Islamic Al- Taquiea and India – Pakistan relations

via Dr. Babu Suseelan published on July 30, 2011

The corrupt Congress government has been steadfastly trying to establish friendly relationship with Pakistan. Our phony secularists have also joined with our eternal enemy Pakistan asking our citizen to bear strain on India’s development with friendly relationship with Jihadistan. Their claim has no universal validity among Islamists from Pakistan. Pakistan’s deep faith in Islam and Al-Taquiea prevents them from truthful, sincere, and establishing friendly relationship with Kafir India. These meaningless jesters such as “Trust Building Meeting”, Foreign Minister’s Conference”, “India=Pak Friendship alliance” etc are meant only for mental misdirection. Remember: Kargill. While Musharaf was preparing infiltration of Jihadi soldiers into Cargill, Vajpayee was deluding himself to have lasting peace with deadly Islamic pakistan.

It is time for Indian foreign policy experts to learn from Islam in dealing with Pakistan. Pakis are masters in Al-Taquiea (lying). It is approved, allowed and practiced in Islam to subdue, oppress and confuse Kafirs and infidels. Pakistan has been successfully employing Islamic Al-Taquiea with the USA, India and its foreign aid infidel countries. Instead of fighting against infidel confusion and illusion as well as the often unsuspected contradictions in our false assumptions about Islamic Al-Taquiea, India is engaged in meaningless exercise and empty verbiage with Islamic hardliners of Pakistan.

Indian Congress leaders who have undergone Islamic manipulation (Al-Taquiea), are creating techniques of degradation, perfecting it to prepare peace loving, passive Indians for the final surrender to Islamic Pakistan. Citizens with mature minds and clear thinking should not retreat into insignificance, impractical situation. it is time for us to think of solution for pakistan created islamic problems in terms of positive action.

If foreign policy experts are genuinely serious about India-Pakistan relationship, they must study Islamic concept of Al-Taquiea, Dar-ul Islam, and Jihad war. Instead of fancying themselves about friendship with Pakistan (an Impossibility with Jihadis) and creating unbreakable link and engage in spiritless abstract discussion, they should discuss concrete issues like Pakistan’s Islamic warfare technique, Jihadi infiltration, Islamic atom bomb, biological warfare, distribution of counterfeit currency and instigating social unrest in India. Pakistan refuses to to address these issues. It may be objectionable that the mere mention of such horrible facts is itself dangerous almost criminal to pki Jiahdis.

Pakistani Jihadis make rules of contact based on rigorist Islamic moral formalism including al-Taquiea, an attempt to bring all their acts under very general islamic rules which are unacceptable to peace loving, tolerant Indians. Pluralistic, secular India and intolerant Islamic Pakistan are are not really commensurable with each other. To become aware of this fact is a sort of crisis for phony secularists and anti national congress rulers. But, with this crisis in our moral awareness is the starting point. If we are strong and morally clear of Islamic al-taquiea we can become clear, creative and a solution will emerge between India’s relationship with Islamic beast Pakistan.

Indian congress party is taking indian citizens to mass suicide or surrender to Islam. The corrupt congress party find this as a happy way out. We need mature minds capable of higher reflection and responsibility. Mature minds mean India should strengthen its army against pakistan. What we have to recognize is: Shanti requires Shakthi. STRENGTH DETERMINES PEACE.

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