half million Palestinian refugees who are in their third generation in that wretched refugee status.


We were told by our proud refugee mothers in that year of our own Holocaust, “Don’t regard yourselves beggars or refugees. But go out to live sovereign life.”


We never looked back.


Those who have occupied God’s earth to establish FIFTY TWO ISLAMIC REPUBLICS, including the one called “Pakistan”, must now be made to accept at least one tiny sovereign State for the Jews on this earth with viable area and secure borders.


Did India, that readily conceded ONE THIRD OF HER TERRITORY to Islam in 1947, experience any peace from the thankless Pakistanis? Did she invite them to invade Kashmir in order to slaughter or expel all the Hindus living there?  Did she provoke them in any way to blast hotels and people in Mumbai on November 26 last?


Israel cannot take a chance when Islam is PERENNIAL AGGRESSION against peaceful neighbours.


Our bleeding Bharat (Partitioned India) can still sleep safely for a while since they are tearing it apart bit by bit but spare a thought for Israel which is meant to be wiped off the surface of earth according to Hamas and their Iranian backers. The Jews cannot even afford to take a nap.




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